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1. You have identified several important words or concepts in your topic statement. Which search strategy would be best to use in the online catalog?

2. You want to search the UA libraries catalog for books about the environment. The term has several forms, so you decide to truncate it. What would you type in search box to retrieve all three of these: environmentalism, environment, environmentalist?

3. You want to search for books about elederly and their care or treatment. Choose the best keyword search.
aged or care
care AND treatment
elderly AND treatment
elderly And treatment
elderly or aged

4. The UA Libraries’ Catalog will not provide what sort of information?
Which UA Libraries' own an item
Call numbers for books
Table of contents information for journals and magazines

5. You are looking for books by Christopher Marlowe. Which of the following searches will result in a list of works written by him?
Marlowe Christopher (author search)
Marlowe Christopher (keyword search)
Christopher Marlowe (author search)

6. To find materials on the shelf in the library, you need:
Call slip to give to the Circulation Manager
Title of the work
ISBN number
Call number

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