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This page contains names of manuscript collections with brief descriptions of them. Highlighted collection names link to finding aids in PDF format that offer more detailed descriptions of the collections. The highlighted collections do not represent all available finding aids at the W.S. Hoole Library. We will add more to the list as we convert our paper finding aids to electronic aids for web presentation.

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"Private Rosser's Colt", , 1 item, photocopy of 5 pages
Photocopy of a typescript paper titled "Private Rosser's Colt" on the history of a Colt pistol carried by Henry Preston Rosser in the Civil War as a member of Shockley’s Independant Escort Company, from Alabama.

A.T. Patrick Letters , 1943-1945 , 37 letters
Envelopes are addressed to Mary E. Coffman, but letters inside are to Sally. A.T. Patrick writes about his feelings of love for Sally and how much he misses her. He is always thinking about their memories together while planning their wedding, finding an apartment in Lake Wales, Florida, and booking a hotel in Miami, Florida for their honeymoon. Sally’s arrival in Florida and details of the wedding and apartment are the general subject of most of his letters. Some letters include newspaper clippings of Army related jokes.

P. H. P. typed diaries and letter , c. 1950 , 0.05 linear feet
Typed diary of a northern women who moved to Alabama when her husband was relocated to an Army base there.

Letter from Pa , 1884 October 13 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written by a father from Petersburg, Kentucky to his son requesting money for room and board. He tells his son that he

Lorraine Pabst paper, 1961, 1 item, 15 pieces
Corrected text of a paper titled "La Grange College," written by Lorraine Pabst but read by Dr. Virgil McCain at the annual meeting of the Alabama Historical Association in Montgomery, April 22, 1961.

Herman Packard journal, 1837-1847, 1.25 inches (1 ledger)
The diary of a Pennsylvania minister and agent of the American Tract Society, while in New Orleans and Greenville, Louisiana. It includes notes on yellow fever epidemics, battles with "consumption" (tuberculosis), weather, and accounts of travels by boat in 1839 and 1846, both by ocean and up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, then by canal to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Guergen Paepcke letters, 1944-1945, circa 20 items, circa 40 pieces
Letters from servicemen from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in Germany, India, and Okinawa during and immediately after WWII.

Stark Paget Composition and Photograph , 1930 , 0.1 linear feet
Collection consists of a photograph, a short biography, and a composition by Stark Paget.

George C. Paine records, 1873-1874, 6 items, 7 leaves; photocopies
Copies of Paine's 1874 report card and exams in Rhetoric, Logic, English Philology, and Composition for Intermediate, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes. Also includes a program for a June 30, 1874 presentation.

Mrs. Lewis C. Paine Letter , 1859 February 28 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Mrs. Lewis C. Paine of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, to her husband in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania about home and the death of her father-in-law.

W. L. Palfrey letter, 1865 June 29, 1 item, 8 pieces ; typed copy
Letter dated 29 June 1865, from St. Mary's Parish, Louisiana to his brother, in an attempt to reconcile, they having parted over this issue of slavery. Addresses the war's effect on him and his family, his reduction to poverty, and his present circumstances.

John C. Pallister Envelope , 1925 April 29 , 0.1 linear feet
An envelope from the Battle House in Mobile, Alabama addressed to John C. Pallister of Cleveland, Ohio.

Alonzo B. Palmer collection, 1865-1956, 1 diary, 1 photo, 1 cancelled check
This collection contains Palmer's diary, April-July 1865, when his Regiment, the First Ohio Light Artillery, was stationed in Tennessee and Alabama. The diary's frequent entries describe daily life in the camp, including meals, weather, and military activities. The collection also contains a photograph, ca. 1870, of several men, including Palmer, outside a store.

George David Palmer, Jr., papers, 1921-1964, 1.2 linear feet
Correspondence and papers of a University of Alabama faculty member in the School of Chemistry (1927-1968) who was instrumental in the establishment of the Southern Research Institute and the Southern Association of Science and Industry.

Herbert D. Palmer Letter , 1940 September 22 , 1 letter
Herbert D. Palmer of Cleveland, Ohio, reminisces on his deceased daughter, Frances. He recounts to her friends, the recipients, Hart and May Lou Speiden of Louisville, Kentucky, the efforts to memorialize Frances through her personal writings. A second portion of the letter contains a philosophical discussion of war, with references to German aggression.

Thomas Waverly Palmer records, 1890, 3 linear feet ; papers, correspondence
Records of applications and enrollments, compiled in an attempt to list all University of Alabama graduates from its establishment through 1890.

Mary Bess Paluzzi collection on Eugene Walter , 1987-1998 , 16 items
A collection of Walter correspondence, clippings, programs, and other materials relating to this writer, cook, and costume designer, collected by Mary Bess Paluzzi.

John S. Pancake, 1975-, 1 linear foot
Manuscript, notes and illustrations for Pancake's books "1777: Year of the Hangman" , "Samuel Smith", and "Hamilton and Jefferson". The collection also contains class outlines, notes, and correspondence.

Henry Clifton Pannell papers, 1923-1946, 3.8 linear feet, 1307 items
Correspondence and other material pertaining to Pannell's work in the field of education.

Letter from Papa to Orville Enoch , 1892 June 11 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains one letter written from Papa, in Kentucky to his son on the occasion of his sixth birthday.

William B. "Willie" Pape Scrapbooks , 1862-1875 , 1 linear foot
Two scrapbooks kept by Willie Pape during his years in England as well as a bound volume of his sheet music.

Vijay Parekh Photographs, circa 1960-1964, 48 photographs
Photographs, 10 color and 38 black and white of International House at the University of Alabama, Shyhming Chang 08/02/1962, Christmas 1963, and different stage performances.

Postcard from Parents to Caroline Baker , 1956 February , 1 postcard
This collection contains one postcard written from Dad and Mom to Caroline Baker. The letter is most likely written from Lubbock, Texas, and postmarked from Silver Saddle, El Paso, Texas, to Dubuque, Iowa, and discusses the progress of the parents’ trip.

Richard Parish deed, 1846 December 14, 1 item
A deed dated 14 December 1846, conveying 80 acres in Pike County, Alabama to William P. Segars.

Parker and Crocker family papers, 1887-1959, 1 inch, 1 ledger
Financial records, tax receipts, poll tax receipts, deeds, indentures, and other materials pertaining to these Marengo and Wilcox County, Alabama families. The collection also contains some legal papers from Texas.

Ada Belle Parker Scrapbook , 1962-1983 , 1 linear feet
Scrapbook containing correspondence, newspaper clippings, and ephemera concerning civil rights, Christianity, and centenarians gathered by Ada Belle Parker.

Oscar Parkes letter, 1934 December 14, 1 item
A letter dated 14 December 1934, from Oscar Parkes, editor of "Janes Fighting Ships" to N. H. Hillier, Jr. of New York City, regarding a new edition of this standard reference work on naval vessels around the world.

Lewis Parrish letter, 1850 July 26, 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 26 July 1850, to J. R. Koogler, which discusses the people, countryside, and business prospects of Livingston, Alabama.

Geo Parsons Letters , 1923-1928 , 0.1 linear feet
Geo Parsons writes to his brother, Alvin Parsons, about his whereabouts and attempts to succeed in one form of business or another in order to pay back debts owed in Louisville, Kentucky. One letter of Alvin's, returned to sender from attempted delivery to China, expresses Alvin's concern for Geo.

Partlow House Photographs, 1995-1996, 20 photographs
Collection includes 11 color and 9 black and white photographs of Partlow House, and slaves and maid's houses during the restoration.

Mary C. Partlow and John C. Pritchitt paper , 1981 , 1 item, 58 pieces ; photocopy
A 1981 paper titled "John William Abercrombie, Thirteenth President of the University of Alabama, 1902-1911" written for a University of Alabama class by Mary C. Partlow and John C. Pritchitt.

Rufus Cornelius Partlow, Sr., scrapbook, 1930-1989, 1.75 linear feet
This collection consists of a scrapbook compiled after Dr. Partlow's retirement in 1965. It includes official correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and newsletters, his diplomas, certificates of recognition, and an undated, handwritten collection of stories on the lighter side of his fifty-three years of work. It provides a historical look at the progression of the mental health profession in Alabama and traces growing public awareness of and activism in patient care. The collection also addresses segregation of health institutions in the state and treatment ideas such as sterilization of patients with congenital mental retardation. The scrapbook is arranged chronologically. Various photographs and articles are inserted. News clippings inserted following Dr. Partlow's death were probably added by members of his family.

William Dempsey Partlow papers, 1907-1950, 1.2 linear feet
This collection contains correspondence, an autobiography, a short biography, addresses, copies of Partlow's publications, and newspaper clippings. His correspondents included Alabama industrialist and U.S. Congressman Frank W. Boykin, and University of Alabama President and Chancellor George H. Denny.

A.T. Patrick Letters , 1943-1945 , 37 letters and envelopes
Letters from A.T. Patrick, serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, to Mary (Sally) Coffman, discussing their upcoming wedding and move to an apartment.

Patrons of Husbandry, Perryville, Alabama, bylaws, 1876, 1 item, 46 pieces
The bylaws of this Perryville, Alabama, Grange organization. The collection also includes several chapters of a manuscript, written in the back of the book.

Abner E. Patton letters , 1861-1953 , 0.05 linear feet
Letters from a Confederate soldier in the Eleventh Alabama Infantry to his family.

R. M. Patton documents, 1866, 5 items, 5 pieces
This collection consists of a letter regarding lands due the Wills Valley Railroad Co. (part of Northeast and Southwest Alabama RR) upon completion of 20 miles of track, also an offer to purchase mineral rights to the same from Governor (military?) R. M. Patton, who was also President of the Board of Directors of the Central Mining and Petroleum Company of Alabama. Also contains a copy of some legislation.

William Patton estate papers, 1846, 2 items
This collection consists of an inventory and appraisal of the estate and a notice of appointment of Charles W. and John Patton as administrators of the estate

William Winter Payne Letter, 1847 February 10, 1 letter, 1 page
A letter written by William Winter Payne, dated February 10, 1847, to John G. Mason, Secretary of the Navy, recommending Alexander J. Simms to a lieutenancy in the United States Marine Corps.

Archive of the Peace Paper Project , 2011-2013 , 5 linear feet
Paper samples, printouts of the Project's blog and website, and other items, including oversized papers and prints, and postcards

J. R. Pearce Letter , 1899 November 21 , 0.1 linear feet
J. R. Pearce, secretary of the Planning Committee for the Thirteenth Annual Convention of the Supervisors, County Commissioners and County Clerks of Illinois, writes to Charles Schofield of Carthage, Illinois, requesting him to address the convention

Bird Pearson letter, 1838 December 28, 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 28 December 1838, to R. S. Hazard of Rhode Island, ordering clothing for his slaves. Includes measurements.

Charles and Edith Pearson Letters , 1939-1947 , 4 letters
The collection contains four letters addressed to Dr. Charles Pearson and his wife Edith of Staten Island, New York. One is an RSVP to their daughter's wedding, and the other three are from Edith's friend Eleanor, who discussed gifts and grandchildren.

Margaret Pearson and Warren Witehard sharecropping agreement, 1866 January 3, 1 item
A sharecropping contract from Macon County Georgia dated 3 January 1866, between landowner Margaret Pearson and freed slave Warren Witehard.

Grace Sims Peat papers, 1937-1960, 2.95 linear feet
This collection contains correspondence, photographs, and newspaper clippings as well as memorabilia including pins and badges from the University of Alabama 1940 homecoming game, CAA manuals, a student pilot logbook. 1956-58 Alabama alumni decals, an Alabama Law Reporter newsletter, and cigarette advertising and promotional materials.

Harold R. Peat papers, circa 1930-1960, 4 linear feet
The papers of a WWI soldier, lecturer, author and businessman, including records of Peat's lecture bureau. Contains much material concerning two of Peat's clients, Jesse Stuart and Lady Baden-Powell, as well as letters from numerous well known authors, film actors and actresses, politicians, and others.

Elisha Wolsey Peck Papers , 1837-1887 , 0.4 linear feet
Correspondence and financial papers of this Tuscaloosa, Alabama, attorney, as well as material relating to the Alabama Constitutional Convention of 1867, of which Peck was chairman.

Ira Peck Correspondence , 1927 , 3 letters
Three letters regarding business matters, money, and loans, written to Ira Peck of Britt, Iowa.

Samuel Minturn Peck papers, 1886-1938, 2.4 linear feet
This collection contains personal correspondence and poems, both published and unpublished. It also includes clippings, photographs, and etc.

Ben E. Peet papers, , .8 linear feet, 57 items
This collection consists primarily of pamphlets dealing with mining, although it also contains some correspondence.

Charles Pelham papers, 1873-1903, 3 items
This collection includes short biographical clippings, letters, and other materials of this Talladega, Alabama, attorney and Congressman.

John Herbert Pelham Photograph, , 1 photograph
Collection consists of one ambrotype photograph of John Herbert Pelham.

Pencil Sketches of Civil War Military Camps and Buildings , between 1861 and 1865 , 1.5 linear feet
Six pencil sketches of various military buildings and camps of the Civil War.

G. Penn Letter , 1864 October 28 , 0.1 linear feet
Letter from Confederate solider, (Penn, G___) to mother from Fort Lee, Virginia. Discusses delays in assignment in the camp, soldier's living conditions, hopes to come home on leave soon. Refers to upcoming "great battle."

Letter from Pennie to Nant , unknown , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written by Pennie to her relative, Nant, about the family and her brief courtship.

Perdue Hill, Alabama, collection, 1887-1890, 5 items; 36 pieces
This collection contains a miscellany of late nineteenth century items pertaining to Perdue Hill, a community in Monroe County, Alabama.

Perkins Family papers , 1813-1928 , 2.5 linear feet
This collection consists chiefly of personal and family papers and photographs relating to the Stephen and Caroline Perkins family of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The photographs series conatains two photographic albums with 209 images, 72 loose photographs, and 121 glass negatives. THe life of Julian C. Perkins, his wife Mary (Mamie) Kennedy Perkins, their three children Edwin, Brook, Julian, and Maud Perkins, and their extended families is well documented in this photographic collection compiled by their son Edwin. There are also photographs of The University of Alabama (Woods Hall, and President's Mansion); photographs of Tuscaloosa, and surrounding area around 1890s; John Robinson's Circus arriving to Tuscaloosa; Tuscaloosa Street Fair; some parts of Birmingham around the same time period, as well as Lake Lorraine, and Meridian Mississippi.

Annie Perkins Cookbook , 1867 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection consists of one cookbook containing handwritten and published recipes as well as published poems collected by Perkins of Eutaw, Alabama.

Perry County, Alabama Papers , 1796-1898 , 0.2 linear feet
Letters and other documents donated by a source in Perry County, Alabama. The collection consists of eight letters to Elias Benson. There is also one summons order included in the Elias Benson series. Another series contains the will of Philip Smith of South Carolina. The Thomas and Mary Jones series contains three statements of debt made to John E. Cook, along with an indenture statement and draft. The final series includes miscellaneous documents including deed certification, court records, official statements, indenture papers, excerpts from company minutes and poems.

John Cecil Persons papers, 1917-1970, 1.6 linear feet, 5 scapbooks
This collection consists of papers pertaining to banking, Person's World War II military service,and civic activities, along with correspondence, reports, speeches, scrapbooks, and other materials.

Solomon and Lucinda Perteet papers, 1829-1872, 28 items; photocopies
Includes receipts and legal papers of this prominent Tuscaloosa, Alabama, free black man and his wife.

Mrs. Peterson Letter , 1923 December 25 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Mrs. Peterson of Wabasha, Minnesota to Mrs. Hansen on Christmas Day.

Petition for small change notes by citizens of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1842 August 11, 1 item
Signed by approximately fifty citizens of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this petition expresses concern over the scarcity of small change in the city. The petitioners wanted paper change tickets to alleviate the situation.

F. H. Petrie letters , 1831, 1833 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters written from Colbert Shoals and Florence, Alabama, to a business partner about digging canals around shoals on the Tennessee River. Petrie discusses sickness, heavy rains, high water, and lack of funding.

R.E. Pettus papers, 1875-1921, 16 items
Contains a variety of materials belonging to this Huntsville, Alabama, businessman, including maps; letters received from B.H. Meek, Carlos Surish, W.P. Hall; and an invitation to an event at the Alabama Central Female College.

John H. Pettway letter, 1897 February, 1 item; 5 pieces
Letter from Pettway in Knoxville, Tennessee, to Professor John L. Calhoun at the University of Alabama regarding the current status of his church membership.

Susan Petty Letter , 1869 June 6 , 0.05 linear feet
A letter from Susan Petty to her sister in June 1869.

Genevieve Peyton Letters , 1885-1886 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters to Genevieve Peyton of Gordonsville, Virginia between 9 March 1885 and 26 March 1886.

Julia Pfarr Letter , 1953 August 20 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter to Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Haferman of San Francisco, California, from Chuck and Julia Pfarr in Kotna, Mt. Hagen, New Guinea.

Collection on Phi Alpha Theta's Commemoration of the Anniversary of the Burning of the University of , 1956 , 0.01
Contains a newspaper article entitled "Yankee colonel wavered that terrible day, but orders were to burn U of A to ground" and the carbon copy of a letter from Charles G. Summersell to C.E. Williams about Phi Theta Kappa's presentation, "Vocata," commemorating the burning of the University of Alabama by Yankee soldiers in April, 1865, just weeks before Lee's surrender in Appomattox, Virginia. There are also four photographs to accompany the "Vocata" text with a page telling who is in photograph. Some of the people mentioned are Harriet Chappel Owsley (Mrs. Frank L.), Professor Bernard C. Weber, Charles C. Cantrell, Professor John Frazier Ramsey, Professor John F. Pancake, Professor Frank Lawrence Owsley (Sr.), Professor Charle Grayson Summersell, and Mrs. Charles G. Summersell.

Phi Chi Fraternity, University of Alabama, records, 1909-1910, 1 ledger, 272 pages
The Phi Chi medical fraternity treasurer's ledger, Medical Department University of Alabama, Mobile, Alabama.

Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honor Society charter , 1930 January 6 , 1.6 linear feet
Charter of the University of Alabama chapter of the freshman honor society

Phi Sigma Kappa records, 1879-1930, 0.2 linear foot
A collection of documents concerning the founding and expansion of the Alabama chapter of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity.

Caleb Henry Phillips letter , 186? , 0.05 linear feet
A letter from Caleb Henry Phillips, Union soldier, to his wife, Indianapolis, Indiana, 9 September 186?

Harry G. Phillips Photographs, 1941-1989, 28 photographs
Photographs, 8 color and 20 black and white, of Harry Garrett Phillips as a baby and on; several photographs of "Princess and The Frog Prince" and its cast members; cast members from "The Three Penny Opera"; and concert in C major for Volkswagen and Orchestra.

Phillips High School collection, 1930-1980, 3 items, 3 pieces
This collection consists of a miscellany of items pertaining to the Phillips High School (Birmingham, Alabama) class of 1930.

Sarah Ellen Phillips paper, not dated, 3 items ; in part typescripts
Paper titled "Reminiscences of War: An Episode of [sic] Wilson's Raid near Selma, Alabama, April 1, 1865," by Sarah Ellen Phillips about Union General James H. Wilson's campaign into Selma, Dallas County, Alanama, in the spring of 1865. Major General Wilson commanded three divisions of cavalry against Confederate forces led by Lietutenant General Nathan B. Forrest.

Wendell Phillips pamphlet, 1845, 1 pamphlet
Copy of Phillips' 1845 pamphlet "Can Abolitionists Vote or Take Office Under the United States Constitution?"

W. H. Philpot letter, 1920 February 15, 1 item ; typescript
This collection consists of a letter dated 15 February 1920, to his daughter Annie, regarding his Civil War experiences.

Physician's Account Book, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1850-1866, 3 inches (3 ledgers)
Record of doctor's visits, treatments, and charges, 1850-66 of an unknown Tuscaloosa physician.

Pickens County, Alabama, records, 1908-1946, 3 inches; 3 ledgers
Unidentified store accounts 1908-13; documents pertaining to county taxes and funding 1935-36, a hotel register, and labor records from Pickens County, Alabama.

James Pickens diary, 1864, 3 items, 47 pieces ; typescripts
This collection consists of a typed transcript of Pickens's diary, covering the dates 17 March-15 May 1864.

Samuel Pickens papers, 1858-1865, 1 inch
This collection contains Pickens' school notebook, 1858; his friendship book, 1858-59; war letters to his mother; and a typed transcript of his diary, 1862-1865.

Timothy Pickering letter, 1783 December 1, 1 letter
Letter from Pickering to New York Governor George Clinton, 1 December 1783, about what should be done with property on which the British had built military structures during their occupation of New York, 1776-83.

Pickett and Williams Families Papers , 1980-2008 , 0.1 linear feet
Contains information about the Pickett and Williams families as well as the 15th Alabama Infantry Division; also includes a membership application for the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Pickett Family Papers , 1812-1994 , .04 linear feet
This collection contains letters and family history information for this southeastern Alabama family.

Mary Pickford Letter , between 1920 and 1936 , 0.1 linear feet
Framed, undated letter from Mary Pickford to Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.

J. Pinnell Letter , 1838 March 7 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from J. Pinnell of Danville, Virginia, to Thomas Carter of Virginia about cotton sales and requesting information about a possible smallpox outbreak.

Betsy Plank collection on Helen Keller , after 1928 , 0.2 linear feet
Materials about Helen Keller and her companions, Annie Sullivan Macy and Polly Thomson. Much of the correspondence is written by Polly Thomson to Adelyn Hood.

Rolland Plattner Letters , 1944-1945 , 0.2 linear feet
This collection contains 41 letters written by Rolland Plattner, serving in the Pacific theater during World War II, to his friend and neighbor Charles Harold Regnier of Clifton, Illinois. Plattner's letters detailed his daily life in Army camps across Hawaii, New Guinea, and the Philippines.

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Oakman, Walker County, Alabama, records, 1883-1904, 1 folder (ledger)
Minutes of monthly meetings, 1883-1904, with lists of members, dismissals, and deaths, of this Baptist church in Oakman, Walker County, Alabama.

E. A. Poe papers, 1940-1992, .4 linear foot
Clippings, photographs, programs, and letters from the life and career of reporter Edgar A Poe from the New Orleans Times-Picayune

Poems from the Old Log House , 1976 , 0.1 linear feet
This is a compilation of KatieAnn (Detweiler) Troyer's poems about her life and the lives of her family members, written between 1958 and 1968, in Fredericksburg, Ohio.

John D. Pollard letters, 1857-1858, 2 items, 2 leaves
Two letters written to a female friend in Aldie, (Virginia?) from Montgomery Alabama, 1857, 1858. They contain social news.

John Flourney Ponder letters, 1936 August 27 and 28, 2 items
Two letters, dated 27 and 28 August, to James A. Anderson and Tom Garner, pertaining to the failed defense of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, during the Civil War. They were evidently dictated to Ponder's daughter.

Sibyl Pool letter , 1945 October 3 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from Secretary of State Sibyl Pool to a constituent.

"Poor Billy Bryan", circa 1900, 1 song, 4 pages
The collection contains a handwritten song, written by Charles K. Lombard, about a man named "Billy Bryan." The song is to the tune of "Old Uncle Ned."

John H. Poor Letter , circa 1863 , 0.05 linear feet
A letter from John H. Poor to his niece, Fanny, in which he describes the day-to-day routine of a Civil War military camp.

Kathy Popham Papers , 1970-1971 , 0.2 linear feet
Photographs and letters to Kathy Popham of Louisville, Kentucky between 1970 and 1971, including one letter from U.S. Senator, John Sherman Cooper (KY).

C. R. Posh Order , 1859 January 27 , 0.1 linear feet
An order made by C. R. Posh of Peoria, Illinois to Montgomery and Moore.

Twentieth-Century Postcard and Travel Booklet Collection , circa 1900- circa 1960 , 0.2 linear feet
Postcards and souvenir travel booklets from the United States, Mexico, Cuba, and Wales, dating from the early 1900s through the 1960s.

Twentieth Century Postcard and Travel Booklet Collection , circa1900 - circa1960 , 0.2 linear feet
Postcards and souvenir travel booklets from the United States, Mexico, Cuba, and Wales, dating from the early 1900s through the 1960s..

John M. Potter Letters , 1944-1945 , 0.2 linear feet
Personal letters addressed to John M. "Jack" Potter, a Private and later Private First Class in the United States Marines, during his duration on Parris Island, North Carolina.

Ezekiel Abner Powell paper, circa 1886, 3 items, 38 pieces
Typescript copy of an article, "Fifty-five Years in West Alabama," written by Ezekiel Abner Powell for the Tuskaloosa Gazette, containing the recollections of an early settler.

H. C. Powell Papers , 1917-1978 , 0.05 linear feet
The H. C. Powell Papers contain materials related to Powell’s service during World War I and his service on the Board of Trustees of the Louisville Free Public Library.

Powers family account and scrapbook, 1910-1926, 1 book
Book used as an account book for automobile service station patronized by Tuscaloosa, Alabama, families and as a scrapbook for United Daughters of the Confederacy clippings.

Lonnie E. Powers Letter , 1944 May 19 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains one letter from Powers in Tell City, Indiana, to C. E. Price in Louisville, Kentucky, asking for help obtaining a release from his job with the Southern Railroad due to heart and lung problems that were severe enough to excuse him from Army service during World War II.

Walter H. Powers letterbook, 1938, 1 letterbook
A single letterbook containing copies of Gurley, Alabama businessman Walter H. Powers's outgoing correspondence, March-October 1938

Wiley Taul Poynter Cash Book and Scrapbook , 1864-1925 , 1.5 linear feet
Scrapbook kept by Wiley Taul Poynter during his tenure at Science Hill School in Shelbyville, Kentucky, as well as his cash and memoranda book dating from 1 July 1864 through 11 December 1880.

Luleah G. Pratt letter, 1840 September 15, 2 items
A letter dated 15 September 1840, to a cousin describing the death of Professor Horace S. Pratt of the University of Alabama. The collection also includes other material on Pratt and his family.

William M. Pratt letter , 1864 April 22 , 0.05 linear feet (2 items)
Letter dated 22 April 1864, from Head Quarters, Sub-district of the Pamlico, Washington, North Carolina, to Commander Renshaw, warning him of enemy troop movements

Frederick B. Prentice Papers , 1954-1997 , 0.4 linear feet
Letters, musical compositions, programs, and choral music of Frederick B. Prentice, associate professor of music at The University of Alabama from 1969 to 1989.

Willard Presby letter, 1834 May 20, 1 item
Letter written to Professor Hale at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire.

Presidential Political Campaign Ephemera, 2012 , 2012 , 0.4 linear feet
Bumper stickers and pins from the Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan presidential campaigns for 2012.

Carolyn Elizabeth Shepherd Price Home Economics Teaching Materials , 1921-1984 , 2 linear feet
Collection contains pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and handwritten notes, instructions and essays that Carolyn Shepherd Price collected and used as teaching aids in her home economics classes in Alabama. They cover a broad range of topics including child development, clothing, health and home management and decoration.

Dan Price letter , 1868 December 21 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from Dan Price, a white Alabaman who taught freed African-American students, to his Congressman, Charles Wilson Pierce, about the vicious activities of the Ku Klux Klan in Sumter County, Alabama, in 1868.

Shorty Price letter, 1973 March 20, 1 item, 2 pieces
A letter dated 20 March 1973, from Louisville, Barbour County, Alabama to Joyce Lamont, acquisitions librarian at the University of Alabama Library, asking for prepayment for his forthcoming book, Alabama Politics--Tell It Like It Is.

Prices of Domestic Produce in Confederate Treasury Notes from 1 January 1861 to 1 January 1865 , 1861-1865 , 0.05 linear feet (2 pages)
Prices of domestic produce in Confederate Treasury Notes from 1 January 1861 to 1 January 1865

Prisoners of War Reunion Ribbon , 1879 , 0.1 linear feet
Contains a single white convention/reunion type ribbon bearing an image of an eagle with a shield, ribbon and olive branch in its talons, surrounded by the following text: "Prisoners of War Reunion - Toledo, O., 1879".

Prisoners of War Letter, 1944 November 16, 1 letter and 1 newspaper article
There is a reply letter to an opinion piece published in a newspaper in which the treatment of Prisoners of War is explained.

Proposals for the Reorganization of the Continental Army , 1777 , 0.05 linear feet
Proposals for reorganizing the Continental Army

Fred R. Prusha Letter , 1954 July 26 , 1 letter
The collection contains one letter written from Fred R. Prusha, Fayette County Chairman of the Iowa Poetry Day Association (IPDA), to Ortha Green, Vice President IPDA, in which Prusha offers Green congratulations on a writing award and discusses publicity options.

H. K. Puckett Letter , 1951 April 23 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written by H. K. Puckett to Mr. Buckland about his experiences during World War II.

Letters to Laura Pullen , 1895 , 0.05 linear feet
Letters from to Laura Pullen in Leighton, Alabama, from her husband R.B. Pullen in Tennessee and from a friend or family member Dora. The letters discuss travel and family.

Bessie and Tara Pyle Letters , 1894-1914 , 0.1 linear feet
Includes two letters to Bessie Pyle of Chandlersville, Ohio and one to Tara Pyle, also of Chandlersville. The letters discuss cold weather, Christmas, and plans to visit.

Rolland Pyles papers, circa 1890, 11 letters, 4 certificates, 7 newspaper clippings
The collection contains many letters from Pyles to his wife and children. All of the letters are contained in a wallet with the American Flint Glass Workers Union logo embossed on it. He wants his wife to write more often, discusses work, rent, their children, and how badly he wants to see her. The certificates revolve around the American Flint Glass Workers' Union. The clippings refer to the Pyles family's deaths and accidents.

V.L.P. Diary , 1893 , 0.1 linear feet
V.L.P, a young man in Burbank, Ohio, discloses his thoughts primarily concerning high school, his personal creeds, and his ambitions for his future education or employment. He shows a studious and philosophical nature, but also writes news of daily events, friends and family members.

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