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Letter written by C. S. E. Babington, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on 18 May 1917, to B. J. Wade, of Rives, Tennessee.
Monthly return of ordnance and ordnance stores received and expended during the month of November 1864; muster roll of Bachman's company of the German Artillery Regiment of Hampton's Legion, August 31-October 31, 1864.
Contains materials, mostly photocopies, created by or relating to Arthur Bagby, the tenth governor of Alabama.
The collection contains one letter from Bailey in Mulberry, Tennessee, to his brother, giving news of daily life, particularly concerning farming.
This letter from Edgar Bailey in Savannah, Ohio, to his friend Ed discusses church, a recent visit to nearby Ashland, hunting, and building disputes in town.
A letter from Elizabeth of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to her aunt, Margaret Bailey of Urbana, Ohio, about the family and time spent with acquaintances.
A letter Mrs. Charles A. Bailey of Michigan received from her sister about the health of her daughter, Ida.
Correspondence, ledgers, and other papers of Selma, Alabama, businessmen, George O. Baker, his son, Joseph M. Baker, and their various companies and businesses.
Letter from M. Baller to his mother and father, written from Townshend, Vermont, on 16 November 1874, about running a boarding house.
This collection consists of a diary covering the 1865 negotiations with General E. R.S. Canby and others over the cessation of hostilities between the U.S. and the state of Texas, legal cases, travels on legal business, and personal and family affairs.
The papers of two Greene County, Alabama families involved in post-Civil War Alabama politics, including correspondence, a diary, essays, deeds, and financial documents.
Letter written by H. Bandy to his wife Mary in which he refers to a rumor that North Carolina was going to leave the Confederacy and go back to the Union. He also writes about the difficulties in obtaining news.
Three cashier's checks drawn by Samuel Pickens.
Notarized notices of protest against writers of drafts, bills of exchange, and promissory notes for which there were no funds available upon their due dates. Includes index. Microfilmed by Alabama State Department of Archives and History, 1954.
A Battalion log of the 3rd Battalion, 167th Infantry, 31st Infantry Division while stationed in Mindanao, Philippine Islands, from 15 July 1944, until 10 October 1945, and the front portion of the Chicago Daily Tribune, from Tuesday, 8 May 1945. The headline reads "V. E. Day -- Today".
Letter from John H. Bankhead the younger to a recipient named Dave, offering condolences on the death of a woman named Louise, dated January 5, 1939.
Letter from William B. Bankhead to his sister Marie Bankhead Owen, concerning the death of a family member named Louise, January 20, 1939.
Diary of druggist who served in the 6th Alabama Regiment. Also includes a biographical sketch and a coroner's report signed by Banks.
Letter to Dr. E. H. Moren recommending W. C. Richardson for the professorship of English literature at Alabama A&M College.
Commonplace book containing diary entries, recipes, miscellaneous writings, newspaper clippings, and poems; created by Martha Jane Coleman Banks of Columbus, Mississippi.
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