Tabvla Islandiae



Tabvla Islandiae / Auctore Georgio Carolo Flandro.


Flandrus, Georgius Carolus.

Mathematical Data:

Scale ca 1:1,600,000

Publication Information:

Amstelodami, ca. 1658.


1 map : hand col., mounted on art board, 38 x 50 cm. on sheet 40 x 52 cm.


Early maps 1658. Iceland Maps 1658.


Compass rose with rhumb lines drawn. Scale given as: "Milliaria Germanicae communia et Milliaria Gallico communia." Scale read on 1 degree of latitude. In Jansson, Jan. Novus atlas absolutissimus, Amesterdam 1658). Warner Map Collection.

Call Number:

G6930 1658 .F54x

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