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One letter from Nellie of Methuen, Massachusetts, to her friend Margaret Burke of Hingham, Massachusetts. She thanked Margaret for her recent visit and talked of the weather and mutual friends.
V-mail letter from Private Leonard Burkins, Jr. to Mrs. Ellen Stahl on January 3, 1945, which he begins with "Dear #2".
Tuscaloosa, Alabama Circuit Court deposition, dated 3 February 1977, of the plaintiff in civil action no. 7984, Joe W. Burleson vs. National Broadcasting Co., et al.
Two letters from J.E. Burnham, writing from New York City, New York, to his wife in Saco, Maine, in October and November 1889.
A letter written in 1902 by Mrs. Burnham of Chicopee, Massachusetts, to her son, John H. Burnham of Maine.
Letters and other documents created and gathered for research of her thesis, "The Alabama Dixiecrat Revolt of 1948," at Auburn University.
Manuscript copy of Burns' song "The Five Carlins" contained in a letter to "Ane John Edgar, Accomptant Excise Office, Edinbh".
Collection of published articles, including correspondence relating to, drafts of, and research for the articles, as well as newspaper and journal articles that interested Dr. Burnum, photographs of colleagues and groups, certificates of achievement, and tax information.
Poem written by Frank Burrell on 24 December (probably in the early 1890s), inviting old and young to some sort of show on Christmas Eve.
Letter written by Burt on 12 February 1850, from Columbus [Georgia?], to friend her Lizzie, with news of family and friends
Genealogical research and papers compiled by Busby
Five letters and a telegram to a foundry in Delaware from various Alabama railroads concerning purchase of wheels, trucks, pinions, and other items.
Letters written to Celestia Bussell, who lived in Ballston, Saratoga County, New York, and Cambridgeport, Massachusetts. Letters discuss friends and family.
Copy of a letter written by O.T. Buswell on 22 February 1870 from Rockville, Alabama, to George P. Buswell
A letter from Corporal "Butch" to Chickie of Louisville, Kentucky about his time with the United States Army.
Bound correspondence written in 1978 to Col. Carleton K. Butler, director of the University of Alabama's Million Dollar Band.
A scrapbook by Helen N., "Nellie," Butler of Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama, consisting of clippings of newspaper articles, obituaries, poetry, marriage announcements, invitations, visiting cards, letters, prints and engravings.
Manuscript of Butterworth's book "Stock Car Racer," which was published by W.W. Norton and Company, 1966.
Manuscript (photocopy) of Bynum's book "High Tide" (published by Cross Roads Books, 1978) and research notes
This collection is a Carte de visite album of George Logan Byram, University of Alabama student from 1879 to 1881, containing photographs of the Alabama Corps of Cadets. This album contains 26 albumen photographs.
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