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1. It is not necessary to capitalize titles, authors' names, etc. Case does not matter.

2. The most common and easiest way to start a topic search in the UA Libraries’ Catalog is with a:(select the best answer)
Keyword Search
Subject Heading Search
Call Number search

3. When performing an exact title search you leave out the beginning articles: A, An, The.

4. What link would you click on the record to get a list of books on cosmology? Author: Dinwiddie, Robert Title: Universe Call Number: QB982 .U55 2005
Dinwiddie, Robert
QB982 .U55 2005

5. You want to search for books about elederly and their care or treatment. Choose the best keyword search.
care AND treatment
elderly And treatment
aged or care
elderly AND treatment
elderly or aged

6. You are looking for books by Christopher Marlowe. Which of the following searches will result in a list of works written by him?
Marlowe Christopher (keyword search)
Marlowe Christopher (author search)
Christopher Marlowe (author search)

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