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1. Scholarly Journals are usually:
include lots of personal opinions
published daily
peer-reviewed or refereed
sold at Books-A-Million

2. Which of the following is NOT usually part of a citation?
Article title
Volume, issue and page numbers
Author's favorite color
Journal or magazine title

3. You find an article that you need, but the UA Libraries don't have it. You should:
Just forget about it. You don't need it that badly
Go to the bookstore and buy it
Order it through Interlibrary Loan
Ask around until you find someone who has a copy

4. After you find an article in a database, you need to write down or save the citation. Which of the following are part of the citation?
Author, title, and location within a library
All of the answers
Journal title, volume number, and date
Call number

5. All databases are available online for free.

6. Time and Newsweek are examples of scholarly journals.

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