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This collection contains a brief letter written by C. W. Jennings of Muncie, Indiana, to his brother, James Martin of Ramon City about plans to move. The envelope has a stamp printed and embossed on it in green.
This collection is a letter written by R. Jenniss to Lazell, Perkins, and Company, an iron company in Massachusetts, regarding an account balance.
The collection contains two bound daybooks briefly recording the daily activities of Thorpe A. Jensen of Bosworth, Missouri.
A letter from Julie, of Franklin, Pennsylvania, to Alice about her mother's illness and a paper she read at a club meeting.
Jonathan Jewett of New York writes to L.H. Hamilton of Augusta, Georgia, about business. Mr. Hamilton is taking care of Mr. Peruett's interests in Augusta and is charged to get the best offer available. The letter does not go into detail about the product being sold.
Jim is in the military and writes from Portsmouth, Virginia, to his mother and father, discussing Christmas activities at the military facility. The envelope is missing, and no details exist about the recipients.
Jimmy writes from Chatanooga, Tennessee, to Margaret "Margot" Breslin in St. Matthews, Kentucky, about the circumstances surrounding his decision not to pursue a music career and musings over what he will do next.
Business correspondence, accounts, legal documents, and other materials of this Marengo County, Alabama, plantation owner.
Three journals recording land sales and transfers in southern Alabama, as well as memoranda and notes concerning the partners of this mercantile firm.
John writes to his niece and newphew in Indiana as he travels west through the midwest, at least as far as Iowa. He describes his discoveries about friends and relatives living in the west and promises to send some silk and a book by mail.
Manuscript of Alexander Hunter's Johnny Reb and Billy Yank, his narrative of service in the Confederate Army, under the working title, "Four Years in the Ranks."
A letter dated 20 August 1863, from Johns in Richmond, to Messers M. and E. Myers, Petersburg, Virginia, requesting them to deliver whiskey to the Confederate Army's medical department.
This collection is a letter written by A. W. Johnson to Josiah Crosby, Esquire. A. W. Johnson wrote regarding a sum of money owed to him by a person that lived close to Josiah Crosby and asked for assistance in collecting the money.
The Alfred H. Johnson Letters contains letters a young soldier wrote to his mother, Mrs. Alice H. Johnson, who lived in Nashville, Tennessee. There are very few references to or details of war, but the letters show obvious affection for his mother and other family members. The last envelope, postmarked January 18, 1924, is covered with a dozen stamps and contains two photographs and a newspaper clipping of the war poem "Prayer of a Fallen Soldier."
Stationery, cards, letter, and a photo belonging to Andrew W. Johnson Jr. while stationed in Camp Atterbury, Indiana, during World War Two
The collection contains correspondence, photographs, a diary, books, newspaper clippings, dog tags and other items of Andrew William Johnson Jr. of Louisville, Kentucky, during the 1940s while he was in the Army. There is a handmade memento booklet with poems and newspaper articles inserted, and both the diary and daybook have newspaper clippings inside. The folder of photographs is mainly of Johnson and what appears to be the women of his family (mother, grandmother, aunt?). There are group photos of military units of which Johnson was a part.
A letter from Charles Johnson of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to John about stamp collecting.
A letter to Dr. Henrietta P. Johnson of New York, from Molly, a governess in Haverford, Pennsylvania, about her Christmas plans.
Letters to James Johnson of Anderson and Freeport, Illinois about stamp collecting.
One letter from John Johnson of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, to Reverend John Stockton of Cross Creek Village, Pennsylvania, discussing daily life and business.
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