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1. An abstract:
All of the answers
Can help you understand the scope of article
Can help you determine if an article is really related to your topic
Is a quick summary of an article
Can help you determine if an article is popular or scholarly in nature

2. Scholarly Journals are usually:
include lots of personal opinions
published daily
peer-reviewed or refereed
sold at Books-A-Million

3. Databases are also referred to as:
'journal repositories'
'indexes' and 'abstracts'

4. Time and Newsweek are examples of scholarly journals.

5. You are writing a paper on the 60's and you are looking for information on current events and popular opinions of the time. Where might you look?
Old copies of popular magazines like Time and Newsweek
Current periodical shelves
Old copies of the Journal of Ancient Philosophy
Yesterday's New York Times

6. Popular magazines are often targeted toward a general audience.

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