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This page contains names of manuscript collections with brief descriptions of them. Highlighted collection names link to finding aids in PDF format that offer more detailed descriptions of the collections. The highlighted collections do not represent all available finding aids at the W.S. Hoole Library. We will add more to the list as we convert our paper finding aids to electronic aids for web presentation.

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Letter from Elizabeth to Edna, Calson, and Jack , 1946 February 5 , one letter
Contains one letter written from Elizabeth of Cincinnati, Ohio, to Edna, Calson, and Jack (friends or family members),wishing Calson a speedy recovery and discussing news of family and acquaintances.

Letter from E.J. to Mrs. Gould , 1848 , 1 letter
Letter to Mrs. Gould from E.J. discussing rumors about an engaged couple and another rumor about a doctor. Letter marked "Private."

W. Eackart Letter , 1890 January 23 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from W. Eackart of Hampden, Maryland, to George with questions about the law and news of acquaintances from home.

Lucy Bennett Eaddy Correspondence , 1906-1952 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters to Lucy Bennett Eaddy of La Crosse, Virginia and Pelzer, South Carolina, from her husband, Dr. J. D. Eaddy, before and after their marriage, as well as from various friends.

W. Eager Lettter , 1895 August 10 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written by W. Eager to Elsie from The Quincy Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, sending his condolences on the death of Elsie's mother.

James I. Earle Letter , 1867 May 23 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter written by James I. Earle, on 23 May 1867, thanking an unidentified woman for her kindness toward his son, Edgar, during a recent illness.

Samuel Earle papers , 1780-1907 , 0.4 linear foot
Correspondence dealing with Earle's tenure as a congressman representing South Carolina, and genealogical papers of Earle's grandson, Samuel M. Earle.

Early 20th century newspapers, magazines, and miscellaneous material , 1915-1954 , 1.4 linear feet
Newspapers, magazines, and other miscellaneous materials dating from about 1915 through 1954 (many items are very fragile)

Early Alabama Documents , 1846-1887 , 0.2 linear feet (94 items)
Documents from the mid nineteenth century, including store and tax receipts, court orders, letters, property appraisals, etc., from Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi, mainly pertaining to West Alabama

Early Alabama Land Grants and Applications for Purchase , 1812 - 1846 , 0.2 linear feet
Applications for land grants and for the purchase of land, mainly in Marengo and Washington counties in Alabama. There are also a few other legal documents pertaining to disputed applications.

Early Educational Institutions in the South , 1844-1879 , 0.1 linear feet (34 items)
Tuition receipts, a printed announcement, and a clipping, from several schools, primarily in Alabama.

Wilhelmine M. Easby-Smith letters , 1896 June 9, 15 , 0.05 linear feet (2 items)
Two letters, dated 9 and 15 June 1896, to James H. Fitts, regarding a portrait of Easby-Smith's husband, William Russell Smith, given to the University of Alabama.

Eborn and Peteet families papers , 1879 - 1955 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters, written by Benjamin F. Eborn between 1884 and 1885 to his sweetheart (later his wife), Corinne Peteet Eborn. There are also other letters to Corinne from various family members, including her father, W.Y. Peteet, mother-in-law, Bettie Eborn, and her sister, Mary P. Jones.

Echola School papers, 1883 - 1976, 0.4 linear feet
Photocopies of attendance and tuition records, as well as a short history of the school written by one of its teachers.

William Graham Echols papers , after 1892 , 0.05 linear feet (3 items, 7 pieces)
Contains articles written about and by this Methodist minister and professor of religion at the University of Alabama

Julius F. Eckart letters, 1943 - 1945, 58 letters, 265 pages, 2 photographs, 1 newsletter
Letters written by P.F.C. Julius F. “Julie” Eckart of the 671st Port Company, Transportation Corps in Iran and then with the 40th Traffic Regiment Battalion, Transportation Corps in France during World War II, to Violet Earle of Evanston, Cook County, Illinois. The letters describe the various places in Iran and France where he was stationed, his duties and the weather.

H. N. Eddins Family Photographs, 1890 - 1960, 87 photographs
Black and white, color and tinted photographs of Eddins family of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Largely portraits of family members, snapshots of family and friends, and the Eddins family. This collection also includes photographs of a young Hudson Strode and an architecural drawing of the Hendricks home on the University of Alabama campus.

Lista Geil Eddins papers , between 1910 - 1971 , 0.8 linear feet
Diaries, clippings, photographs, correspondence, sheet music, and church bulletins belonging to this University of Alabama music department head.

Lizzie Snow Pearson Eddins autograph books, 1875 - 1884, 0.1 linear feet (2 autograph books)
Two autograph books containing autographs and verses from family, friends and classmates of Lizzie Snow Pearson (later Eddins) of the Tuscaloosa/Northport area.

S.W. Eddins Appointment Letter , 1864 September 1 , 0.05 linear feet (2 items; photograph)
Letter dated 1 September 1864 appointing S. W. Eddins of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to the University of Alabama's Alabama Corps of Cadets

R. Bliss Edgan papers , between 1900 and 1934 , 0.4 linear foot
Scrapbooks filled with chess moves clipped from publications and other clippings on chess champions.

Letter from Edith to Carrie C. Williamson , 1907 May 2 , 1 letter
Edith in St. Louis, Missouri, writes to her aunt Carrie C. Williamson of Los Angeles, California, about love and life, requesting advice.

Letters from Edith to Maggie Williams , circa 1927 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters from Edith in Colorado to her mother, Maggie Williams of Ft. Collins, Colorado about treatments and surgery she had to remove cervical cancer.

Allie Mae Edmondson letters , 1917-1919 , (12 letters and 11 envelopes)
Twelve love letters from Jim and an unidentified author to Allie Mae Edmondson of Heflin, Alabama.

Letter from Edna to Mama and Clara , circa 1930 , 0.05 linear feet
A letter from Edna to her mother and sister, describing canning tomatoes and an illness she refers to as "my same old granny case."

Educational Media Photographs, 1963-1966, 215 photographs
Black and white photographs of different activities at the University of Alabama including; homecoming activities, basketball and football games, coach Hank Crisp, coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, beauty pageant's, different fraternity and sorority activities, president rose on President's day 1964, demonstrations against Wallace, 1966 Robert F. Kennedy's visit, Lady Bird Johnson at the University for commencement, Lurleen Wallace at the University on Governor's day, Little Anthony & The Imperials at the Cotillion club, and different departments faculty members.

Letter from Edward to Sister, 1863 July 28, 1 letter
A letter from Edward ___, Union soldier, to his sister, from Warrington, Virginia, 28 July 1863.

Johnnie M. Edwards paper , 1980 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 25 pieces)
Paper titled "Inventory of Public Records in the Cherokee County Courthouse" containing an inventory of public records in the Cherokee County, Alabama, courthouse, 1882-1930.

Mama Einny letter, 1921, 1 letter, 3 pages
The collection contains a handwritten letter from "Mama" to Albert Einny, a Madison, Wisconsin resident. She writes of his father, the store ledgers, business, a mysterious man that asked for Einny, city government, visiting, and the photos she received.

George Ekin Letter , 1853 June 9 , 1 letter
The collection contains one letter written from George Ekin to George E. Haff. Ekin inquires whether he has offended Haff in some way. The letter contains religious overtones.

Camille Maxwell Elebash papers , 1964 - 1988 , 0.8 linear feet
Documents, interviews, and source material used by Camille Elebash,in co-producing with Joe Terry, the documentary George Wallace: A Politician’s Legacy.

Elliott and Carl Mill time book , 1888 - 1891 , 0.1 linear foot (1 ledger)
A ledger of the Elliott and Carl Mill which records days and hours worked by employees as well as accounts and orders for lumber.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Elliott Letter , 1932 February 9 , 1 letter
Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Elliott of Rex, Georgia, write a brief note to Mr. W.L. Gilbert of Jonesboro, Georgia, in support of his political campaign.

John K. and William M. Elliott daybooks , 1870-1911 , 0.4 linear feet (photocopies)
Photocopies of the daybooks of John K. Elliott and his son, William M. Elliott, of the Payneville, Sumter County, Alabama area, spanning the years from 1870 through 1911.

Joseph J. Elliott letterbook , 1900-1902 , 0.1 linear feet (1 ledger)
A copy book of letters, primarily to his fiance/wife, Maud Hoskinson of Weogufka, Coosa County, Alabama.

Carl Elliott Sr. Photographs, 1950s, 10 photographs
Black and white publicity photographs showing Congressman Carl Elliott performing official duties; posing with group from Demopolis High School on steps of U.S. Capitol building; and one portrait of a young Elliott in soldier's uniform.

Charles Ellis Diary , 1865 , 0.1 linear feet
Diary written by First Sergeant Charles Ellis of the 96th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. The diary contains daily notes concerning regimental duty in Huntsville, Alabama in 1865.

Elmo Israel Ellis papers , 1927 - 2002 , 1.4 linear feet
Correspondence, newspaper articles, speeches and other miscellaneous papers written by and about Elmo Israel Ellis from 1927 to 2002. The materials are related to his career as a broadcast journalist/executive and as a newspaper columnist.

Elm Grove Tourist Camp, Clinton, Tennessee, Card , unknown , 0.1 linear feet
A card from Elm Grove Tourist Camp of Clinton, Tennessee featuring a poem and the amenities of the camp.

Letter from Elmer to Ann French , 1935 January 23 , 1 letter
In this love letter to Ann French in Fairfield, Kentucky, Elmer asks her to write him longer letters, and he cautions her against drinking too much milk and gaining weight.

Elmore and Bellingrath Genealogical Papers , 1904-1964 , 0.2 linear feet
Photocopies pertaining to the genealogy of Elmore and Bellingrath families, who were historically prominent in Alabama.

Elmore County, Alabama, Jury Board ledger , 1931-1935 , 0.2 linear feet (1 ledger)
Ledger kept by the Elmore County, Alabama Jury Board from 1931 to 1935.

V.M. Elmore Letters , 1862-1863 , 0.1 linear feet
Four letters sent from this Montgomery, Alabama, officer in the 1st Alabama Cavalry describing troop movements, skirmishes, battles, and life in the camp, as well as the Jewish soldiers from Montgomery.

B. C. Elms Letter , 1882 September 12 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Dr. B. C. Elms of Kalkaska, Michigan, to H. King about a bill.

Letter from Elsie to Antona , 1940 , 0.1 linear feet
Elsie writes to her friend, Antona, from Pass-A-Grille Beach in Florida, where she is on vacation with her daughter, Sandy.

William H. Ely Letters , 1820-1821 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters recounting an 1820-1821 journey to Alabama by William H. Ely, Commissioner of the Connecticut Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb. The letters describe both the difficulties of his mission and the lifestyle of the early inhabitants of the state of Alabama.

Letter from Em to Lloyd Heinselman , 1944 July 7 , 1 letter
One letter from Em to her friend Lloyd Heinselman of Plymouth, Iowa. She told him news of friends in the military.

Embroidered Remembrance Card , 1919 , 0.1 linear feet
Piece of silk mounted in the window of two pieces of cardboard. The card is tied with a purple ribbon and "Remembrance" is stamped in gold below the embroidered "1919 Souvenir de France."

O.B. Emerson Papers , circa 1846-1986 , 20.3 linear feet
A collection of the correspondence of O.B. Emerson, an award-winning University of Alabama English professor from 1946 to 1986, much of it with former students and other authors.

Letter from Emily to Catherine Newton , 1848 October 16 , 1 letter
Emily of Liberty, Indiana writes to friend of her brother's illness and impending death. Philander (Emily's brother) reportedly asked to be sent home to die and since arriving has been in and out of consciousness.

Letter to Emma , 1928 April 2 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written in Swedish to Emma of Chicago, Illinios. There is no translation available at this time.

Letter from Emma to Mary McCully and Lue , 1905 March 27 , 0.05 linear feet
One letter from Emma of Pueblo, Colorado, to Mary McCully (her mother) and Lue (presumably another relative) of Guthrie Center, Iowa. Letter talked mainly of her children and an upcoming visit.

Letter from Emma to Rhoda , 1901 August 5 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Emma to her sister, Rhoda, about the harvest and illness at home.

Wayne England Letters , 1945 , (Twenty-four letters)
Twenty-four letters from Wayne England to his parents Mr. and Mrs. A. C. England of Jamestown, Indiana. Wayne was in the Army during World War Two and wrote his parents about basic training, transfers, and asked for updates on friends and the family farm.

Ensley Merchants Association records , 1929-1944 , 1 linear foot
Minutes, bank statements, correspondence, news clippings, and other materials of this Birmingham, Alabama, area organization

Edward Eppes notebook , 1894-1912 , 0.1 linear feet (1 book)
Notebook containing handwritten notes, including billing and account information, property dimensions, worklogs, and sketches of tools, of this Georgia-based civil engineer.

Janie May Eppes papers , 1907-1957 , 1.4 feet
Teaching materials and clippings gathered by a Birmingham, Alabama, school teacher for use in her classroom, and in the course of her own education.

Bob Eramia Letters , 1935 , 0.1 linear feet
Bob Eramia of Chicago, Illinois, received these letters from the Imperial Legate of Iran, including a copy of a letter from the U.S. Deptartment of Labor obtained on Mr. Eramia's behalf by the legation. The letters concerning the immigration records of Elizabeth Ohanessian/Oganesssoff and her son and are type-written.

Essay fragments , after 1865 , 0.05 linear feet
Two fragments of essays, one quoting a speech by Adrian Sebastian Van de Graaff.

Essex Foundry records , 1916-1965 , 1.4 linear feet
Incorporation papers, by-laws, directors' minutes, minutes of stockholders' meetings, and related records.

Estes Embroidery Circle records , 1928-1996 , 2.85 linear feet
Letters, newspaper clippings, meeting minutes, photos, scrapbooks, and diaries of members of this social club in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

James Clifford Estes papers , 1914-1955 , 1 linear foot
Personal correspondence, papers relating to academic matters, a diploma, cards, maps, newspaper clippings, and photographs of Estes, his family, and friends

Monroe Estes arithmetic book , 1856-1857 , 0.1 linear feet (1 booklet)
Handmade, handwritten booklet of arithmetic problems and answers, including problems in simple and compound subtraction, measurements, vulgar fractions, barter, foreign exchange, and simple and compound interest.

Letter from Esther to George , 1929 October 2 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Esther to her sweetheart, George, telling about her disappointment that he hadn't been able to visit but hopes that he will be able come on the following Sunday.

Alice Estill papers , 1949-1950 , 0.4 linear feet
Extensive genealogy notes collected by Alice Estill of Miami, Florida (probably for the purpose of joining the Daughters of the American Revolution).

Lettie to Ettie , 1889 May 13 , 0.1 linear feet
Letter to Ettie from a friend in Maretburgh, Kentucky about crops and friends.

Eufaula, Barbour County, Alabama, account book , 1922-1924 , 0.1 linear feet (1 ledger)
A ledger detailing accounts of a dry goods store in Eufaula, Barbour County, Alabama between 1922 and 1924.

Letter from Eva to Mrs. Myron Davis , 1938 February 14 , (one letter)
Portion of letter from Aunt Eva in Berlin, Wisconsin, to Mrs. Myron Davis in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Discusses family news and daily life.

Letters from Evaline to her cousin , 1891-1892 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Evaline, of Bloomingburg, Ohio, to her cousin about her brief illness and the upcoming holidays.

Bill Evans Letter , 1941 December 16 , 0.05 linear feet
Brief letter from Bill Evans of Lexington, Kentucky, to Miss Moore of Lexington, Kentucky about moving.

Richard V. Evans correspondence , 1925-1952 , 2 linear feet
A collection of Judge Evans's incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Elizabeth P. Everbeck Letter , 1918 April 1 , 1 letter
Elizabeth P. Everbeck of Cincinnati, Ohio writes to friend Mary Pearce of Evanston, Illinois about her grandson's education.

"Expansion and Contraction as Witnessed in the Senate" Political Cartoon , circa 1840 , 1.0 linear foot
Political cartoon depicting United States Senator Dixon Hall Lewis of Alabama, and Francis P. Blair, editor of the "Washington Globe," discussing President James Buchanan's remarks to the Senate on the currency.

Ezell Store ledger, 1879-1910, 1 ledger
Record book for store located in either Grove Hill, Clarke County, Alabama, or Mobile, Alabama.

Joseph D. Evans and Company Letter , 1884 February 1 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Joseph D. Evans and Company of New York City, New York, to Kyle and Brothers of Lynchburg, Virginia about a tobacco order.

Letter from Maria to Martha , 1885 December 25 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 1 piece)
Letter dated 25 December 1885, from Maria in Wentworth, New Hampshire, to her cousin Martha in Laconia, New Hampshire.

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