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Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, illustrations, and handwritten notes related to the history of volunteer firefighter companies in Mobile, Alabama, compiled by Daniel Geary.
Ballot, with tallies of May 4, 1954 Democratic Primary in Geneva County, Alabama.
This collection contains one letter written from Gennie in Harpers Ferry, Iowa, to Regina Wiedner at the Mercy Hospital in Dubuque, Iowa. The letter discusses general news, probably of mutual friends, and gives details that most likely would be of interest to researchers interested in women's history.
A letter written to George from his mother in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin along with some money as a Christmas gift.
A letter written by George of Chicago, Illinois, to Myrtle about a shortage of coal.
Photographs of a variety of events, including Christmas, wedding receptions and many other everyday happenings.
Contains an unbound manuscript of Robert Duncan Chapman's published Civil War memoir.
This collection consists of a State of Georgia Confederate bond of five dollars, No. 11548, dated Milledgeville, 6 April 1864. It states "The State of Georgia will pay the bearer five dollars at her treasury on the 25th day of December next, in Confederate Treasury notes issued after the 1st of April 1864, if presented within three months after maturity, otherwise not redeemable except in payment of Public Dues."
Twenty-six letters and five postcards in German. Letters include newspaper clippings and drawings. Some of the letters are postmarked Stuttgart, Germany.
Small card printed in an Old German alphabet with Psalm 51:12 (King James Version): "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me."
A collection of German military artifacts from 1914 to 1944, including a World War I Iron Cross ring and World War II Marine belt buckle, Nazi SS long service medal, and concentration camp armband.
Papers of this Selma, Dallas County, Alabama insurance agent and manager of the Edwards Opera House and the Academy of Music, 1879-1896.
Two pocket ledgers listing the cases and clients from Memphis, to Mobile, to New Orleans, of this Pontotoc, Mississippi, lawyer, from 1839-1842
Letter dated 28 June 1850 from the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, appointing Gibson as a U.S. Marshal for the Northern District of Alabama
M.C. Giddings writes to friend Harriet Leonard about life at home.
This collection contains letters addressed to Professor W.L. Gilbert in Jonesboro, Georgia. Many of these letters contain requests for lists of available teachers or are from the education departments of different states.
Letter dated 8 August 1864 to her cousin, a soldier in the Confederate Army, discussing interruptions in railroad service, provisions for the army, and poor people at home.
Kittie Gillett receives a letter about her friend's store in Eugene, Oregon.
Letters between Gilliland and his sweetheart (later wife) Josie, church materials from Trinity United Methodist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, greeting cards, and photographs
This collection consists of five letters written to Mr. George P. Gillium, Louisville, Kentucky from his two daughters, Jane Gillium and Merrie Browder, Florence, Alabama, and his grandson (Merrie's son), Marion Castner Browder, Jr., Florence, Alabama. Jane Gillium's two letters discuss her need for money as she nears graduation and is attending the commencement ceremony at The University of Alabama.
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