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Electronic Resource Trial - Evaluation Form
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The University Libraries would appreciate your comments about the databases you have trialed. These comments are vital to the overall evaluation process and will have an important influence on whether the Libraries will subscribe to the database.

Those items marked with * are required.


  Other (please specify)

*1. Which database did you test? 

 2. For what class, assignment or research project would you use this database? 

*3. Was the database easy to search? 

*4. Did you find the information relevant to your research?  Yes  No

*5. How often do you think you would use this database if the UA Libraries subscribe to it?
 Extensively  Moderately  Rarely  Never

 6. Is the information in this database available through other sources?
  If so, which source do you prefer?

 7. What did you most like/dislike about this database?

*8. Would you recommend that the University Libraries subscribe to this database?
 Yes  No

 9. Other comments: