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Letters to and from this Confederate brigadier general
Joseph Forney Johnston Letters Guide to this collection )
Five letters (three holographs and two typescripts), written on United States Senate stationery, by Joseph Forney Johnston from March 26, 1910 to April 10, 1910, regarding his support of the Telepost Bill.
Letters written by Amy, William Jr., and Jack while William and Jack were in the Armed Services during World War II -- William with the 363rd Infantry, 91st Division in Italy and Jack with the 642nd Engineer Company in New Guinea. Three other letters are written by family friends to Mr. and Mrs. William Jolley.
Jones Family LettersGuide to this collection )
Letters written by Lietenent Alfred E. Jones of the Medical Corps of the American Expeditionary Forces in Germany and France during World War I to his sisters, Catherine M. "Kit" Jones and Anna E. Jones, both of Chicago, Illinois. There is also a letter to Catherine "Kitty" Jones from Emma L. Houlsby of Chicago, Illinois, asking Kitty for her brother's (John's) address. One postcard to Catherine "Kitty" M. Jones, Chicago, Illinois and from Private Joseph F. Durkin, serving in France, February 1, 1919.
Patent documents, newspaper clippings, and other papers of Andrew McClure Jones.
Letter from Ann Jones to Liza, filled with news about various friends.
Ledger of this Talladega County, Alabama, general store
Autograph book containing signatures of representatives who served as members of the 28th United States Congress during the 1844-1845 legislative session.
A letter from Frank Jones of Lima, Ohio, to his brother John Jones in Nevada, Iowa, updating John with news of his family.
The collection consists of documents generated or received by Lewis Wade Jones while working as a professor at Tuskegee Institute and serving as director of the Tuskegee Institute Rural Development Center.
A collection of papers written by and related to Thomas G. Jones. Correspondence includes letters written about Jones' service in the Civil War and an open letter to B.B. Comer. Other papers are written about Jones.
Includes personal and family photographs, as well as photographs taken in association with Jones's professional endeavors as state geologist of Alabama and during his military service in World War I and World War II.
Speeches, pamphlets, correspondence, and other materials related to the life and career of Alabama circuit court judge Walter Burgwyn Jones.
Contains news from a boat worker to his mother and father about a pending departure, helpful suggestions for money and the use of a car battery, and when he will be ashore again.
This collection consist of 271 color photographs of the Jubilee Singers of the University of Alabama their director, Dr. Frederick Prentice on their 1972 and 1973 concert tour of northeast Alabama.
Two letters from a young woman in Marietta, Ohio, to a male friend fighting in the Civil War. The letters discuss their friendship, possible romance, and hopes for his return home.
Letter to Julie from Mother relating the news about friends and family members.
This collection contains letters from John A. Jungwirth, who was in the U. S. Navy, to his girlfriend, Marie Andres, in Detroit, Michigan, during World War I. His letters discussed his duties at Camp Paul Jones and Camp Luce, both in Illinois, and later aboard the USS Missouri and the USS Wisconsin.
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