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1. What information do I need from the UA libraries' catalog to locate the following book on the shelf? Author: Hawking, S.W.(Stephen W) Title: A brief history of time: from the big bang to black holes
title of the book
call number
Author's name
call number and location

2. The UA Libraries' Catalog contains records of library materials for
Only the Gorgas Library
Bounds Law Library
All UA campus libraries

3. How do you choose quick search options such as title, journal title, call number from UA libraries catalog.
use the default
drop down boxes
Enter the word 'title', 'jounal title', 'call number'

4. You have identified several important words or concepts in your topic statement. Which search strategy would be best to use in the online catalog?

5. You are trying to find a copy of The plague (La Peste-original french title) by Albert Camus. Which of the following searches will work?
Plague (Title Search)
The Plague (Title Search)
La peste (Title Search)

6. You can use the libraries catalog to find books by a particular author.

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