Over There! and Back Again: Patriotic American
Sheet Music from World War I

Selections from the
Wade Hall Sheet Music Collection

The W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library
The University of Alabama

Exhibit by:
Jessica Lacher-Feldman,
W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library
and Daniel Goldmark, School of Music,
The University of Alabama


Feist Miniatures -- Patriotic War Editions

Like practically all industrial resources, paper was in short supply during World War I. Publisher Leo M. Feist convinced his fellow music publishers to join him in an effort to lessen paper use in two ways: reduce the overall size of the music by several inches, and decrease the number of pages in each music sheet from six panels to a single folio of four panels. We have here a variety of Feist songs, several of which trumpet this patriotic decision to reduce their size on their front covers!

This image is a close up of the message on "I 'Ain't Got Weary Yet", and found on most Feist "Patriotic War Editions".

It says: "To Co-perate with the Government and to conserve paper during the War, this song is issued in a smaller size than usual. Your co-operation will be very much appreciated.



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