The Alabama, musical score. Composed by T. Von La Hache, 1863 (Warning: Large File).

Midshipman Edward Maffit Anderson's Letter to his Father (Nov. 18, 1862)

Affidavit of William Passmore of Birkenhead, July 21, 1862

Deposition of Clarence Randolph Yonge, Paymaster for the Alabama

Harper's Weekly
Capture of the Ocmulgee, 10-25-1862
Expected in the Azores, 12-13-1862
Capture of the Ariel, 1-10-1863

Interview with John McIntosh Kell, Executive Officer of the Alabama.

Interview with James Magee, Seaman on the Kearsarge.

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
Capture of the Ariel, 1-10-63
Description of Alabama from a photograph taken in Liverpool, 3-14-1863

Letter from Semmes to Lt. John Low, June 21, 1863.

Log Book of John Low (selected image of a page with text transcript).

Proceedings of the New York Chamber of Commerce Regarding the Burning of the Brilliant.

Ransom Bonds
Washington, Feb 27, 1863
Bethiah Thayer, Feb. 27, 1863
Punjaub, March 15, 1863

Report of Capt. Semmes to Secretary of the Navy Mallory, Dec. 22, 1863.

Spy Reports on "290," March 1862 - March 1863.

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