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This page contains names of manuscript collections with brief descriptions of them. Highlighted collection names link to finding aids in PDF format that offer more detailed descriptions of the collections. The highlighted collections do not represent all available finding aids at the W.S. Hoole Library. We will add more to the list as we convert our paper finding aids to electronic aids for web presentation.

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Mrs. T.R. Jack Letter , 1913 August 19 , 1 letter
Mrs. T.R. Jack writes home to her husband in Memphis, Tennessee, while visiting Sewanee, Tennessee with their daughter, Marinan. The letter details Marinan's illness, treatment with calomel, and recovery.

James Jackson papers, 1814-1884, .2 linear feet
This collection contains accounts of a cotton plantation; records of a farm's cotton crop, including the number of hands employed and the amount picked; and recipes.

MIss t. Jackson diary , circa 1860 , 0.01 linear feet
Primitive diary of a young lady of Gainesville, Alabama.

Kenneth Jaggears collection, 1821-1822, 4 items
Two Alabama state treasury notes and two checks drawn by the state treasurer.

Letter from James to Miriam A. Berry , 1861 , 0.1 linear feet
James, a young man in college at St. Mary's, writes anecdotes to Miriam A. Berry of Big Spring, Kentucky.

Forrest Hood "Fob" James speech text, 1981 April 12, 1 item
Handwritten original draft of a speech written enroute to Tuscaloosa and delivered by James on the occasion of the University of Alabama's 150th anniversary celebration.

J.C. James Letter , 1905 July 28 , 1 letter
J.C. James of Ft. Worth, Texas writes to his wife who is vacationing with family in Athol, Kansas. It is a generic letter about how much he misses her.

Kathrina Brown James genealogical notes, 1754-1978, 22 items
Genealogical information on the James family, much of it written by Mrs. James, including family documents, lineage charts, and articles about her husband, William K. E. James, a pastor in Tuscaloosa.

Robinson Brown James letter, 1956, 1 item; photocopy
A 1956 letter, from Edinburgh, Scotland, to his parents in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which addresses a speech he made in favor of segregation in the South.

Harold Janes papers, 1954-1985, 2.4 linear feet
This collection contains notes and papers from his students, information on labor relations, unions, compensation management, and other subjects associated with industrial relations, and material on many of the disputes which he arbitrated.

Japanese Centavo , 1940s , 1 centavo
This collection contains one Japanese Centavo, a bank note issued by the Japanese Military Authority during World War II, which was used to replace the local currency during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.

Pete Jarmon scrapbook, 1926-1927, 1 book
Contains clippings from Alabama newspapers, mainly Birmingham, about various topics. The majority of clippings relate to Alabama road and highway construction.

Trena Jarmuiokice Letters , 1958 October , 0.1 linear feet
Letters from Trena Jarmuiokice of Poland, to H. Jarmuiokice in Canada. The letters are written in Polish, translation unavailable.

Harry E. Jarvis Letters , 1892-1894 , 0.1 linear feet
The family and friends of Harry E. Jarvis write to him from Glendale and Los Angeles, California, regarding an orchard and farm struggling to make a profit from fruit sales and chickens. Twenty-four of the thirty letters are from Mr. Jarvis's wife, Cece, who is very homesick and describes the hard work of trying to keep the farm afloat, as well as her anxiety over child-rearing decisions made alone.

Jason's Jamboree Scripts , 1951 , 0.1 linear feet
This collection consists of two scrips submitted as part of applications to participate in the 1951 Jason's Jamboree.

John Chancy Jay paper,, 1962, 1 item ; typescript (carbon)
Written by John Chancy Jay , "General Nathan Bedford Forrest as a Railroad Builder in Alabama," was presented before the Alabama Historical Association, April 27, 1957. The paper focuses on Forrest's efforts following the Civil War to build a railroad between Selma and Memphis, Tennessee, and was later published in the Alabama Historical Quarterly's spring 1962 issue (vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 16-31).

Robinson Jeffers papers , 1904-1964 , 3.9 linear feet
Letters, manuscripts of unpublished poems, first editions and published pieces by this California poet.

Jefferson County Tuberculosis Association records, 1960-1965, 15 items
correspondence among board members; material relating to improvements, finances, etc.

Jefferson County, Alabama, poll tax receipt, 1963 February 1, 1 item, 1 piece
Receipt dated 1 February 1963 for poll tax paid by Janet Fuller.

John Rufus Jefferson Papers , 1874, 1961 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains a letter written from Jefferson in New Orleans, Louisiana, to the Postmaster of New Orleans, Louisiana, requesting employment, as well as photocopies of documents issued between Jefferson’s widow and the United States War Department debating his service in the First Alabama Cavalry during the American Civil War.

Robert Jemison, Jr. Papers , 1797-1973 , 36.4 linear feet
The Robert Jemison, Jr. Papers span the period from 1797 to 1960 and include both the personal and business papers of Robert Jemison Jr., along with papers of Robert Jemison (grandfather), William Jemison (father), Priscilla Jemison (wife), Cherokee Jemison Hargrove (daughter), and Andrew Coleman Hargrove (son-in-law), and Robert Jemison Jr. (IV) of Birmingham (1878-1973). Included are the records of his grist and lumber mills, plantations, stage line, the Tuskaloosa Plank Road, toll bridges, ferries, postal contracts, and the North East and South West Railroad.

Jenkins Correspondence , 1915, 1920 , 2 letters
Two letters addressed to Ellen and William Jenkins of Blythedale, Missouri. Kate and Mary Lynch of Clyde, Missouri, wrote of their health and news of neighbors. C. Brazelton of Leon, Iowa, wrote to discuss a property deal with William.

Jenks Brothers, Wholesale Portrait and Frame Dealers Letters , 1903-1918 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains three letters written to Jenks Brothers, Wholesale Portrait and Frame Dealers, from three different authors concerning general business matters as well as matters regarding land interests in California and New Mexico.

Letter from Jenks to Brother, 1877 June 5, 1 letter, 4 pages
This collection contains a letter from "Jenks" in Pottersville to "Dear Brother." The contents of the letter are related to family.

Letter from Jennie to Clara , 1876 May 30 , 1 letter
One letter from Jennie to Clara that discusses Decoration Day and the centennial.

Letter from Jennie to Nant , circa 1850 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written by Jennie to her relative, Nant, about the family and her brief courtship.

C. W. Jennings Letter , 1874 August 10 , 0.1 linear feet
A brief letter written by C. W. Jennings of Muncie, Indiana, to his brother, James Martin of Ramon City about plans to move his family.

R. Jenniss Letter , 1844 August 10 , 1 letter
This collection is a letter written by R. Jenniss to Lazell, Perkins, and Company, an iron company in Massachusetts, regarding an account balance.

Thorpe A. Jensen Daybooks , 1917-1918 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains two bound daybooks briefly recording the daily activities of Thorpe A. Jensen of Bosworth, Missouri.

Letter from Jessie to Alice , 1898 February 8 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Jessie of Franklin, Pennsylvania, to Alice about her mother's illness and a paper she read at a club meeting.

Jonathan Jewett Letter , 1835 Januar 3 , 0.1 linear feet
Jonathan Jewett of New York writes to L.H. Hamilton of Augusta, Georgia, about business. Mr. Hamilton is taking care of Mr. Peruett's interests in Augusta and is charged to get the best offer available. The letter does not go into detail about the product being sold.

Letter from Jim to Mother and Father , 1913 December 25 , 1 letter
Jim is in the military and writes from Portsmouth, Virginia, to his mother and father, discussing Christmas activities at the military facility. The envelope is missing, and no details exist about the recipients.

Letter from Jimmy to Margaret Breslin , 1932 , 0.1 linear feet
Jimmy writes from Chatanooga, Tennessee, to Margaret "Margot" Breslin in St. Matthews, Kentucky, about the circumstances surrounding his decision not to pursue a music career and musings over what he will do next.

Letter from John to M.C. Sage , 1866 August 20 , 1 letter
John writes to his niece and newphew in Indiana as he travels west through the midwest, at least as far as Iowa. He describes his discoveries about friends and relatives living in the west and promises to send some silk and a book by mail.

J. R. John letters, 1863, 2 items, 3 pieces ; typescripts
Typescript copies of two letters written by J. R. John of Selma, Dallas County, Alabama to Alabama Governor John Gill Shorter, concerning efforts to stop the University of Alabama cadets from leaving the University to fight in the Civil War, and on preparations for the defense of Tuscaloosa.

Johnny Reb and Billy Yank: manuscript , 1905 , 0.8 linear feet
Manuscript of Alexander Hunter's "Johnny Reb and Billy Yank", his narrative of service in the Confederate Army, under the working title, "Four Years in the Ranks."

E. W. Johns letter , 1863 August 20 , 1 item, 1 page
Letter written by E. W. Johns, Surgeon and Medical Purveyor for the Confederate States Army to Messrs. M. and E. Myers of Petersburg, Virginia requesting them to deliver to the Medical Stores Department all the whisky they have on hand.

Alfred H. Johnson Letters , 1918-1924 , 5 letters
Collection contains letters home from a soldier during World War I to his mother, Alice H. Johnson, in Nashville, Tennessee, reassuring family of safety and expressing homesickness.

A. W. Johnson Letter , 1848 July 21 , 1 letter
This collection is a letter written by A. W. Johnson to Josiah Crosby, Esquire. A. W. Johnson wrote regarding a sum of money owed to him by a person that lived close to Josiah Crosby and asked for assistance in collecting the money.

Andrew William Johnson, Jr., Papers , 1940-1949 , .04 linear feet
Correspondence, photographs, diary, books, stationery set, newspaper clippings, and dog tags of Andrew William Johnson Jr. of Louisville, Kentucky, during the 1940s, before and after he was in the Army.

Bernard, F.C., and John G. Johnson papers, 1836-1865, 4 items, 4 pieces
This small collection of legal papers contains a letter of administration and a summons for Bernard Johnson, F.C. Johnson's commission as Captain in the Alabama state militia, and an oath of allegiance signed by John G. Johnson. All three men were residents of Dallas County, Alabama.

Charles Johnson Letter , unknown , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Charles Johnson of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to John about stamp collecting.

Dr. R.E. Johnson Photographs, 1960, 8 photographs
Copy prints and original snapshots of wedding of Dr. and Mrs. R.E. Johnson; Robert E. Johnson was a professor of history at the University of Alabama.

Letter to Dr. Henrietta P. Johnson , 1899 December 20 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter to Dr. Henrietta P. Johnson of New York, from Molly, a governess in Haverford, Pennsylvania, about her Christmas plans.

James Johnson Letters , 1957-1972 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters to James Johnson of Anderson and Freeport, Illinois about stamp collecting.

John Johnson Letter , 1871 February 17 , 1 letter
One letter from John Johnson of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, to Reverend John Stockton of Cross Creek Village, Pennsylvania, discussing daily life and business.

John F. Johnson papers , 1856-1888 , .4 linear foot
Contains correspondence, financial materials, and material relating to the Grange, Farmers’ Alliance, Agricultural Relief, and other agricultural organizations of this Choctaw County, Mississippi, farmer who was an agent for the Daniel Pratt Company.

John Will Johnson papers, 1936-1951, circa 460 items
A collection of correspondence and other papers. Johnson's correspondents included John H. Bankhead, Albert Boutwell, Carl Elliott, Lister Hill, Albert Rains, James A. Simpson, John Sparkman, and Chauncey Sparks.

D. Johnston letter, 1845 May 24, 1 item, 1 page
Letter dated 24 May 1845, written by D. Johnston in his capacity as administrator of the estate of Jabez Mitchell, to Dr. Basil Manly, certifying that Manly has notified him of claims against the estate.

George Burke Johnston papers, 1889-1922, 3 items
This collection contains the text of a speech delivered to the Alabama Press Association in 1898, a 1922 letter from Carl L. Larmer (?) to Thomas McCorvey, copies of Johnston's works "What the University of Alabama Has Meant to My Life," and "A Book for General Lee," and an advertisement for an 1889 British production of Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor.

George D. Johnston letters and manuscript, circa 1903, 1 inch
Handwritten letters and a manuscript titled "The Old South"

George Doherty Johnston papers , 1845-1885 , 0.4 linear feet
Letters to and from this Confederate brigadier general

Henry Poellnitz Johnston papers, 1829-1981, .1 linear foot
This collection contains copies of two papers written by Johnston: "William R. King" and "Alabama Generals in Gray," a history of the Poellnitz family in German, several newspaper articles; one family letter, and information on a LRTA meeting in Louisiana.

Joseph Eggleston Johnston order, 1865 April 27, 1 item, 1 piece
A copy of Johnston's order of 27 April 1865, for the Army of Tennessee to cease hostilities and surrender, addressed to Gen. Edmund W. Pettus.

Joseph Forney Johnston Letters , 1910 , 0.1 linear feet
Five letters (three holographs and two typescripts), written on United States Senate stationery, by Joseph Forney Johnston from March 26, 1910 to April 10, 1910, regarding his support of the Telepost Bill.

Mary Tabb Lancaster Johnston manuscript, circa 1978, .2 linear foot
The manuscript of Johnston's book, Amelia Gayle Gorgas: A Biography, subsequently published the University of Alabama Press in 1978.

Thomas W. Johnston papers, 1863-1891, 34 items, 34 pieces ; photostats
Photostats of papers relating to Johnson's pension claim, detailing his service in the 2nd Michigan Cavalry during the Civil War.

François Ferdinand Philippe Louis Marie d’Orleans, Prince de Joinville Letter, 1860, 1 letter (2 pages)
A letter written by François Ferdinand Philippe Louis Marie d’Orleans, Prince de Joinville dated November 4, 1860, from Claremont, Esher, Surrey (England), to an unidentified recipient, respecting warships and armaments.

Jolley Family Letters, 1942 - 1945, 16 letters & 1 postcard, 22 pages, 2 photos, 1 pas
Letters written by Amy, William Jr., and Jack while William and Jack were in the Armed Services during World War II – William with the 363rd Infantry, 91st Division in Italy and Jack with the 642nd Engr. Cam. Co. in New Guinea. Three other letters are written by family friends to Mr. and Mrs. William Jolley.

Jones Family papers, 1764-1864, 21 items
A family bible containing birth and death entries for members of the Jones and Matheson families, plus clippings of obituaries and of poems published by Sallie Jones.

Jones Family Letters , 1918 -1921 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters written by Lt. Alfred E. Jones of the Medical Corps of the American Expeditionary Forces in Germany and France during World War One to his sisters, Catherine M. "Kit" Jones and Anna E. Jones, both of Chicago, Illinois. One postcard from Emma L. Houlsby of Chicago, Illinois and a postcard from Prvt. Jos. F. Durkin, serving in France, to Catherine "Kitty" Jones.

Ann Jones Letter , Before 1860 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from Ann Jones to Liza, filled with news about various friends.

C. S. Jones Mercantile ledger , 1876-1881 , 0.3 linear feet (1 ledger)
Ledger of this Talladega County, Alabama, general store

Cadwallader Jones letter, 1862 November 29, 1 item, 2 pieces ; typescript
A letter dated 29 November 1862, from Orange Court House, Virginia to Jones's daughter, Fanny Iredell Erwin. It details a Confederate army march from north of Winchester to Orange Court House, and expresses delight in the scenery and admiraltion of an especially fine farm.

Frank Jones Photographs, circa 1880s-1920s, 8 photographs
Black and white copy prints of buildings and workers at Shelby Iron Works, at Shelby, Alabama.

Frank Jones letter , 1874 , 0.05 linear feet
A letter from Frank Jones of Lima, Ohio, to his brother John Jones in Nevada, Iowa, updating John with news of his family.

James Taylor Jones Letters, 1877-1884, 4 letters, 4 pages
Four letters written by James Taylor Jones of Demopolis, Alabama, dated from 1877 to 1884, while he was serving as a member of the United States House of Representatives, concerning his biographical entries in the Congressional Directory.

Joel Jones papers, 1939-1983, 1 linear foot
Copies of newspaper articles written by Jones, most of them on historical or social topics.

Josephine Jones letter, 1860 November 20, 1 item, 4 pages
A letter written by Josephine Jones, dated 20 November 1860, from Athens, Alabama, to a former teacher named Miss Washburn, containing news of the school and stating how much she misses Washburn.

Roy A. Jones correspondence, 1925-27, 19 letters, some with copies of replies, and envel
Letters to Roy Jones of Newton, Alabama, 1925-1927, most of them concerning the estate of Mittie K, Hayley, of which Jones was executor.

Sarah Jones papers, 1873-1892, 7 items
This collection consists of Jones's receipts and tax records.

Thomas Jones pamphlet, 1854, 1 pamphlet
Pamphlet of Thomas Jones's narrative of life as a slave, recounted to "a friend," published by H.S. Taylor of Springfield [Massachusetts], 1854.

Thomas G. Jones Papers , 1864-1911 , 0.1 linear feet
A collection of papers written by and related to Thomas G. Jones. Correspondence includes letters written about Jones' service in the Civil War and an open letter to B.B. Comer. Other papers are written about Jones.

Thomas K. Jones papers, 1852-1909, 16 folders
This collection contains a miscellany of correspondence, financial papers, cotton sales records, Confederate bonds, and other items.

Walter Bryan Jones Photographs, 1895-1973, 4 albums, 2,300 photographs and negatives
Personal and family photographs, as well as photgraphs taken in association with Jones' professioal endeavors as state geologist of Alabama. The collection chronicles his academic career as a student and professor at the University of Alabama, Johns Hopkins University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his military service during World War I as a member of the American Expeditionary Force. Also includes many images related to his work as a geologist in Mexico and Alabama. Additional subject matter includes oil fields, duck hunting, fishing, landscapes, and geological formations.

Walter Bryan Jones papers, 1895-1977, 17.4 linear feet
An extensive collection containing diaries, correspondence, writings, military, photographs, and other material by and about Walter Bryan Jones, Alabama state geologist, 1927-1962.

William Albert Jones Report Card, 1862 December 26, 1 item, 1 piece ; photostat
Photostatic copy of an 1862 report card of this University of Alabama student from Marion, Perry County, Alabama.

Edwin Hunley Jordan genealogical materials, 1956, 1 item
A compilation by Jordan of the genealogical line of Charles Claude du Tisne's (de Tissenet) descendants with the surnames of Jordan and Galouye.

Thomas S. Jordan papers, 1884-1928, 0.4 linear foot
Papers of this Birmingham, Alabama, dentist and his family.

Joseph Zeb Hearst and Company daybook , 1859-1862 , 1 inch (ledger)
A ledger contains daily entries for purchases from this Carlowville and Richmond, Dallas County, Alabama general store owned by Joseph Zeb Hearst.

Jubilee Singers of Alabama Photographs, 1972-1973, 271 photographs
Color photographs of the Jubilee Singers of the University of Alabama on their 1972 and 1973 concert tours of northeast Alabama. Scenes include performances, crowd scenes, and candid shots of Jubilee members and their director, Dr. Frederick Prentice.

Judson Baptist Association, Henry County, Alabama, records, 1850-1865, 1967, 1 item, 36 pieces
A single record book containing church articles, decorum for the order of business, and minutes for church meetings 1850-1865 of this Henry County, Alabama, Baptist church. The collection also contains a program for the inauguration of James Huey Edmondson as president of Judson College, 1967.

Letters from Julia to Tom , 1865 , 0.1 linear feet
Two letters from a young woman in Marietta, Ohio, to a male friend fighting in the Civil War. The letters discuss their friendship, possible romance, and hopes for his return home.

Letter to Julie from Mother , 1815 December , 0.05 linear feet
Letter to Julie from Mother relating the news about friends and family members.

Letter from Julie to Alice , 1898 February 8 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Julie, of Franklin, Pennsylvania, to Alice about her mother's illness and a paper she read at a club meeting.

John A. Jungwirth Letters , 1918-1919 , 31 letters, 32 envelopes
This collection consists of thirty-one letters from John. A. Jungwirth, United States Navy, to his girlfriend, Marie Andres, Detroit, Michigan, during World War I. These letters are dated from Jun 7, 1918, to September 13, 1919. His letters discuss his duties at Camp Paul Jones and Camp Luce, Illinois, and later aboard the U.S.S. Missouri and the U.S.S. Wisconsin. He was for a time in the U. S. Naval Hospital at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Junkins family papers, 1878-1940, 1 item, 28 pieces
A collection of genealogical material including correspondence between family members, clippings of obituaries, and of newspaper stories about a family reunion.

Letter from Josh to Mother and Father , 1929 November 11 , 1 letter
Contains news from a boat worker to his mother and father about a pending departure, helpful suggestions for money and the use of a car battery, and when he will be ashore again.

Letter from Pastor James to C. W. Barber , 1901 January 23 , 0.1
A letter from Pastor James of Dodge Center, Minnesota, to C. W. Barber of North Loup, Nebraska, about a small pox scare in town and the search for more pastors.

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