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Let's say you found the following citation in a database, but the full text is not provided:

"A Comparison of Methods for Teaching Critical Thinking Skills for U.S. Army Officers."
Schumm, Walter R.; Webb, Farrell J.; Turek, David E.; Jones, Kenneth D.; Ballard, Glenn E.. American Journal of Distance Education, Mar2006, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p39-50, 12p.

Don't assume that because you are using one of our databases, we have every article listed. Databases don't tell you whether the Libraries have a particular journal, but, they do give you all the information you need to find the article:

  • Journal title
  • Volume and date
  • Starting page

With this information, you can search the Libraries' Catalog to see:

  • Whether the Libraries currently subscribe to the journal
  • Whether the Libraries have back issues, including the one you need

Search the Libraries' Catalog

Let's See What You Get

The good news is we do have this journal at the University Libraries! But does the library own the issue of the journal that you need?

Don't get confused by the first date you see on the top of the screen (c 1987). That is the date the journal began publishing. Look further down the record to see the Libraries' holdings.

The dates listed next to "Recent Issues" and "Library Has" indicate the years during which the Libraries subscribed to that journal. If you look next to "Recent Issues" you can see the latest issue(s) of the journal from the current year.

Also be sure to look closely at the "Location" field. This will show you which of the UA Libraries has the journal you're looking for. In this case, the journal is located at the Education Library (McLure).


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