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Letter from Thomas A. Moore, United States Army, stationed in France during World War I, to his friend Martin L. Watson, West Virginia, April 22, 1919. He writes that he enjoys having the men and women come from the States to entertain them.
An undated letter from Senator John Tyler Morgan to Alabama governor Joseph F. Johnston regarding the transfer of Major Barnard Goldsmith West from the Birmingham state troops to the staff of General Wheeler.
Book of letters, bound and presented to Morley on his retirement from the University of Alabama in 1968.
Two certificates awarded to Burton R. Morley, a faculty member in the College of Commerce and Business Administration, in 1968.
Diary written by Union soldier Alfred Morris, containing entries written between October 1862 and September 1863.
Letter from R. Morrow, written on 5 November 1861 to Joseph Pomery concerning a shipment of leather.
This collection consists of one letter from Mortimer, a member of the Union forces in central Kentucky, under the command of General Don Carlos Buell, to William Smith of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the letter Mortimer describes Union designs on Bowling Green, the weather, the state of his regiment's health, and other matters.
Transcript of an interview given by Mrs. Alvin Mosley of Ensley, Alabama, on Novemeber 30, 1942, on Birmingham radio station WBRC, regarding the government supervised Labor Board election at the TCI (Tennessee, Coal, Iron and Railroad Company) and the United Steelworkers of America union.
Letter from a mother to her daughter, updating her on family and friends.
Letter written in Norwegian to Ingeborg Johnson in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, from her mother.
Two letters sent to Marion Fincke at Miss Hall's School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, from her mother in Englewood, New Jersey. Letters discussed news from home and a visit by the Fincke parents.
Letter from Mother to William, presumably her son. The letter is not dated and no location is mentioned.
Advertisement for Mother's Day from the Fox Company (photographic film) of San Antonio, Texas.
Contains one letter from Mother to her children in Richmond, Virginia, that mainly discusses financial matters and her recent ill health. Also included is a notice regarding late payment on a loan.
Two postcards from Mother, in Tacoma, Washington, to Carl and Gwen Ward in Pontiac, Illinois, describe the last portion of her return trip to Tacoma and plans for family members' travel.
Contains one letter from Lois Muffit of Reading, Michigan, to her aunt, Ellen Andrew. Lois gave Ellen updates on her father and a multitude of other family members.
A letter from E. J. Mugford to Miss M. V. Gremshire of Canada about books he has sent.
A letter from Mullen to his family describng his troops' position in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Two letters from Sgt. Adam M. ("Mac") Mummey, stationed in St. Nazaire, France, to his wife, Mrs. Gladys M. Mummey, Chillicothe, Ohio
Two letters from Sgt. Adam M. ("Mac") Mummey, stationed in St. Nazaire, France, to his wife, Mrs. Gladys M. Mummey, Chillicothe, Ohio.
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