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1. You can use the libraries catalog to find books by a particular author.

2. If, as the result of a Catalog search you find one releveant book on your topic, a good strategy for finding additional books on this topic is to physically browse the book's call number area.

3. You are trying to find a copy of A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. Which of the following searches will work?
History, United States
History And United States-Keyword Search
A People's History of the United States

4. You want to search the UA libraries' catalog for books about publishing. The term has several forms, so you decide to truncate it. What would you type in the search box to retrieve all three of these: publisher, publishing, publish?

5. Where is this book located in the UA libraries sysytem? Author: Popcorn Faith Title:EVEolution : the eight truths of marketing to women Call Number:HF5415.33.U6 P66 2000
Education Library
Business Library
Gorgas Library

6. It is not necessary to capitalize titles, authors' names, etc. Case does not matter.

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