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The diaries of a librarian, traveling salesman, and committed diarist.
The minutes, agenda, newspaper clippings, membership directories, and miscellaneous papers of this Brookwood, Alabama senior citizens organization.
A brother in Pennsylvania writes to Thomas Vangorden in Wisconsin regarding property they jointly own, perhaps along with others. The writer discusses details of a conflict they are having regarding the management and disposition of the property.
Letter dated 15 March 1921 from Brotherhood of Trainmen Vice President, Val Fitzpatrick, to union members concerning a strike against the Atlanta, Birmingham, and Atlantic Railway Company.
Trustees' minutes, covering 1916-1924 (including parents' rolls), of this school for African-American students in Loachapoka, Lee County, Alabama.
Letter dated 16 January 1863, from Canterbury, New Hampshire, to Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Burroughs, West Acton, Massachusetts, concerning friends and family
Contains twenty-five letters from Brown, Governor of Georgia 1857-65, most of them to his friend and business associate General Ira R. Foster, Quartermaster General of the State of Georgia during the Civil War. Also contains copies of letters between Brown and Georgia politician Howell Cobb, regarding appointing Foster as a special railway postal agent for north Georgia and north Alabama.
This collection consists of a handwritten paper titled "The Kentucky Campaign as seen in 1862," read to the Grand Army of the Republic George W. Lennard post in New Castle, Indiana, probably during 1895, by Brown, a soldier in the 69th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment. This regiment had the dubious distinction of being captured en masse at the Battle of Richmond, Kentucky (30 August 1862). Brown himself was wounded in the leg during the battle but managed to avoid capture by finding refuge in the house of a Union supporter.
A letter from Louise H. Brown of Los Angeles, California, to Carrie Herrington of Geneva, Illinois, about the warm weather of California.
Letter from O. T. Brown to the president of the Texas Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy describing his experiences as a soldier during the Civil War.
This collection contains six letters written to Cora and Otero Brown of Illinois by various family members. Letters mostly contain farming and harvest news, and one letter from a nephew discussed the effects of New Deal policies.
A mess kit belonging to Webber O. Brown of Paducah, Kentucky, from World War I.
Copies of this University of Alabama graduate and faculty member's dissertation with other manuscripts and documents
Letter from William "Bill" Brown of Canton Ohio to his brother Ray C. Brown, stationed at Camp Sheridan, Montgomery, Alabama, April 9, 1918.
Documents relating to the Mississippi and Alabama plantations of the Brown family, including bills of sale for slaves; receipts for tool repair, clothing, dry goods; tax receipts listing the number of slaves; business letters; and various legal agreements and other court documents.
This collection consists of a high school memory book compiled by Ethel Browne, during one or more years at Russell High School in East Point, Georgia.
This collection contains correspondence from Private O.E. Bruce, Jr., to his parents. Most letters are written on government stationery from Camp Wheeler, Georgia. He informs his parents about the harsh conditions, the injuries of others, and the dangers of serving in the Army. He writes about how he is constantly busy and tired, and his superiors make them do drills at night. He writes his parents of his wife Genevieve's visit to him. He is injured while serving and put in the hospital, postponing a trip home he was looking forward to. Bruce sent no letters during the entire month of May 1944. This collection also contains one hand bill advertisement and one letter from George Witten to Mr. and Mrs. O.E. Bruce, Sr.
Ledgers and daybooks of this Catherine, Wilcox County, Alabama, country store, reflecting the economic and social conditions of this rural community from 1911 to 1936
Letter from Brumby, dated 2 April 1834, from Tuscaloosa, to the firm of Wragg and Stewart in Montgomery, Alabama, concerning a debt owed to the firm
A small miscellany of materials including Bryce's appointment as medical officer of ship "Yorkshire," clippings about Bryce, among them his obituary, and copy of his "Moral and Criminal Responsibility," 1888
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