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One letter from William Lautz of Blacksville, West Virginia, to Isaac E. Thrall discussing business.
A legal brief by Georgia attorney and state agent William Law describing the status of two cases involving seized slaves, circa 1830.
Contains a scrapbook begun in 1867 (with material from before that date) by Bettie A. Lawson of Wytheville, Virginia. Scrapbook contains newspaper clippings of speeches, poems, stories, devotions, and marriage and death announcements, as well as some handwritten material and pressed flowers..
Contains one letter written by this Mobile, Alabama, socialite to Mr. Meek in response to his letter regarding her book, Souvenirs of Travel. The recipient is most likely Benjamin Meek, a professor at The University of Alabama. Also includes a clipping from the Tuscaloosa News about Le Vert
Photocopy of a letter from Francis Ledwidge to his cousin, Elizabeth Ledwidge, in which he gives some family background and asks her to now accept his latest poem (included) and a copy of his book when published.
A miscellany of papers and letters relating to this Barbour County, Alabama lawyer, jurist and politician and University of Alabama trustee, including some family correspondence, an essay by a Miss Lola Fleming, and papers relating to the estate of S. M. Streater.
Contains photographs, letters, programs, and other materials created and collected by Lee, who was director of the Tuskegee Choir for twenty-five years (1903-1928).
Includes six letters in 1945 from Charles A. Leet, stationed in Luxemburg and Germany during World War II, to his friend E. P. (Ted) March in Grayville, Illinois. He talks about the areas/cities he is in and his different jobs with the U.S. Army.
Tennessee resident Lavinia Heatherling Leinau's commonplace book, containing poetry and notes from friends
A letter from Virginia Leland of Jefferson City, Tennessee, to Eleanor about going to Chicago for the summer after Virginia's brother visits.
Letter from V. W. LeMaster, stationed in France, to his wife, Mrs. V. W. (Helen) LeMaster, New Bremen, Ohio, on December 4, 1918, during World War I.
A fragment of the September 1, 1860, issue of Frank Leslie's Budget of Fun.
The collection contains one letter written from Alderdale, Washington, giving news of daily activities, friends, family, and domestic activities.
The collection contains two letters written from Villa in Rockport, Kentucky, to "My Darling Chris," expressing her love for him and asking him to write to her.
This collection contains three letters written to Elisabeth Koffka-Ahlgrimm in London, England, from a friend in Madison, Wisconsin. The letters are written in German.
Sarah Levering of Bristol, Ohio writes to Clint about her trip to Mt. Gilead and the summer crops. A brief hail storm damaged the corn, but heavy rains are helping it to grow quickly.
A "First Day of Issue" Oregon Territorial Centennial envelope addressed to Irving Levine of Gold-Leaf Pharmacal Company in New Rochelle, New York.
M. Levy writes a short letter to her friend, Fred, about her Fourth of July celebrations in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania.
A letter from Libbie to her niece about a visit in the winter.
Ticket to the 1st Annual Liberty Bowl game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 19 December 1959
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