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1. Scholarly Journals are usually:
include lots of personal opinions
published daily
sold at Books-A-Million
peer-reviewed or refereed

2. Databases are also referred to as:
'journal repositories'
'indexes' and 'abstracts'

3. You are writing a paper on the 60's and you are looking for information on current events and popular opinions of the time. Where might you look?
Yesterday's New York Times
Current periodical shelves
Old copies of popular magazines like Time and Newsweek
Old copies of the Journal of Ancient Philosophy

4. Periodical databases:
Always contain the full-text of the article
Are never used anymore because everything you need is on the Internet
Allow you to search for articles on a particular topic
Are only available to UA faculty members

5. Which of the following is NOT usually part of a citation?
Volume, issue and page numbers
Article title
Journal or magazine title
Author's favorite color

6. Periodicals can be published:
All of the answers

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