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1. You are looking for books by Christopher Marlowe. Which of the following searches will result in a list of works written by him?
Marlowe Christopher (author search)
Marlowe Christopher (keyword search)
Christopher Marlowe (author search)

2. The UA Libraries' Catalog contains records of library materials for
Bounds Law Library
All UA campus libraries
Only the Gorgas Library

3. The call number of a book tells you:
How long you may check out the item
Where the item is located in the library
How old the item is

4. You want to search the UA libraries catalog for books about the environment. The term has several forms, so you decide to truncate it. What would you type in search box to retrieve all three of these: environmentalism, environment, environmentalist?

5. You have identified several important words or concepts in your topic statement. Which search strategy would be best to use in the online catalog?

6. What information do I need from the UA libraries' catalog to locate the following book on the shelf? Author: Hawking, S.W.(Stephen W) Title: A brief history of time: from the big bang to black holes
call number and location
call number
Author's name
title of the book

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