Harper's Weekly 1-10-1863


On the 7th December the pirate Alabama came across the Ariel, bound from New York to Aspinwall, off the coast of Cuba, and brought her to by sending a 68-pound shot through her foremast. Captain Semmes then took off her captain, and held him a prisoner for three days, expressing his determination at the same time to land the passengers either at some point on the island of Cuba or St. Domingo, and then to destroy the vessel. At the earnest remonstrance of Captain Jones, in behalf of the women and children on board, however, he consented to let her proceed. The Alabama started in pursuit of the Champion, then on her return voyage to New York, but failed to find her. Captain Jones carried the Ariel safe into Aspinwall, and arrived at this port on 28th, but brought no gold. With the fear of the Alabama before his eyes, he wisely left the treasure at Aspinwall.

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