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This page contains names of manuscript collections with brief descriptions of them. Highlighted collection names link to finding aids in PDF format that offer more detailed descriptions of the collections. The highlighted collections do not represent all available finding aids at the W.S. Hoole Library. We will add more to the list as we convert our paper finding aids to electronic aids for web presentation.

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E. F. Sise and Company Letter , 1844 October 14 , 1 letter
The collection contains one letter from E. F. Sise and Company and is a bill for freight and expenses for coal for the Salmon Falls Company.

Reverend Seraphim Letter , 1953 December 10 , 0.1 linear feet
Reverend Seraphim of Infant Jesus Monastery in Trichur, India, writes to the Reverend Mother Superior of St. Rose Convent in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, wishing Holy Season greetings.

Margaret S. Letter , 1901 , 0.1 linear feet
Margaret S. sends well-wishes to Julia Arthur of Chicago, Illinois.

Sacred Heart Academy bulletin, circa 1950, 1 item
A bulletin for Sacred Heart Academy discussing rules, regulations, fees, and courses for future students.

Sadie and Jack Letters , 1911 , 0.1 linear feet
Sadie and Jack are married or engaged and write to each other on stationary from Louisville, Kentucky, with a few details of their day-to-day doings while parted.

Judith Ann Saks papers, , 1 book, 1 painting
This collection contains materials pertaining to the bicentennial project for the Port Authority of Houston, Texas, including six signed prints and and explanatory booklet. The prints depict scenes in the development of the port of Houston.

C. C. Sale and Sallie Sale letters, 186? May 26 & July 30, 2 items
This collection contains two letters, one by C. C. Sale from Harpers Ferry, Virginia, 26 May [1864] to his wife, and one from Sallie Sale from Culpeper Courthouse, Virginia 30 July [1864] to her sister.

Salem Baptist Church, New Lexington, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, records, 1824-1895, 0.2 linear foot
Two record books containing articles of faith, rules of decorum, church meeting minutes 1824-95, maps, and church meeting minutes of this New Lexington, Alabama, church.

Dixie Sample paper, approximately 1950, 2 items, 38 pieces
A paper titled "New Orleans -- one hundred years ago," which addresses historically significant institutions, individuals, and social customs.

Caroline Virginia "Jennie" Samuel letters, 1865-1871, 15 items, 28 leaves
Letters from Tuscaloosa to Samuel's cousin Edmond W. Samuel, with news, social and otherwise, of Tuscaloosa, the aftermath of the Civil War, and much else.

Doyal Sanders Letter , 1944 September 15 , 1 letter
This collection contains one letter from Doyal Sanders in New York City, to his father in San Angelo, Texas. He told his father he was enjoying his job in the Army and had received letters from other family members.

Virginia Maie Sanders Memory Book , 1937-1939 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains one "Schoolday Memories" book from Pleasureville High School in Henry County, Kentucky, and includes an autograph from A. B. Chandler, Governor of Kentucky.

Mrs. W. T. Sandridge speech text, not dated, 1 item, 6 pieces
Handwritten text of a speech on the Confederate seizures of Fort Sumter and Harper's Ferry.

Postcard from Sara to Elizabeth Taylor, 1936, 1 postcard
The collection contains one postcard (no image) from "Sara" from Cincinnati, Ohio, addressed to Elizabeth Taylor of Louisville, Kentucky. She writes about their mutual friends and the friends' children.

Letter from Sara to Irl , 1908 August 13 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from Sara, written on 13 April 1908 in Reynoldsville, to Irl asking him to come visit.

Letter and Picture from Sarah Isabelle to James , 1912 February 11 , 0.1 linear feet
A thank you note from Sarah Isabelle of Buena Vista, Colorado, to James for Christmas presents and birthday wishes.

Sardis Baptist Church, Heiberger, Alabama, records, 1846-1951, 0.5 linear foot
This collection contains records, 1846-1951, including lists of members, pastors, dismissals, and minutes of monthly meetings, as well as a short history of the church.

Mrs. F. A. Savage letter, 1864 October 4, 1 letter and envelope
A letter from Mrs. F. A. Savage of Germantown, [Ohio?], to her husband, 4 October 1864.

Troy D. Savage Letter , 1940 July 17 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Troy D. Savage of Lexington, Kentucky to Charles Shanks in Honolulu, Hawaii about Mrs. Shanks' suit for divorce.

Lewis P. Schindler letters , 1943-1944 , 6 letters with envelopes and 1 greeting card
Lewis Schindler, while stationed in Camp Cooke, California; Toledo, Ohio; and Camp Bowie, Texas writes letters to his friend, Mr. Lanier Merritt, of the landscape, daily military life, his travels, and his position as a Special Duty Officer at Camp Bowie, Texas, during World War Two.

Max Schloss Papers , 1892-1893 , 4 items
The collection contains material of this Grover Cleveland supporter. The collection includes a poem about Cleveland's reelection, a letter from President Cleveland's private secretary, and two drafts or copies of letters composed to President Cleveland on different occasions.

Kate H. Schmitt Letter, 1894 March 9, 1 letter, 1 page
A letter written by Kate H. Schmitt from San Francisco, California, to a cousin (name unknown) on March 9, 1894.

J. H. Schraebel bill of sale , 1841 January 30 , 0.05 linear feet
Bill of sale for four slaves, Spotswood, Eacly, and two children, William and Thomas.

Schreiber's Catering Recipe and Letter , 1968 , 0.05 linear feet
The Schreiber's Catering Recipe and Letter contains a recipe for chocolate cherry squares and a letter from Schreiber's Catering, Inc., in Cleveland, Ohio, to Miss Bonnie Blincoe, in Mt. Pleasant, Illinois, who had requested the recipe.

S. J. Schrock Estate Disbursement Statement , 1921 May 9 , 0.05 linear feet
Disbursement statement for the S. J. Schrock Estate, from Farmers State Bank of Shipshewana, Indiana.

Frank Schroeder Postcards , 1890s , 4 postcards
The collection contains four postcards addressed to Frank N. Schroeder, county treasurer of Dubuque, Iowa. Two postcards address delinquent taxes. The third postcard discusses a tax deed for property bought at a public tax sale, while the writer of the fourth postcard seeks a listing of properties that might become available due to the non-payment of taxes.

Letters to Edith E. Schuetze , 1925-1931 , four letters
Four love letters to Edith E. Schuetze of Waukesaha, Wisconsin, and later, Hollywood, California. The letters are from two men, Eddie and Jim.

Erwin R. Schulze Letter , 1945 January 27 , 0.1 linear feet
This letter is to a Mrs. A.O. Schulze in Cinncinnati, Ohio. Erwin writes to her discussing his life in the Army including camp life, such as the nightly movie show, creating things in the carpentry shop and their laundry services. He also discusses Hawaiian women and their opinion of enlisted Army men.

Rosa Schumpp Letter, 1887, 1 letter, 1 page front and back
The collection contains one letter from Rosa Schumpp to her sister Lula Schumpp. Location most likely St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. She discusses her gifts, her pleasant afternoon, and her upcoming Confession. M. De Sales (a priest?) also writes that Rosa is doing fine.

Carl Schurz letters, 1865, 4 items, 5 pieces; photostats
This collection contains three letters composed while Schurz was traveling in the South during the summer of 1865, at least one of which was written from Alabama. It also contains a letter of introduction from Major General James H. Wilson.

Charles Scott Photographs, circa 1888-1930s, 20 photographs
Black and white photographs taken by Scott and exhibited at World's Fair in New York, 1936. Scenes of rural people and life, and city and industrial scenes in the northeastern United States.

Charles Scott Letter , 1838 April 2 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Charles Scott of Lynchburg, Virginia, to F.B. Beane of Richmond, Virginia, requesting the copy of a contract.

Charles H. Scott Papers , 1899-1906 , 0.2 linear feet
Letters written to Charles H. Scott and others concerning Republican party politics in Alabama.

J. W. Scott letter, 1835 February 23, 1 letter
A letter from J. W. Scott of Perrysburg, Ohio, to Adam Beatty of Washington, Kentucky, 23 February 1835, concerning runaway slaves and land transactions in Perrysburg in anticipation of the construction of the Wabash and Eire canal.

Thomas J. Scott and Sons Records , 1885-1943 , 1.4 linear feet
Contains primarily the incoming correspondence from companies, firms and lawyers with whom Thomas J. Scott and Sons did business. There is also correspondence between the Scotts and some hand copied letters from the Scotts to others. There are also letters from the Scott's church, clubs and lodges as well as requests for appointments to various post offices in Alabama.

Searcy family records, 1767-1887, 7 items, 7 pieces; photocopies
A record of births, marriages and deaths of members of the Searcy family as kept in a Bible; also a list of births, possibly of slaves, 179?-1853.

Searcy Family Photographs, c. 1890 - 1956, 2 albums (490 photographs), 1 loose photographs
Album contains scenes of the University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa County. Also includes scenes of Bryce Hospital, the Warrior River (bridge and flooding), hunting, fishing and transportation; some scenes of the Tuscaloosa Centennial, and white children with African - American nursmaids. Illustrates period fashon. Travel scenes in the west and in Florida. Loose photograph is depicting four members of Tuscaloosa Searcy family Evie, James T. Stella and George: seated in chairs on porch of a house.

Stella M. Searcy Testimonial , 1859 July 6 , 1.0 linear feet
Testimonial awarded to Stella M. Searcy in 1854 by the Alabama Female Institute in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Mrs. Amos G. Searing letter , after 1865 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter written by Mrs. Amos G. Searing thanking a Mr. Palmer for a catalog and explaining that she would like to donate some items to the University of Alabama library.

Anna Sears Correspondence , 1906, 1914 , 4 letters
Four letters written to Anna Sears of Springfield, Missouri, from her cousin Edith of Mansfield, Ohio, and from her father in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Edith wrote of the weather and holidays; her father mainly wrote of his health and relatives.

E. Sears letters and account, 1859, 3 items, 4 pieces
Two letters, dated 25 January and 23 June 1859, to C. E. Hull, M.D., New York, the latter of which includes details of mileage, expenses, and accounts settled, 13-23 June 1859, while selling patent medicine in Alabama.

Harda M. Josephine Sears Letter , 1934 January 24 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains one letter written from Sears in Winter Haven, Florida, to "Momie" in Oregon, Illinois, providing information regarding daily life.

James A. Seddon letter, 1864 March 16, 1 item, 1 leaf
A letter dated 16 March 1864 to General Joel Briggs, Adjutant and Inspector General of Alabama, declining to detail George Breitenbach as shoemaker for the cadets of the University of Alabama.

Jus. See Letter, circa 1865, 1 letter, 1 page front and back
This collection contains a handwritten letter form Jus. See, located in Poplar Plains, Kentucky, to his parents.

Segregationist propaganda collection , circa 1962-1963, 1964 , 13 items, 13 pieces
Broadsides and other literature handed out in and around Birmingham, Alabama, by opponents of desegregation. Groups represented were: Alabama Committee for Conservative Government, Birmingham Committee to Preserve the American Republic, Citizens Councils of Alabama, Freedom Educational Foundation, National States Rights Party, and the United Americans for Constitutional Government.

Armistead Selden Photographs, 1964-1966, 17 photographs
Black and white and color photographs; some publicity shots of Alabama Congressman Armistead Selden's political activities in South America (Paraguay, Guatemala, Brazil); color snapshots and photo Christmas cards of family friends.

Armistead I. Selden, Jr., papers, 1953-1979, 95 linear feet
Papers of this Greensboro, Alabama, native who served Alabama in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1953-1969 and was appointed U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, and Western Samoa in 1974.

Zeverah Sellers memory book , 1888-1891 , I bound album
A bound keepsake volume containing inscriptions from family and acquaintances to Zeverah Sellars, who lived in central Alabama

Selma and Meridian Railroad ledger and journal, 1880-1885, 2 oversize account books
Two corporate account books for the Selma and Meridian Railroad, 1885; the ledger, which details payments and receipts by date, and the journal, which records them by firm or individual.

Selma marches broadsides , 1965 , 0.1 linear feet
Broadsides published by the Harlem Unemployment Center, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Catholic Interracial Council of New York, and Congress of Racial Equality in support of the Civil Rights marches in Selma, Alabama.

Selma Medical Society letter, 1871 June 10, 1 item
The collection contains one letter from members of the Selma Medical Society to the Board of Regents at the University of Alabama in support of Dr. A. S. Garnett, a member of the Selma Medical Society. Signed by Drs. C. F. Fahs, President; Berry Riggs, Vice President; and John Furniss, Secretary.

Sesame Club records, 1939-1943, 6 items
Minutes, reports, attendance records, and letters of resignation from this Tuscaloosa, Alabama, women's club, which sponsored educational programs and performed community service.

Sesquicentennial Ball Photographs , April 09 - 12 1981, 0.5 linear feet
This collection consist of 42 color prints capturing the celebration of hundred and fifty years of The University of Alabama. Skitch Henderson's Orchestra played that night. The event was sponsored by The National Alumni Association.

Annie Sessions autograph book, 1862-1865, 1 item
An autograph book labeled ""Album of Gems." It contains pages with transcribed poetry, quotations, and expressions of affection from various individuals.

William H. Seward letter, 1842 September 22, 1 letter
A letter from William H. Seward, governor of New York, to Nious [?] Smith of Columbus, Ohio, written at Albany on 22 September 1842, which discusses the national political situation.

Harry Shaffer papers , 1956-1981 , 0.3 linear foot
Contains newslippings relating to desegregation of the University of Alabama, 1956-1957; various publications and writings by Shaffer relating to desegregation; letter from Tuscaloosa News editor Buford Boone to Shaffer; and six photographs

Shannon Family Correspondence , 1945 , (2 letters)
This collection contains one letter written by Howard P. Ruff to Reverend Robert A. (R. A.) Shannon and one letter written from John (J. C.) to his aunt, Leone Shannon, wife of R.A. Shannon.

A.Y. Sharpe and Son, Demopolis, Alabama, Records , 1881-1911 , 0.1 linear feet
Partial records of a Demopolis, Alabama, general store, including amounts brought forward, 1880-1892; and purchases, 1893-1911. Some loose pages are laid in to the account book.

Elizabeth R. Shaw Notebook , 1849 , 0.1 linear feet
The collection consists of several poems and songs copied by Elizabeth R. Shaw. Home and death are common themes of the poems. Authors include Elizabeth Shaw and others. A typed copy of the poem "All for the Best" was made by George Stober.

William Shaw Letter , 1911 January 31 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from William Shaw in Knights Key, Florida to his wife, Mrs. William Shaw of Upper Montclair, New Jersey, about his travels in Florida and life at home.

Shelby Iron Company Records , 1862-1930 , 488 linear feet
Contains records of the Shelby Iron Company from 1862 to 1930, including correspondence, directors' minutes, stockholder records, manufacturing records (charcoal reports, stable reports, mining, time books, payrolls by department), commissary records, grist mill toll books, furnace record books, and many other records. It also includes records of a subsidiary, Shelby Manufacturing and Improvement Company, 1890-1923. The virtually complete set of manufacturing records also parallels the birth and growth of the Birmingham iron industry. These records provide the most detailed accounts of Confederate iron making in the west, as well as a good deal of information about the rise (and fall) of industry in the South before and after the Civil War.

Isaac Shelby letter , 1865 , 0.05 linear feet
A letter of 10 January 1865 by Isaac Shelby, Confederate commissary officer, about the state of commissary supplies in the Military Department of the Gulf, February-June 1862.

W. F. Shelley paper , 189? , 0.1 linear feet
A paper by W. F. Shelley describing the Battle of Gainsville (28 August 1862), apparently composed in the 1890s.

Asa Shelton and J.R. Love General Store Daybook , 1845-1846 , 0.2 linear feet
1845-46 daybook of a Whitesburg, Madison County, Alabama general store, which contains a record of purchases by customers.

Mary M. Shepard Letter , 1875 May 10 , 1 letter
Mary M. Shepard writes to her friend, Dora E. Durkee of Conneaut, Ohio, about the weather in Pittsfield, Pennsylvania, and the activities of their mutual friends.

L. W. Shepherd letter, 1863 December 6, 1 letter, 1 piece
A letter dated 6 December 1863, from a camp near Dalton, Georgia, to S. D. Cabaniss, Huntsville attorney.

Harvey Sheppard Letter , 1954 October 15 , 1 letter
This collection contains one letter from Lieutenant Colonel Harvey Sheppard in Sheffield, Alabama, to Colonel John Pohl in Newport News, Virginia, regarding their mutual interest in Confederate stamps.

Edward Sherlock Letter , 1852 June 28 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter to Edward Sherlock from C. Bowen written in Waterford on 28 June 1858 about a shortage in the wool Sherlock had sent to be sold.

Sherman Family Letters , 1906-circa 1930 , 5 Letters
Letters regarding family news, moving from Oregon to Canada, and other topics between members of this family in New York, Maryland, and Oregon.

Mary L. Sherrill Postcard , 1937 December 23 , 0.1 linear feet
Mary L. Sherrill of South Hadley, Massachusetts sends a Christmas postcard to Mr. and Mrs. C. Caldwell Sherrill of Cincinnati, Ohio. Wedding congratulations are written on a postcard with a picture of a snowy street.

Peggy Sherrill Letters , 1938-1960 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters to and from Peggy Sherrill discussing the birth of her son and the will of a family member.

William B. Shirdan papers, 1944-1947, 34 items
This collection contains letters from this African-American soldier who served in the 310th QM RHD Company during World War II to his family in Montgomery, Alabama. It also includes a letter from the War Department regarding his burial arrangements, a small number of mementos, and a letter from Milton, Shirdan's brother, to their mother.

Anne Findely Shores collection , 1885-1978 , 7 linear feet
Papers, photographs, family Bible, and books of this Tuscaloosa family.

John Gill Shorter papers , 1861-1872 , 0.9 linear foot, (109 items)
Copies of official papers, including correspondence, speeches, and miscellaneous materials, including approximately thirty items concerning the University of Alabama and the Alabama Corps of Cadets during the Civil War.

Reynolds Quin Shotts papers, circa 1931-1976, 7 linear feet (including 3 ledgers)
This collection consists of correspondence, technical papers, newspaper articles, and other materials belonging to an University of Alabama Professor of Engineering.

Winston C. Shotts biography of Winston Stidham, circa 1943, 1 item
Biographical sketch of Winston Stidham, an anti-secessionist from Winston County, Alabama, and a delegate to the Alabama secession convention, January - February 1861.

Reuben Henley Shotwell manuscript, 1889-, .4 linear foot, 2 items
Holograph manuscript titled "Stamping out the Vintage: the Coming of the Civil War," l and a typescript, edited by his grandson, Edward O’Neal Shotwell, who furnished the title.

James McClung Sieg Congo mission journal , 1907-1910 , 1 linear foot
Journal kept by Presbyterian missionary to Africa in 1907-1908.

Sigma Xi Records, 1928-1969, 1 ledger, loose papers
Ledger containing information from 1928-1969. Sigma Xi was a club until 1939 when it was installed as an official Chapter of the National Scientific Research Society at the University of Alabama. Ledger contains meeting minutes, members lists, events, or other announcements from Sigma Xi.

Silent Cities : poem , after 1860 , 0.05 linear feet
Corrected draft of the forty-eight stanza poem "Silent Cities"

Roy S. Simmonds papers, 1968-1983, 5.6 linear feet
A significant collection of papers pertaining to the author William March by the foremost writer on his work.

Simpson Family Photographs, circa 1850s-1910s, 21 photographs
Primarily cabinet cards, mounted albumen prints and carbon prints; individuals are identified as members of the Peebles, Colvin, Ball, Simpson, Davis, Greene, Heard, Norris, Spencer, Taylor and [Perrow] families; some photographs taken by F.M. Turner, Tuscaloosa photographer, as well as photographers in Anniston, Eutaw, and Birmingham.

John A. Simpson Letter , circa 1930 December 31 , 0.05 linear feet
Short letter written by John A. Simpson on Cavalier Hotel (Washington, D.C.) stationery, mentioning a pending meeting in Lima on 22 January.

Russell Simpson Letter , 1860 November 10 , 0.1 linear feet
This fragment of a letter was written by Russell Simpson of Mobile, Alabama about the sale of cotton.

Sam Sims Letter , 1909 May 26 , 1 letter
One typewritten letter from Sam Sims of Pontiac, Illinois, to his wife Clara, who is away on a visit in Elgin, Illinois. He wrote with updates of various friends and family members.

Singer Manufacturing Company letters, 1864, 4 letters
Four letters to the Singer Manufacturing Co., written by New Orleans merchants, March-June 1864.

Mollie Sink Alabama Female Institute diploma , 1861 June 26 , 1.6 linear feet
Alabama Female Institute diploma of Mollie Sink

66th Infantry Training Regiment, Chapel #23, Worship Bulletin , 1945 April 1 , 0.05 linear feet
Easter Sunday worship bulletin for the 66th Infantry Training Regiment, Chapel #23.

Willis Skillman Letter , 1917 May 23 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Willis Skillman to his mother, Mrs. W. B. Skillman of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on her birthday.

T. Julian Skinner papers, 1931-1949, 0.2 linear foot
This collection consists primarily of correspondence, financial records, forms and activity reports which Skinner created as manager of the Forensic Council, a debating club at the University of Alabama, from 1933 to 1934. It also contains information on arrangements for the Spring 1934 debate trip, including a radio appearance in Richmond, Virginia, and a small amount of memorabilia from other student activities and sports events in which Skinner participated.

Captain Slick Collection , 1830-1834 , 0.2 linear feet
Numerous legal papers pertaining to the slander case of John Berry versus James Latham, in Jackson and Madison Counties, Alabama, 1830-34, and that of Alanson Huff versus Cowart et al., Madison County, 1831-1833. These appear to have been collected by James W. Bragg for a paper delivered to the Alabama Historical Association in 1957. A photocopy of Bragg's paper, "Captain Slick, Arbiter of Early Alabama Morals," and another by Jack K. Williams, "Crime and Punishment in Alabama, 1819-1940" are included in the collection.

Smith Letter , 1899 January 17 , 1 letter
Smith, a photographer, writes from Port Tampa, Florida to "all at home" about his travels in Florida and plans to visit Cuba.

Eugene Allen Smith Glass Negatives, 1861 - 1932, 10.5 linear feet
This collection consists of glass plate's negatives depicting Eugene Allen smith's geological survey trips, various scenes from University of Alabama campus, building a Smith Hall, Central Iron and Coal in Holt, Alabama, and mining sites, museums artifacts, maps, pages from books and images of his family.

Marjorie L. Smith Cotton Slides, 1960 - 1965, 0.5 linear feet
This collection consists of 71 color slides taken by Marjorie L. Smith in and around Hayneville, Lowndes County, Alabama. Slides are depicting various stages of cotton production; from picking the cotton by hand and the machines to processing in the cotton gin, and the cotton bales ready for the market. Collection also contains images of African-Americans working in the field, going about there every day lives; images of African-American church window in Hayneville, as well as interior of the church. Some images are showing growth stages of cotton plant; from seeds, and blossom to the matured cotton.

Charles Smith Letter , 1892 April 20 , 1 letter
A letter from Charles Smith to his friend Will in which Smith discusses his recent move to Lexington, Massachusetts, to attend business school.

D. S. Smith Survey , 1876 March , 0.1 linear feet
Two survey sketches made by D. S. Smith show section 32, township 24 including the proposed path of the G. B. & M. Railroad.

D. S. Smith Letter , 1876 March 10 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written by Mr. D. S. Smith of Seymour, Wisconsin, to Mr. A. J. Thompson about the reconstruction of a fence.

Edward Devereaux Smith manuscript, 1941, small book
A manuscript titled "A Telephone Rate Case," (subsequently published by Public Utilities Reports, Inc., Washington DC, in 1941), intended to provide material to help lawyers understand the background, existing state of, and rules involved in deciding, public utilities rate cases.

Eugene Allen Smith Photographs, late 19th and early 20th century, 0.5 linear feet
This collection consits of 155 photographs depicting scenes from the University of Alabama campus, Alabama baseball team and baseball games, a parade, and school group portraits. This collection also contains portraits of Eugene Allen Smith, Alabama Museum of Natural History, the St. Stephens Bluff at Tombigbee River,Tuscaloosa Methodist College, Alabama Central Female College, images of penitentiary at Wetumpka, Alabama, Tuberculosis Convict Camp at Wetumpka, the Talladega Reservoir, ground-breaking Ceremony for Smith Hall. Several images by A. Albert, Holly Springs, Mississippi, photographer of buildings on the University of Mississippi campus.

Frederick D. Smith appointment to first lieutenant, Army Air Forces, Tuskegee Institute, 1944 December 29, 1 certificate
A Southeast Army Air Forces Training Center appointment to first lieutenant for Smith, a Tuskegee Airman.

George S. Smith diary , 1863-1865 , 0.1 linear feet
Civil War diary of George S. Smith, sergeant in Company C of the 48th Ohio Regiment, covering his service in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Texas, 1863-65.

Grover Cleveland Smith obituary articles, funeral bulletin, and letters of condolence , 2004 , 0.05 linear feet
Funeral bulletin and photocopies of three obituary articles and four letters of condolence

Helena Smith Letter , 1914 November 9 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Helena Smith of Stacyville, Iowa, to her sister-in-law, Anna Ethel Smith of Austin, Minnesota, telling Anna that she can quit working on November 15th, and then do as planned when she last visited Helena.

Holland M. Smith letter and clipping, 1955-1967, 2 items
A 1955 letter written to T. H. Bethea, furnishing information about Smith's family, and a newspaper clipping reporting his death.

J. Wheaton Smith Letter , 1855 January 10 , 1 letter
J. Wheaton Smith, Corresponding Secretary of the Pennsylvania Baptist Convention, writes to Reverand G. Frear reporting the large number of baptisms and requesting contributions from Frear's congregation.

Joanne H. Smith letter, 1835 October 11, 1 item, 1 leaf
A letter dated 11 October 1835, from Boston to Miss Susan C. Farley, Ipswich, Massachusetts. Smith, a former pupil of Farley's, discusses the latter's intention to go to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to teach at the Tuscaloosa Female Institute.

Mrs. Katie Smith Letters , 1923 , 0.1 linear feet
Two letters to Mrs. Katie Smith of San Jose, California, from her husband in Kearney, Nebraska during June 1923.

Luella Smith Letter , 1875 August 30 , 1 letter
This collection contains one letter from Luella Smith to her cousin, Cora B. Smith, written from Readfield, Maine. Luella Smith gives news of deaths in the family and expresses her sorrow and loneliness.

M. Carolyn Smith papers, 1982, 6 items
The collection contains material created and gathered as research for "A North Alabama Country Boy's Journey into the World of Nuclear Technology." Written for Professor Gary Mills at the University of Alabama, the paper is about Lester Elkin Burkhart, who worked in the United States atomic energy program.

Mignon Smith and Carol Bennett Alabama Radio Network Papers , 1963-2007 , 10.5 linear feet
Newspaper clippings, transcripts of interviews, press releases and presidential convention media packets, covering people and events and their influence on Alabama.

Mrs. H. C. Smith Letter , 1877 December 2 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter Mrs. H. C. Smith received from her mother about her brother's new love interest and the hard financial times they all face.

Nelson Smith paper, 1963, 1 item, 10 pieces
A carbon copy of transcript of a speech titled "History of American Architecture," given by Smith in September 1963, to volunteers at the Birmingham Museum of Art.

Paoli Ashe Smith papers , 1882-1970 , 0.4 linear feet
This collection consists mainly of personal correspondence from this jorunalist and Greensboro, Alabama, native to his mother during World War I, letters received from several of his cousins, financial and legal papers, and photographs. It also contains materials relating to other members of his family.

Sylvia Keene Smith Photographs, , 2 photographs
Black and white photographs of Woods Hall and two unidentified females.

Truman A. Smith Photographs, , 44 contact sheets
Contact sheets have 76 photographs. They are possibly family photos of Truman A. Smith (son of E.A. Smith) and his wife Pearl Boyles of Mobile.

W. Otey Smith letters, 1861, 4 items, 4 leaves
Letters from Mobile, Alabama to the Reverend S. D. Dennison. They address shipping groceries to his brother in China, war spirit in Mobile, and drilling the local militia.

William Russell Smith papers, 1834, 1861-1865, 19 items
This collection consists of letters to his wife and others written while serving in the Alabama secession convention, and a holograph manuscript book of poetry.

Winston Smith Papers , 1850–1998 , 9 linear feet
The collection contains manuscripts, research notes and photographs collected by Winston Smith of Demopolis, Marengo County, Alabama, relating to the early history of Demopolis and Marengo County, early photographers and his own family heritage. There is also a record book of Henry Tutwiler’s Green Springs Academy from 1852 – 1864.

Thomas Smitherman papers , 1840s-1900 , 1 linear foot
Papers, primarily business, of this Centreville, Alabama, attorney.

R. B. Smyer letter, 1895 October 17, 1 item
A letter dated 17 October 1895, acknowledging receipt of fee from W. C. Dantzler.

Daniel C. Smyly papers , 1843-1871 , 0.4 linear foot
Correspondence, financial papers, and other material pertaining this Dallas County, Alabama, plantation owner and physician, and his family.

Sydnia Keene Smyth Antebellum Architecture of Tuscaloosa Photographs, 1929, 0.5 linear feet
This collection consist of 30 images of Tuscaloosa Antebellum architecture taken by Sydnia Keene Smyth for her master theses 1929 (Call Number for her theses in the University of Alabama Libraries Catalog is T378 Sm96a 1929). They are silver gelatin prints all 2 3/4" x 4 1/2" in size.

Mabel Smythe-Haith Papers , 1950-2004 , 2.4 linear feet
Papers, books, and photographs belonging to Mabel Smythe-Haith, former ambassador to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, concerning academics, diplomacy, and civil rights.

Charles Henry Snedeker diary, 1966, 1 item
The collection contains a transcription of a diary created by a Union soldier who served in Company H of the 124th Regiment of the Illinois Infantry and mustered out in 1865.

Eva Sneller Photographs, , 8 photographs
Black and white photographs from ? Million Dollar Band Tour, showing driver H.P. Mahan; Jean Dickens, Eva Mood and Margaret Burdick; Mrs. Butler at the Maxwell House in Nashville; Janice Hodges, Carl Stevens, Jean Dickens and Bea Lambin; and other unidentified members of the band.

Snow Family Photographs, circa 1860-1920, 3 albums (182 photographs)
Carte de visite and photograph albums of the Snow family of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Contains scenes of Snow family members, their Tuscaloosa home, friends and family vacations. Includes carte de visite of family friend, F.A.P. Barnard, University of Alabama Professor of chemistry, Philosophy and Astronomy. Of special interest are photographs of vertical lift bridge, possibly spanning Warrior River in tuscaloosa County.

Abby Hazard Snow Family Memorabilia , 1851-1933 , 2.5 linear feet
Scrapbook, journals and autograph books of three generations of women in the Snow and Hogan families of Tuscaloosa, Alabama during the late 19th and early 20th centuries: Abby Hazard Snow; daughter, Caroline Snow Hogan; Caroline's sister-in-law, Mary S. Hogan; and Abby's granddaughters, Abby and Mazie Hogan.

Charles Snow papers, 1823, 2 items
This collection contains Snow's arithmetic workbook and a medical dictionary.

H. Snow Letter , 1845 March 10 , 1 letter
H. Snow of New York City writes to friend Armam Levassar in Philadelphia to make arrangements for the two to meet in New York. A 3-stanza poem about the Serenaders from the river Ohio is included in the letter.

Samuel N. Snow family genealogical material, circa 1820s, 1item, 31 pieces
The collection contains photocopies of transcribed letters written by Samuel N. Snow of Alabama and other documents relating to the family's history.

Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Alabama records , 1966-1969 , 0.1 linear feet
Records of the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Alabama for 1966-1969.

Frank J. Soday paper, 1954, 1 item, 16 pieces
Paper titled, "The Quad Site, a Paleo-Indian Village in Northern Alabama."

Soldier’s Land Grants , 1848 – 1881 , 2.8 linear feet (359 documents)
The collection contains United States Land Office certificates of title for soldiers, their heirs and assignees, dated from 1848 to 1881, arranged alphabetically by the last name of the soldier. The land grants (generally 40 acres) were given in token of military service during the Creek, Cherokee and Seminole Indian Wars, the Mexican War, the Florida War, and the War of 1812 or in recognition of volunteer service in a state militia.

James Somerville letters, 1835-1837, 21 items, 21 leaves
Letters to his wife, Ellen G. Sommerville, in Spotsylvania County, Virginia while Somerville was on two trips to Alabama and Mississippi, looking for a place to settle. The Somervilles eventually chose Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The letters contain comments on traveling companions, places seen, business conditions, and etc.

Sons of the American Revolution, James "Horseshoe" , 1946-1960 , 0.4 linear foot; 254 items
This collection contains correspondence, membership lists, bank deposits, programs of chapter meetings, genealogical worksheets, newspaper clippings,relating to the Tuscaloosa chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution and biographical sketches of James Robertson, for whom the chapter was named.

South Alabama Education Association records, 1901-1902, 19 items
Contains minutes, reports, member information, notes, and a flyer of this Montgomery, Alabama, and possibly Brewton, Alabama, organization

Southern Association of Science and Industry records, 1939-1970, 3 linear feet
Records of a regional organization of scientists concerned with scientific research and the industrial development of the South. The bulk of the collection consists of papers retained by Dr. George D. Palmer, founder of the Association, and Lloyd C. Bird.

Southside Baptist Church Records, Tuscaloosa, Alabama , 1961-1995 , 0.4 linear feet
The by-laws (with amendments) and minutes of regular and special called meetings of the Southside Baptist Church of Tuscalooas, Alabama, from 1961 through 1995.

Souvenir Postcard , 1910 , 1 postcard
The Souvenir Postcard is blank on one side while the other features a black and white photo of a young man encircled by painted symbols of patriotism and learning.

Thomas L. Sowell certificates , 1904-1905 , 0.05 linear feet
Certificates from Sowell as Alabama's State Auditor, granting the American Surety Company of New York the authority to become sureties on the official bonds of State, County, and Municipal officers, etc.

Haluk Soydan Letter , 1966 July 22 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Haluk Soydan of Istanbul, Turkey, to the Rotary Club of Winter Haven, Florida about the time he spent in America through the American Field Service student exchange program.

John J. Sparkman papers, circa 1917-1979, 1000 linear feet
This collection includes campaign files, constituent correspondence, committee files, and etc. of this important New Deal-era Alabama Congressman and Senator. Only a broad finding aid is currently available.

John J. Sparkman Photographs, 1949-1969, 29 photographs, 1 charcoal sketch
News agency and official photographs documenting Senatorial activities of John J. Sparkman, elected in 1946. Also photographs of fellow Senators and Representatives, including Alabamians William B. Bankhead and Lister Hill; Sparkman with U.S. Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon; and Sparkman with Alabama Governor George Wallace, and with General Medaris, Commanding Officer of the Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville, Alabama; one charcoal sketch of a young Sparkman.

Edmund D. Spear Jr. correspondence , 1880-1882 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters from Dr. Edmund D. Spear Jr. of Boston, Massachusetts, to Millie Peterson and her mother, Mrs. A.R. Peterson, also of Boston, between 1880 and 1882, telling them of his affection for Millie. Also included in the collection are several newspaper clippings and poems, some regarding love and relationships.

Frances Spencer paper, 1900s, 1 item, 22 pieces
A paper by Frances Spencer recounting the Methodist church's early history in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Ichabod Smith Spencer pamphlet, 1850, 1 pamphlet
Printed copy of Smith's 1850 sermon "The Religious Duty of Obedience to the Law," regarding the Fugitive Slave Act

Sue Spencer papers, 1956-1963, 0.4 linear foot
Collection contains correspondence and other materials, including a manuscript of her book African Creeks I Have Been Up, of this Northport, Alabama, native who lived in Africa with her husband, a mining engineer.

Sperry and Willard Family Papers , 1874-1892 , 1 birth announcement, 1 newspaper clipping, 16 let
Letters between Sperry and Willard family from family members and acquaintances. Letters discuss money, society and health issues, and everyday life. Sperry and Willard families connected by marriage through Mary Sperry Willard.

Melissa and J. Sprague Letters , 1867 March 5 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from Melissa Sprague, written on 5 March 1867, to her daughter, Julia, discussing family issues and problems. The second letter, written on the back of the first, to Julia and George (presumably her husband) from her father, J. Sprague, describes how wet and muddy the weather and roads have been.

D. Spreacher Letter , 1866 March 26 , (one letter)
Letter from a Christian minister (possibly Lutheran) in Jonesboro, Illinois, to his friend George Schramm in Farmington, Iowa. The letter discusses a growing church membership in his area. He also discusses at length national politics, U.S. Army deserters during the Civil War, and former slaves in the south, saying, "God pity the poor negro."

Joe R. P. S. Sprigg Letters , 1902-1911 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters to Joe R.P.S. Sprigg between 1902 and 1911 from various family members and friends..

Spring Valley Foods, Inc. Stock Sales Book, 1969-1970, 1 volume
Large volume with information about the sale of 300,000 shares of common stock of Spring Valley Foods, Inc. at $1 par value. Includes correspondence with the Securities and Exchange Commission, a prospectus, memorandums, power of attorney information, letters from key parties involved, and certificates in a clearly labeled 72 section volume with table of contents.

Samuel Henry Sprott, Jr. papers , 1893-1897 ,
Includes examination books and scrapbook of Samuel Henry Sprott, Jr. The materials pertain to Mr. Sprott's years at the University of Alabama.

St. John's Baptist Church records, 1949-1951, 1 ledger
Ledger containing lists of members and some financial records of this Baptist church, possibly in Alabama.

St. John's Catholic Church records, 1844-1954, ledgers ; photocopies ; 0.5 linear feet
Records of this Catholic church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1844-1954, including lists of baptisms, marriages, deaths, confirmations, and first communions.

St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church ledger, 1916-1944, 1 folder
This collection consists of photocopy of a church ledger covering the years 1916-44, which contains records of baptisms, confirmations, first communions, marriages, and interments.

Nicholas B. Stack papers, 1884-1938, .4 linear foot, 274 items
Contains two scrapbooks and other documents of this Birmingham, Alabama, politician. The materials deal with Birmingham politics, mining strikes, and other business endeavors.

Maria B. Brooks Stafford letter, 1894 February 22, 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 22 February 1894, to Belle R. Harrison, Danville, Kentucky. Contains general news of self and children.

Garnett Stancil Bibb County, Alabama, court record, 1945-1950, ledger; photocopy
Includes Stancil's "Criminal Docket and Fee Book" from the Bibb County, Alabama, Justice Court, 1945-1950. It includes a Justice of the Peace docket, 1950, records, one case, and a list of marriages, 1947-1948.

Lorraine Standish Papers , ca. 1970-2010 , 6.0 linear feet
Columns, poems, songs, and other materials of this Lillian, Alabama, poet and songwriter.

Myles Standish Papers , 1948-2010 , 2.6 linear feet
Newsletters, newspaper clippings, certificates, awards, mementos from various NASA Apollo space flights, and a notebook with the house plans for the house built in Lillian, Alabama, by this retired NASA engineer.

C.T. Stansbury Letters , 1928-1929 , 2 letters
A husband traveling in Ohio and Oklahoma discusses his trip and objectives in two letters to his wife in Cincinnati. He mentions work, family members and information-gathering activities.

Martin Luther Stansel letter, 1863 April 27, 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 27 April 1863, to his wife, Olivia, written from Manchester, Tennessee. It discusses camp news, rumors of enemy movements, Stansel's wound, and eye surgery on his horse.

M.E. Stapleton Letter , 1890 August 11 , 1 letter
M.E. Stapleton of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, writes to daughters Nellie and Hattie. She doesn't want them to worry. She also says she will send money and bring China silk on her next visit. The letter ends with travel arrangements.

George Edwin Starbuck papers , 1925-1995 , 9.4 linear feet
An extensive collection of material by and about this highly-acclaimed poet and creative writing teacher, including draft poems, correspondence, teaching materials, and papers relative to his successful legal challenge to New York state’s loyalty oath.

Ira Stark Photographs, 1939-1940, 16 photographs
Black and white snapshots of University of Alabama scenes, including students, football parade, ROTC functions and Governor Bibb Graves; includes list of identifying captions. Photographs were probably taken by Stark, a University of Alabama student and graduate ('40).

Mary Ann Starkey Letters, circa 1840, 5 letters
Handwritten letters from Mary Ann Starkey to her husband Horace Starkey in New York. She writes of family members, the Sabbath, church, and general well-being.

Stars and Stripes , 1945 May 8 , 0.05 linear feet
A copy of Stars and Stripes, Paris edition, dated Tuesday, May 8, 1945.

State vs. Orr and Stovall depositions, 1848, 2 items, 3 leaves
Unsigned depositions of James B. Tatom and Dr. Henry Pendleton regarding the death of a slave, Jerry, belonging to John Tatom. Location unknown.

Henry Bascom Steagall speeches , circa 1933-1943 , .2 linear foot
A collection of twenty-seven speech texts, plus a small group of miscellaneous papers and a memorial address to this Alabama congressman.

John Steel diary, 1851 May-September, 3 items, 19 pieces; typescripts
Typescript copy of the diary of an Autauga County planter, kept during his travels abroad in 1851.

Steele and Metcalfe letter, 1848, 1 item
Letter from law firm to George B. Sanden[?]

R. D. Steele Letter , 1891 September 8 , 1 letter
Letter from Steele in Brooklyn, New York, to W. H. Davis and Sons in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Captain Steele is inquiring about the patent for the new reef ring Davis invented for boating.

R. D. Steele Letter , 1891 September 8 , (one letter)
Letter from Steele in Brooklyn, New York, to W. H. Davis and Sons in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Captain Steele is inquiring about the patent for the new reef ring Davis invented for boating.

Samuel Steele letter, 1833 December 25, 1 letter
A letter from Samuel Steele to Daniel Coleman relative to the hire of two slaves, 25 December 1833.

William Angelo Steele letter, 1853 December 26, 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 26 December 1853, to his father, discussing the weather and requesting money for tuition and board at the University of Alabama.

Stein and Thal Families Papers , 1948-2005 , 0.1 linear feet
Correspondence of two related families, the Steins and the Thals, of St. Louis, Missouri.

Postcards to Mamie Stein , 1879; 1885 , 0.05 linear feet
Two postcards sent to Mamie Stein in Des Moines, Iowa. The writers of both postcards ask Mamie to write the sender a letter.

Anson Peter Stern birth and baptism certificate , 1893 April 9 , 1.2 linear feet
Birth and baptism certificate written in old German calligraphy

H. L. Stevens Letter , 1940 May 1 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from H. L. Stevens of Farmington, Minnesota to Mr. and Mrs. George Flynn of Santa Barbara, California about his afternoon in a flooded basement trying to repair a sewage line.

Dewey and Almeda Stewart Papers , 1944-1945 , 0.8 Linear Feet
This collection consists mainly of correspondence between a young married couple during World War Two. It also includes various miscellaneous World War Two-era items and service related materials.

J. F. Stewart Family letters, 1841-1899, 2 items, 22 pieces
Letters between members of this Demopolis, Alabama, family, some of whom settled in Texas.

Earl Elmer Stewart Letters, 1918 -1919, 43 letters, 154 pages, 40 photos, 1 clipping, 3 li
Letters written by Pvt. Earl Elmer Stewart of the Headquarter Company, 70th Artillery, Coast Artillery Command from April 5, 19181 to March 4, 1919 to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Elmer Stewart of English, Crawford County, Indiana.

John Craig Stewart book manuscript, 1950, 0.4 linear foot
Edited manuscript of "Through the First Gate," subsequently published by Dodd, Mead and Co. in 1950. The work derived from Stewart's 1949 University of Alabama M.A. thesis of the same title.

C. A. Stillman letter, 1852 December 29, 1 item, 1 leaf
A letter dated 29 December 1852 to W. S. Mailen (?), requesting copies of The Presbyterian.

Phil Stockton letter, 1863 June 24, 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 24 June 1863 from Demopolis, Alabama to Capt. _____, discussing ordnance matters.

Stone and Franklin families ration books, 1942-1944, 2 books
World War Two ration books of these Tuscaloosa, Alabama, families

Olive Stone paper, circa 1920, 1 item
A typescript copy of Olive Stone's research project, the "Alabama Farmer Today: His Present Situation in Light of History," written under the direction of the Women's College of Alabama Sociology Department, probably in the 1920s.

LaVerne Stoner Correspondence , 1937-1949 , 0.2 linear feet
Letters written by and to LaVerne Stoner of Seattle, King County, Washington, between 1937 and 1949. The bulk of the letters were written by LaVerne to her husband, Henry T. Stoner, during his tours of duty in the U.S. Navy aboard various ships.

Alban W. Storehalder Postcard , 1917 October 16 , 0.1 linear feet
A postcard from Alban W. Storehalder to his brother, E.J. Storehalder of Bowling Green, Ohio, telling of his transfer to Co. F 146th U.S. Infantry at Camp Sheridan, Alabama.

Samuel W. Strait certificate, 1837, 1 item, 1 leaf
1837 certificate of sale of public land in Greene Coounty, Alabama, to Samuel W. Strait.

Oliver Day Street papers, 1888-1944, 35.2 linear feet
This collection contains correspondence and other papers. They concern his activities as a candidate for Congress (1898 and 1902), as U.S. district attorney for northern Alabama (1907-1914), special assistant to the U.S. Attorney General (1914-1920), chairman of the Republican executive committee for the Seventh Congressional District (1904-1908), delegate to two Republican national conventions (1912 and 1916) and member of the Republican National Committee (1916-1920).

George Stritikus papers, 1981-1986, 14 items, 50 pieces
This collection contains materials on floriculture in Alabama, including papers on roses and on old English boxwoods, a plant inventory of Fendall Hall, Eufaula, Alabama, and indexes of plants mentioned in books on Alabama and Georgia plantations and homes, plus photos, garden plans, and written descriptions from Stitikus's traveling exhibit, "Alabama : Her People, Houses and Gardens," (1986).

Hudson Strode Papers , 1916-1976 , 20.5 linear feet
An extensive collection of correspondence, photographs, manuscripts and artifacts of, by, and pertaining to the life of Hudson Strode.

Hudson Strode Photographs, 1860s-circa 1976, 3 albums (75 photographs)
Photograph and scrapbook albums of University of Alabama Professor of Creative Writing Hudson Strode, and his wife Theresa Cory Strode. Albums contain color and black and white images of the Strodes, their family and friends, the Strode home and gardens in Tuscaloosa. Scrapbooks also contain clippings on Hudson Strode, and some memorabilia.

Thomas B. Strong bankruptcy papers, 1868-1874, 5 items
A collection of documents relating to the bankruptcy case of Thomas B. Strong of Madison County, Alabama, conducted in the United States District Court, Northern District of Alabama.

W. C. Strong letter , 1927 , 1 item
A January 1927 letter by W. C. Strong of Mobile, Alabama, recounting the circumstances surrounding the death of Robert F. Bell, Jr., an employee of the Munson Steam Ship Company docks who died on the job in late 1926.

David Crockett Stuart memoir, 1913, 2 items ; photocopies
A copy of Stuart's 1913 memoir, which discusses his early life, Civil War service in the Fourth Alabama Cavalry Regiment, and his move to Utah in 1872.

E. A. Stuart Letter , 1943 September 10 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter sent via V-Mail from E. A. Stuart to his in-laws, Mr. and Mrs. Nichols of Clinton, Iowa.

George Rutledge Stuart, Jr., paper, 1959, 1 item
A paper presented to the Alabama Historical Association on 18 April 1959, about the history of the Rooster Bridge over the Tombigbee River in Sumter County, Alabama.

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Advertisement and Dallas County Research , 1965 , 0.05 linear feet
Advertisement and county research by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee calling for Alabama counties to create their own political party to nominate non-racist candidates to state and national positions.

C. C. Stught Letter , 1924 December 30 , 0.05 linear feet
One letter from C. C. Stught of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, to Susie Baker of Verona (Illinois, Ohio, or Michigan). He told her of his new job and several dances he attended, and he expressed a wish to see her soon.

Sturdivant Hall Photographs, circa 1920s, 11 photographs
Black and white snapshots of unidentified outdoor scenes, some showing people at a large gathering. One photograph identified on back as "Dr. James Allen Kyser."

Averline S. Suce letter, 1862 July 6, 1 item
A letter dated 6 July 1862, to Suce's aunt, which mentions teaching school.

Letter from Sue to Sallie, circa 1863, 1 item
A letter by an unknown author, to his sister Sallie. It discusses war news, known wounded, and attitudes toward the war.

Charles Grayson Summersell papers, 1894-1996, 43.25 linear feet
An extensive collection of papers by and relating to this long-time University of Alabama history professor, including personal and professional correspondence, research notes, departmental and teaching materials.

Dr. Charles Summersell Photographs, Bulk dates 1860-mid 1900s, Photographs, majority are iconographic, filmstrips
A procedure is now underway of accessing and housing the 'photograhic' collection. Photographs originally stored in 22 cartons and one hollinger box; other items include 7 cartons of Alabama filmstrips, 5 hollinger boxes containing filmstrips and audio tapes relating to history of Alabama, Florida, Illinois, California, Ohio and Pennsylvania; 11 cartons of slides; 1 carton of Dr. Summersell's notebooks; 1 carton of 35 mm negatives, 2 cartons of microfilms, 2 cartons containing various sizes of negatives and color slides. Subject matter ranges from A-Z, mostly relating to history of Alabama, Civil War, Indians, ships, and presidents. Also, a 'subject list' and a finding aid are in the process of being created, and items will be added to the finding aid as materials are processed. Some of the images have copyright issues. General locales of photographs include Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, among others.

Sumter County, Alabam,election records , 1834-1863 , .4 linear foot
This collection contains local, state, and federal election returns for Sumter County, Alabama, from 1834 to 1863.

J. Alfred Swatkins Sketchbooks , 1912-1947 , 0.2 linear feet
Four bound sketchbooks filled with drawings by Swatkins, a World War I era permit book, issued in England to John Alfred Swatkins, and a letter from noted British author Marie Corelli in Stratford-on-Avon, to Swatkins, complimenting his work and inquiring if it was ever used in the London press or by publishers.

Peter and Rose Swereda letters , 1943-1944 , .2 linear feet
Includes letters written by a World War II bomber pilot and his wife from training facilities in Tennessee and Alabama to his family in New Jersey.

Milton Swift Letters, 1927, 1834, 2 letters
This collection consists of two letters written from Milton Swift to his sister Lucinda Baker. He discusses living and working in Tuscumbia, Alabama, as well as health issues of his family and friends.

Louise Swilley letter, 1927, 1 item, 1 piece
A 1927 letter from "Miss Ellen" in Cleveland Heights, Ohio to her aunt, Louise Swilley in Tuskaloosa, [sic] Alabama.

Daniel Swist Scrapbook , 1937-1943 , 0.1 linear feet
This collection consists of a scrapbook created by Daniel J. Swist, an alumnus of the University of Alabama. The scrapbook covers the years 1937-1943 and contains many annotated photographs of friends and colleagues of Daniel Swist.

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