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1. You need to find a scholarly article for a paper you are writing. Which of the following is a good place to start?
At Wal-Mart
In one of the databases listed on the Libraries' Web site
In Google

2. Scholarly journals have bibliographies and/or cite sources.

3. You would like to find scholarly articles on gender discrimination in the workplace. You should:
Go to a search engine like Google
Look in one of the Libraries' online databases, such as Academic Search Premier
Go to Books-A-Million
Look in the newspaper

4. To see if the UA Libraries' own a copy of a particular journal or magazine, you would:
Pay a librarian to help you
Search the UA Libraries' Catalog by journal title
Search in Google

5. Periodicals can be published:
All of the answers

6. Periodical databases:
Allow you to search for articles on a particular topic
Are only available to UA faculty members
Always contain the full-text of the article
Are never used anymore because everything you need is on the Internet

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