Historic Postcards of Alabama

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LESSON 1: Interpreting the Past through Images


Students will:
1. Become better acquainted with geographic features, structures, and means of transportation and livlihood from Alabama's past.
2. Systematically analyse a photograph to gather historical information.
3. Make inferences from historical images.
4. Understand how images contribute to our interpretation of people, places, and events.
5. Gain experience in using the Internet as an informational resource.


1. Introduce students to the Historic Postcards of Alabama Resource. These post cards are from the first years of the twentieth century, about 1900-1915.

2. Ask students to explore the resource and choose the historical image that most interests them.

3. Students write a brief essay, as if they were visiting the place the postcard shows during the era in which it was created, and were sending the post card to a friend or relative who had never seen the place. They should describe the sights, sounds, and smells they experienced there. They will also relate what was happening at the place during their visit.

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