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Documentation of the annual activities of the Tuscaloosa chapter of this international education society. The records include minutes, annual reports, financial reports and records, histories, yearbooks, correspondence, directories, and other materials.
Scrapbook of the Gamma Psi Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, the society for women educators.
Bonds for the "sixteen-hundred and eightieth part" interest in the Company of the town of Demopolis, Alabama, in 1819.
This collection contains a letter written by Ella A. Dempsey to her friend about thier recent vacation to Atlantic City, New Jersey and New York City. They visited Brooklyn, Prospect Park, Central Park, Coney Island, and other sights around New York. One afternoon they toured the Navy Yard. Included is a scrap of stationary from the Wallingford in Atlantic City upon which is written "Fellow compound Phosphates."
This World War II air mission diary was used by a ball turret gunner with the Eighth Air Force's 467th Bomb Group flying B-24s, to record his 22 air missions, from 24 February to 25 April 1945. Each entry includes information about the target, bomb load, bomb run, flak, time, gas, and altitude. He also included remarks concerning each mission.
Letter containing a brief reference to Confederate President Jefferson Davis from L. M. Denman in Ohio to his sister.
The accounts for a drug store in Carlowville, Dallas County, Alabama, 1867-68, including records of customers' purchases and amounts paid and owed.
Personal, family, and business papers of a Tallapoosa County attorney, including legal case files as well as Sons of Confederate Veterans, Alabama National Guard, and Masonic materials.
A letter from Richard Dennis in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Governor John Milledge of Georgia concerning the seizure and attempted sale of free Africans, August 8, 1803.
Materials relating to the 1986 renovation of the University of Alabama bell tower and the fund drive to purchase a new 25-bell carillon, kept by Sandee Gibson. The collection includes a fund drive notebook, photographs of the restoration and rededication, and an information pack for fundraisers.
Contains three ledgers (a plantation book, a farm journal, and a letter copybook) and a folder of miscellaneous letters written by John Horry Dent of Eufaula, Barbour County, Alabama, and Cave Springs, Floyd County, Georgia, from January 1840 to November 1891.
Collection contains letters written by John Horry Dent, Jr. (signed J. Horry Dent) of Barbour County, Alabama, from 1861 March 15 to 1864 July 1 to his father, John Horry Dent of Eufaula, Alabama. There are also two letters written by Dent Jr.'s fellow officers to John Horry Dent detailing information of Dent Jr.'s part aboard the C.S.S. McRae during the battle of Forts Jackson and St. Philip and his subsequent capture and internment at Fort Warren in May 1862.
Correspondence and other business materials of this Brooklyn, New York, resident with business interests in Mobile, Alabama. Aside from extensive business correspondence, it includes detailed descriptions of Mobile's antebellum social life, and accounts of yellow fever epidemics and fires.
Photocopy of a map and pictures depicting the route of Hernando DeSoto's expedition through the Southern States between 1539 and 1543.
Letter sent from John De Wolf to his wife, L.DM. De Wolf. He writes of life in the camp, explaining that it is difficult to know what is going on in the larger world because they do not have access to news.
Letter from the Dexter family in Warren, Massachesetts, to Merrill Taylor at Fort McKinley, Portland, Maine, where he was in non-commissioned officer training. The Dexters ask how he is enjoying training and give updates on various people.
A letter dated 6 May 1848 to Mssrs. Mason and Lawrence, Boston, regarding cotton sales.
Letter from Diantha to Mary Ann which talks about family illnesses and an upcoming visit by other family members.
Notebook of this Mobile, Alabama, native's poetry and a scrapbook of newspaper clippings and letters relating to his work.
Diary of an unidentified Presbyterian minister from Alabama, recording his travel from Alabama to New York to attend the Presbyterian Church's Assembly in Philadelphia in 1832.
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