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The Web contains billions of documents. It is not indexed in any standard vocabulary (unlike a library catalog which, assigns Library of Congress subject headings to their documents). This fact can make finding relevant information very difficult.

The Web is useful if you are searching forů

  • Government information: state, national, and international
  • Statistics, brief reports, and studies
  • News and current events; press releases
  • Information on educational institutions, companies, and non-profit organizations
  • Selected electronic journals and texts
  • Reference works, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries
How do you find a relevant Web site?

You cannot search the Web directly. To find information, you need to access one of several intermediate databases. These search tools allow you to search or browse the Web in a variety of ways.

Types of Search Tools

  • Search Engine
  • Subject Directory
  • Invisible Web
  • Subject Guide

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