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This page contains names of manuscript collections with brief descriptions of them. Highlighted collection names link to finding aids in PDF format that offer more detailed descriptions of the collections. The highlighted collections do not represent all available finding aids at the W.S. Hoole Library. We will add more to the list as we convert our paper finding aids to electronic aids for web presentation.

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J.E. B_____, Jr., Letter , 1870 , 0.1 linear feet
Letter written by J.E. B____, Jr., a student at Lake Forest Academy in Illinois, to an unidentified friend. He writes about preparing for a class that will assure his entrance into Kenyon College, explaining that he will be required to read Homer and Xenophon's Anabasis in Greek.

A. Babbitt letter , circa 1843 December , 1 item
One letter from Babbitt, written from Gainesville, Alabama, dated 28 December, to his cousin William H. Babbitt of Princeton, New Jersey. In pencil someone has annotated "1843." The letter describes an ocean voyage from New York to Mobile, and Babbitt's subsequent doings in Alabama.

C. S. E. Babington Letter , 1917 May 18 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter written by C. S. E. Babington, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on 18 May 1917, to B. J. Wade, of Rives, Tennessee.

William K. Bachman ordnance return and muster roll , 1864 , 2 items, 2 pieces
Monthly return of ordnance and ordnance stores received and expended during the month of November 1864; muster roll of Bachman's company of the German Artillery Regiment of Hampton's Legion, August 31-October 31, 1864.

Bagby family correspondence and speech , 1841-1857 , 9 items
Original and photocopies of correspondence and a speech of Arthur Pendleton Bagby (1794-1858) and his wife, Anne E. Bagby.

Cullen Bailey Letter , 1881 March 28 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains one letter from Bailey in Mulberry, Tennessee, to his brother, giving news of daily life, particularly concerning farming.

Edgar Bailey Letter , 1881 April 12 , 0.05 linear feet
This letter from Edgar Bailey in Savannah, Ohio, to his friend Ed discusses church, a recent visit to nearby Ashland, hunting, and building disputes in town.

Letter to Margaret Bailey , 1848 January 6 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Grace, a student, to Laura Thomas of Columbiana, Ohio, discussing her classes and stating that she misses Laura.

Letter to Mrs. Charles A. Bailey , 1902 June 16 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter Mrs. Charles A. Bailey of Michigan received from her sister about the health of her daughter, Ida.

Donald Balassa letter and photographs, 1944 March 10, 1 letter, 3 photographs
There is a 2-page letter with 3 photographs of Sicily taken by the author during World War Two. In the letter he complains that the propaganda produced for the home front does not resemble his experiences in the least.

Marie Ball Photographs, 1934-1970s, 27 photographs
Photographs of Tuscaloosa area scenes, including the Washington Moody House prior to and after restoration, the Homan Home, and Alvin Hudson's photographs of Tuscaloosa trolleys.

M. Baller Letter , 1874 November 16 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from M. Baller to his mother and father, written from Townshend, Vermont, on 16 November 1874, about running a boarding house.

William Pitt Ballinger diary , 1864-1868 , .2 linear feet; photocopies of typescript
This collection consists of a diary covering the 1865 negotiations with General E. R.S. Canby and others over the cessation of hostilities between the U.S. and the state of Texas, legal cases, travels on legal business, and personal and family affairs.

Baltzell and Bullock families papers , 1839-1921 , 1 linear foot
The papers of two Greene County, Alabama families involved in post-Civil War Alabama politics, including correspondence, a diary, essays, deeds, and financial documents.

H. Bandy Letter , 1862 , 0.1 linear feet
Letter written by H. Bandy to his wife Mary in which he refers to a rumor that North Carolina was going to leave the Confederacy and go back to the Union. He also writes about the difficulties in obtaining news.

Bank of the State of Alabama cashier , 1826 , 3 items, 3 pieces
Three cashier's checks drawn by Samuel Pickens.

Bank of the State of Alabama, Huntsville Branch, notices of protest , 1836-1837 , 1.0 inch (ledger)
Notarized notices of protest against writers of drafts, bills of exchange, and promissory notes for which there were no funds available upon their due dates. Includes index. Microfilmed by Alabama State Department of Archives and History, 1954.

Harold Bank papers , 1944-1945 , 0.1 linear feet
A Battalion log of the 3rd Battalion, 167th Infantry, 31st Infantry Division while stationed in Mindanao, Philippine Islands, from 15 July 1944, until 10 October 1945, and the front portion of the "Chicago Daily Tribune", from Tuesday, 8 May 1945. The headline reads “V. E. Day – Today”.

John H. Bankhead letter, 1939 January 5, 1 letter
Letter from John H. Bankhead the younger to a recipient named Dave, offering condolences on the death of a woman named Louise, dated 5 January 1939.

John Hollis Bankhead, Jr. Silhouette, 1941, 1 silhouette
An autographed silhouette of John Hollis Bankhead, Jr., dated 1941 just before his final term as a United States Senator.

William B. Bankhead letter, 1939 January 20, 1 letter
Letter from William B. Bankhead to his sister Marie Bankhead Owen, concerning the death of a family member named Louise, 20 January 1939.

John Taylor Banks diary , 1862-1893 , 1 item, 56 pieces; photocopies
Diary of druggist who served in the 6th Alabama Regiment. Also includes a biographical sketch and a coroner's report signed by Banks.

Marion Banks letter , 1878 , 2 items
Letter to Dr. E. H. Moren recommending W. C. Richardson for the professorship of English literature at Alabama A&M College.

Martha Jane Coleman Banks cookbook and scrapbook , 1854-1860 , 2 items, 2 pieces
Cookbook and note/scrapbook with typewritten recipes. Also contains original scrapbook/diary, with miscellaneous writings, and newspaper clippings, poems, etc.

Max Barajas Letter , 1951 November 9 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Max Barajas to Jenny Bernal of Lafayette, Colorado saying that he misses home but has a good job indoors.

Joseph Barlow Letter, 1845, 1 letter
The collection contains one handwritten letter addressed to Reverend Milton Badger of New York. The letter discusses a coal company, Harrison; the city around it; and his faith.

Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard letter and speech , 1848; 1862 , 2 items
An address to the "Gentlemen of the Erosophic Society," the University of Alabama and a letter to Barnard from his brother, John G. Barnard, regarding a pass for travel in 1862.

Harry V. Barnard paper , 1954 , 1 item, 14 pieces
Condensation of a 1954 term paper titled "LaGrange College: A Historical Sketch.

Mamie L. Barnett letter , 1928 June 7 , 1 item
A letter dated 7 June 1928 from Barnett to her brother Frank.

William Barnett letter, before 1865, I letter
A letter from William Barnett, in Frankfurt, Kentucky, to his son discussing son's eye problems and the sale of 11 slaves.

Barney the Guide Letter , 1903 August 26 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Barney of Fifield, Wisconsin, to Jimmie about their upcoming vacation.

Letter Evelina Barolivell Letters, 1838, 2 letters
The collection contains two letters to Evelina Barolivell. The first, written by her sister Charlotte J., discusses her family's health, the visit from a friend, Mr. Wilson, and her evening at the Junior Exhibition. In the second letter, the writer explains how happy he would be to see Evelina again and that he is becoming impatient.

John Gorman Barr Papers , 1840-1858 , 0.3 linear feet
Contains correspondence to and from John Gorman Barr, as well as other papers of this University of Alabama student, Tuscaloosa attorney, and United States Consul in Austrailia, known for his humorous writings.

Benjamin T. Barrett papers , 1836-1921 , 1.2 linear feet; some photocopies
A collection encompassing family correspondence, bills, receipts, clippings, and other items.

W.R. Barron paper , 1889 April 23 , 1 item
A paper titled "History of Fairview Presbyterian Church from Organization to Present Date (April 23, 1889)," that includes lists of pastors, members, and elders of this Presbyterian Church in Perry County, Alabama, 1823-1889.

James M. Barry notebooks , circa 1940 , 2 items
Two notebooks owned by James M. Barry, President of Alabama Power Company, 1949-52. One of the notebooks contains addresses, the other a miscellany of papers and notes.

Otis Barrys Letter, 1836, 1 letter, 1 page
The collection contains one letter from Otis Barrys to his brother Charles Barrys, both of Buffalo, New York. He informs Charles that he is healthy, employed, prices of goods are increasing, and he will see Clarissa soon.

Mrs. Martin Bartlett Letter , 1883 May 12 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter written in 1883 to Mrs. Martin Barlett of Fowlers Mills, Ohio.

Barton and Stewart law firm records , 1827-1832 , .4 linear feet, 2 volumes
Daybook and docket, 1827-32, of this Tuscaloosa law firm.

Junius K. Battle speech text , 1858 July 15 , 1 item, 4 leaves
Commencement address titled "Footprints of the Creator," delivered July 15, 1858 at the University of Alabama.

A.T. Baumgarten Letters , 1918 -1919 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters from Pvt. A.T. Baumgarten of Co. F, 312th Infantry, American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War One, to his sister, Mabel Baumgarten of Hornell, Steuben County, New York and to Frank Taylor, also of Hornell, New York.

Mrs. Charles Beach Letter , 1858 May 2 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter to Mrs. Charles Beach of East Ottowa, New York, from her cousin, Emily of Austinburg, Ohio, who writes about her students.

Leonard Beach Letter, 1850, 1 letter, 3 pages
Letter to Charles Beach from his brother.

Marion Beale Letters , 1870-1878 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters to Miss Marion Beale of Gordonville, Virginia between 1870 and 1878.

B. L. Beall Letters , 1884-1891 , 2 letters
Two letters from B. L. Beall of Lenoir, North Carolina, to her children Meta and Bobbie. She discusses daily life and updates her children on friends and family.

John Rufus Bealle, Jr., speech text, 1995 July 16, 1 item
Typescript of a speech delivered on 16 July 1995 at the dedication of an historic marker at Big Creek Baptist Church (Coker Baptist Church), Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

Farris Dale Beason Photographs, 1960s, 24 photographs
Black and white photographs of two homecoming games at the University of Alabama. Twelve photographs of homecoming game from 1963 with Mississippi State, and twelve photographs of 1964 homecoming game with Florida Gators. On the back of one of the photographs: "Farris Dale Beason, P.O. Box 413, Steele, AL 35987. '67 grad-died 01/01/1972. 24 pictures included, College of Education, taught 4 years at Emma Sansam, Gadsden, AL."

Kate Beatty Birmingham Bridal Gift Association membership certificate , 1882 , 1 item
Contract making Kate Beatty, a Tuscaloosa, Alabama, resident, a member of the Birmingham Bridal Gift Association. This Association had annual dues and presented brides with a cash gift at the time of marriage.

V. Ormond Beatty letter, 1835 July 19, 1 letter
A letter from V. Ormond Beatty to his father, asking permission to join the Presbyterian Church, 19 July 1835.

Adeline Beaumont letters, 1903-1907, 12 items
Twelve letters to Beaumont concerning her activities in support of the Confederate Soldier’s Home of Alabama at Mountain Creek, Alabama.

James S. P. Beck collection, 1924-1947, 12 items
A miscellany of materials relating to Dr. James S. P. Beck, University of Alabama graduate (1924), including two co-authored articles about radiation burns among survivors of the Nagasaki atomic bomb blast and three photos of burn victims.

Louis Beck Letter , 1941 November 4 , 0.05 linear feet
A letter from Louis Beck of Los Angeles, California, to William Pontius in Wyoming, congratulating him on his promotion to Corporal.

Helen Becker Letters, 1943 -1945, 10 letters & 1 telegram, 25 pages
Letters from Sgt. Helen Becker to Lt. Robert O. Haas describing her duties and activities as a Marine Corps Women's Reservist during World War II.

E.H. Bedinger Letters, circa 1890, 7 letters
Letters to Reverend E.H. Bedinger in Anchorage, Kentucky, discussing church, church activities, and donations.

Jesse Beene letters , 1839-1841 , 2 items
Two letters written from Cahawba, Alabama, to R. G. Hazard in Peacedale, Rhode Island. The first, dated 14 July 1839, orders shoes for Beene's sixty-eight slaves -- includes list of slaves, measurement of feet in inches. In the second, dated 16 December 1841, Beene expresses dissatisfaction with both shoes and prices.

Jasper Luther Beeson collection , 1889-1890 , 8 items
A miscellany of materials including the text of Beeson's address to the 57th anniversary meeting of the Philomatic society, photographs of him, newspaper clippings, a copy of a physics exam for seniors, and other items.

Harry Belafonte and SNCC circular regarding Sammy Younge , 1966 , 0.1 linear feet
Circular signed by Harry Belafonte on behalf of SNCC, describing the recent murder of Sammy Younge, Jr., in Tuskegee, Alabama.

Bell Factory letterbook and cloth samples , 1882-1906 , 3 items, 3 pieces
Corporate letterbook, 1882-1906, and cloth samples of "Bell checks" and "Bell stripes" manufactured by the Bell Factory, Huntsville, Alabama, after the Civil War.

Robert K. Bell papers , 1840-1935 , .4 linear feet (4 folders)
This collection includes "The Warrior Guards from the Reconstruction to the Great War," an unpublished manuscript on the 167th U.S. Infantry, Fourth Alabama Infantry Regiment ("The Fighting Fourth"), and newspaper clippings, newspaper transcripts, etc. on the "Warrior Guards."

William Robert Bell letter , 1864 May 29 , 1 item, 2 pieces; photocopy and typescript
A letter dated 29 May 1864 from a Confederate soldier to his mother and sister while stationed in Bayou La Batre, Alabama.

Belser and Harris legal firm financial records, 1846-1850, 2 ledgers
A ledger recording the financial transactions of the central Alabama law firm of James Belser and Nathan Harris

George Benagh promissory note, 1858 January 1, 1 item
Promissory note dated January 1, 1858, in which the University of Alabama agreed to pay $150 to W.J. Hays for the use of a slave named Paul for one year. The note was signed by George Benagh, a professor acting on behalf of the University.

Henry R. Benagh letter , 1951 , 1 item, 2 pieces
A letter containing genealogical information about the Benagh family. George William Benagh was a professor at the University of Alabama, 1850-1863. See also manuscript 1603.

George Benedict letter , 1861 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from George Benedict, Union soldier, describing the situation at Camp McClellan, Iowa, 31 August 1861.

James C. Bennett papers, circa 1862-1899, .5 linear foot; photocopies
A miscellaneous collection of Civil War material of this Union soldier from Indiana, including enlistment lists, muster roles, war songs, writings, drawings, a diary, genealogical information, and clippings.

Sam Bennett letter , 1848 May 7 , 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 7 May 1848, written from Chickasaw, Alabama to cousin Caroline D. Bennett of Tuscumbia. Discusses the weather of the "Sunny South," temperance, sailing on the "Elipse" to New Orleans, and various family matters.

Nimrod E. Benson deeds , 1830 and 1832 , 2 items
Two deeds recording the conveyance of land in Montgomery County, Alabama, by Nimrod E. Benson to George Whitman, 19 February 1830 and 2 April 1832.

Benton County, Alabama, land contract , 1834 July 29 , 1 item, 1 piece; photostat
Land contract dated 29 July 1834, at White Plains, Benton (later Calhoun) County, Alabama.

Ricahrd Berendzen Letter , 1987 , 0.1 linear feet
This collection consists of one letter from Dr. Richard Berendzen to Dr. Joab Thomas.

Berg Family Letters , 1944-1953 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection contains letters written to different members of the Berg family in Illinois and Wisconsin and includes a Christmas and New Years greeting from Blanche Nelson, a missionary in China.

Put Will Bergstrom Letter, 1943 August 10, 1 letter, 1 envelope
Letter from Put Will Bergstrom to his friend, Richard Young, mentioning among other things the weather at Camp Kearny.

Jameson J. Berkey Discharge , 1865 , 0.1 linear feet
Iowa soldier's discharge from U.S. military service, 3 January 1865.

Berman Family Papers , 1927-1957 , .8 linear feet
Contains material created and kept by the Berman family of St. Louis, Missouri. Letters written by Dr. William (Bill) Berman and his wife Marian make up the bulk of the collection. These are primarily letters written, often in Hebrew, by Bill and Marian from Ft. Riley, Kansas, where Bill served as an Army doctor during World War Two.

James Berney letter , 1846 January 31 , 1 item, 1 piece ; original and typescript
Letter dated 31 January 1846, from Montgomery, Alabama, to A. Jackson at Mayhew [Mississippi?] on news of Montgomery being voted the state capital and the subsequent celebration.

Charles Bernier papers , 1920-1954 , 46 pieces
This collection contains the correspondence of the University of Alabama's Alumni director, 1920-54, and a proposed constitution for the Alumni Association (AAUA).

Bessemer Land and Improvement Co. and Bessemer Coal, Iron & Land Co. stock certificates , 1887-1918 , 0.05 linear feet
Early stock certificates from these significant coal and land development companies

Bessemer Civic Music Club records , 1949-1954 , .1 linear feet
Collection of items relating to this club in Bessemer, Jefferson County, Alabama, including programs, press releases, clippings, etc.

Bessemer Coal, Iron, and Land Company records , 1886-1982 , 12 linear feet
This collection contains much of the business correspondence and records of the Bessemer Coal, Iron and Land Company, including lists of stock holders, minutes of meetings, maps of mine sites, and correspondence with government entities.

Beta Gamma Sigma records , 1929-1944 , 1 book
This collection contains an account book, receipts, and clippings pertaining to this national scholastic fraternity for commerce and business.

Beta Phi Mu, Beta Kappa Chapter , 1979-1990 , .4 linear feet
This collection contains correspondence, 1975-82, bank records, 1975-82, scrapbook, 1975-82, and correspondence, meeting agendas, and minutes from 1989-90, of the University of Alabama chapter of the National Library and Information Studies honorary.

Bethany Baptist Church, Buhl, Alabama, records , 1832-1981 , .2 linear feet; photocopies
This collection of records includes articles of faith, rules of decorum, meeting minutes, and membership rules, 1832-1981.

Bethel Presbyterian Church records, 1850-1958, 1 inch
Contains “Historical Sketch of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Bullock County, East Alabama Presbytery.” Includes a list the tenure of pastors, texts of building dedications, and description of the Presbyterian Church hierarchy.

Tom Bevill papers , 1967-1997 , 715 linear feet
This collection covers Bevill's term as U.S. Representative of Alabama's Fourth Congressional District, 1967-1997. Also includes some materials on his law practice and personal life.

Peyton B. Bibb Papers , 1886 - 1906 , 0.2 linear feet (22 items, 1 book)
Documents, mainly letters written to or by Peyton B. Bibb. There are also receipts and minutes from unidentified meetings. There is also a copy of the “Complete Rudiments of Music” by A.J. Showalter (©1906) with the name “George Bibb” written on the front cover and on the first page.

John S. Bickley correspondence and autograph collection, 1958-2006, 0.3 linear feet
Consists primarily of incoming correspondence to John S. Bickley from prominent United States and World leaders and their representatives.

Hugo F. Biedermann papers, circa 1940s, .4 linear feet
The collection includes copies of patents granted Biedermann, as well as contracts and some scattered miscellaneous papers. The bulk of the collection consists of photographs of projects worked on by the firm of Skinner and Biedermann, including the Anniston Army Depot and many buildings on the University of Alabama campus, including the Engineering building, Lloyd Hall, Denny Chimes, Denny Stadium, Doster Hall, Graves Hall, and others.

Bienville Square Cross Postcard , 1914 , 0.1 linear feet
This is a postcard with a color image of the cross at Bienville Square, Mobile, Alabama. "Mar 1914" is written in pencil on the reverse side.

Big Creek Baptist Church records, 1821-1913, .2 linear feet
This collection contains a deed for land, lists of members, and monthly meeting minutes of this Baptist church in Coker, Alabama. Minutes for the period 1820-63 are abstracted (typescript) and indexed.

Letter from Bill, circa 1942, 1 letter
Letter from Bill, a World War Two soldier, to family and/or friends.

Letter from Billie to Mollie , 1864 December 18 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from Billie, a Confederate soldier stationed near Camp Petersburg, Virginia, to his sister Maggie in North Carolina, about General Sherman's landing on the coast. He also warns his family to hide their corn from deserters.

Walter P. Billings newspaper clippings, 1873, 17 items
Several newspaper clippings relating to the trial of several white men for the murder of Walter P. Billings, an African-America resident of Sumter County, Alabama, on 1 August 1874, and also a lengthy jury charge by U.S. Circuit Court Judge Ballard decrying violence used by the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist organizations against African-Americans.

Ernestine Dunaway Bingham Letters , 1945-1946 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters from Ernestine Dunaway Bingham in New York, to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Dunaway of Chicago, Illinois.

Winafred Bird letter , 1822 May 5 , 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 5 May 1822, from Lower Salem, Sumter District, South Carolina to Bird's son John Goodson Falls of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Bird asked that he visit her and that she might join him in Tuscaloosa. The letter also includes news of family and friends.

Tom S. Birdsong paper , 1975 , 1 item
A paper by Birdsong entitled "The Destruction of the University of the State of Alabama," prepared for presentation to the Alabama Historical Association in 1975.

Birmingham (Alabama) News-Age Herald, Gravure Section, University of Alabama Centennial Pictorial , 1930 August 24 , 1.0 linear feet
Two pages of the 24 August 1930 issue of the Gravure Section of the "Birmingham (Alabama) News-Age Herald" newspaper, depicting the UA campus as it began its centennial year.

Birmingham (Alabama) News-Age Herald, University of Alabama, 1931 Rose Bowl Photo-essay , 1931 January 11 , 2.0 linear feet
A "Birmingham (Alabama) News-Age Herald" photo-essay of the University of Alabama's 1931 Rose Bowl game against Washington State University.

Birmingham Coal and Coke Company shipping records , 1920-1923 , .5 linear foot (shipping record book)
Ledger of shipping records includes destinations, prices and kinds of coal, dates, etc.

Birmingham Dental College minutes, 1893-1899, 1 item; 7 pieces
A collection of board minutes, including some organizational information.

Birmingham Examiner financial records, 1963-1964, 2 items (1 ledger and 1 checkbook)
Collection contains financial records ledger and checkbook from this Birmingham, Alabama, newspaper

Birmingham News Photographs, 1925 - 1964, 0.5 linear feet
This collection consists of 38 photographs of Alabama football players from 1930, Alabama football games from 1965, basketball game from 1964, Alva Woods, first president of the University of Alabama, Sen. John Sparkman from 1966, pro administration protest from 1970, SGA votes, Autherin Lucy with her legal team in 1956, and other images of civil rights protest in 1950s.

Birmingham Real Estate Board banquet program , 1941 January 16 , 1 item, 1 piece
This collection consists of a folder containing part of the program and text of the 1940 annual banquet of the Birmingham Real Estate Board, held on 16 January 1941.

Black Warrior and Tombigbee Rivers, Alabama, lock records , 1896-1939 , 1.5 linear feet
Ledgers indicating commercial boat traffic through the Black Warrior and Tombigbee Rivers locks

Black Warrior Review materials , 1974-2001 , 0.06 linear feet
Materials and correspondence of the "Black Warrior Review".

Luella Black Autograph Album , 1901-1904 , 0.1 linear feet
Luella Black's autograph album is filled with rhymes and well-wishes from her friends, schoolmates and family members in Madison, Indiana. Each entry is dated and signed.

Mary Johnson Blackburn poetry book, circa 1900, 1 loose-leaf notebook, 134 pages
A loose-leaf notebook containing typed copies of 117 of this Georgia folklorist and poet's works, along with numerous illustrations and several newspaper clippings pertaining to her and her activities.

Andrew Blackman Letter , 1842 July 24 , 1 letter
Letter from Andrew Blackman to his wife Launetta Blackman in Michigan. He discusses daily life and faith.

John Blackwell deed, 1828 September 25, 1 item, 1 piece
A deed recording a transfer of land in Montgomery County, Alabama, dated 25 September 1828, from John Blackwell to Thomas Mastin.

A. M. Blair letter, 1843 November 30, 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 30 November 1843, to Blair's brother Edwin in Williamstown, Massachusetts, describing a sea voyage from New York to Mobile, Alabama.

E. Blair Letter , 1915 January 23 , 0.05 linear feet
One letter from E. Blair of Crystal Springs, Florida, to his son W. P. Blair of Cleveland, Ohio, regarding crops and infrastructure improvements on E. Blair's farm.

Henry Conrad Blanford papers , 1920-1922 , 5 items
Bound prayer book and related materials dealing with this Lay Reader of the Episcopal Church's healing missions in Anniston and Ensley, Alabama.

Homer Blaine Bledsoe Letter , 1943 December 14 , 1 letter, 6 photographs, 1 envelope
This collection consists of six photographs and a letter from Homer Blaine Bledsoe, North Africa, during World War Two, to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bledsoe, Morehead, Kentucky, December 14, 1943.

Joel F. Bledsoe Letters , 1941 , 3 letters, 3 envelopes
This collection consists of three letters to Joel F. Bledsoe, in Soldier, Kentucky, from three of his fellow “comrades” from the Spanish-American War.

George H. Blelock letter , 1865 June 21 , 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 21 June 1865 to Capt. J. M. Cary of Chunnemgger [sic], Alabama. Blelock, a publisher in New York, offered "the most liberal terms" for the future literary productions of Augusta Jane Evans (Wilson) (1835-1909), an immensely popular sentimental novelist. What connection there was between the letter's recipient and its subject is not clear; possibly Blelock was writing to Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry (1825-1903), a friend of Evans's. See also manuscript 1563.

John H. Blitz report , 1978 , 1 item, 3 pieces
A Cultural Resources Report by Blitz on the archaeological significance of the proposed site for a poultry processing plant in Cullman County, Alabama.

Blocton, Alabama Photographs, 1900-1938, 9 photographs
Copy prints of images identified as Italian-Americans living in Blocton, Alabama; photographs used in Fall 1986 Alabama Heritage article.

Roy Blomberg Letters , 1952-1961 , 0.05
The collection contains letters written by different authors to Blomberg in Illinois, concerning stamp collecting and exchanging.

Winton M. Blount papers, 1969-1971, 71 linear feet
This collection contains the papers of this Montgomery, Alabama, business leader, during his term as United States Postmaster General (1969-1971).

Blue Star Salute Foundation materials , 2014 , 0.1 linear feet
United States Blue Star Service Flag (roughly 8.5" x 14"), membership brochures, and announcements of upcoming events honoring U. S. veterans in the Jefferson and Shelby Counties, Alabama.

Sarah Blue collection , 1894-circa 1915 , 1 book; 18 items
A collection of items, most of them relative to the 1915 high school graduation of Sarah Blue of Union Springs, Alabama, including a keepsake book, “My Golden School Days.”

Bluff Park United Methodist Church records , 1978-81 , 0.25 linear foot
A collection of financial records, membership rolls, church directories, and the floor plan of this Methodist church in Birmingham, Alabama.

John L. Boatwright letters , 1863-1864 , 0.1 linear feet
Twelve letters from John L. Boatwright, Confederate Army ordnance office, to his wife, 22 December 1863-14 May 1864.

Susie L. Meyers Bobb letters , 1873-1922 , 0.4 linear feet
Correspondence between family and friends of the Bobb, Raymond, and Meyers families of Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Iowa. The letters date from 1873-1922, and most of them are written to Susie L. Meyers Bobb, who was likely also Susie L. Raymond.

Andy Bobenmoyer Letters , 1918 , 2 letters, 2 envelopes
This collection consists of two letters to Private Andy Bobenmoyer, France, from his sister, Estella Mills, and his niece, Violet (Estella’s daughter), New Madison, Ohio. Both of the envelopes, dated June 4, 1918 and July 21, 1918, are stamped, “Deceased—Verified.”

Libbie Bodle letter , 1865 May 1 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from a woman in Cuddllebackville, New York, dated May 1865, discussing the departure of the preacher, Mr. Winter, a Copperhead. There is also a fabric swatch (brown with blue striping) pinned to a two-inch disc.

M. Boggs Letter , 1864 October 12 , 0.05 linear feet
A letter from M. Boggs to his son, Lemuel, giving investment advice on the sale of cattle in Illinois.

Boid family Bible , 1818 , 0.15 linear feet
Old Testament portion of a family Bible

Jimmie W. Bokros Letter, 1944 July 5, 1 letter, 1 page
A letter from Jimmie W. Bokros to Gloria Motz of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, written on July 5, 1944 from "Somewhere in France."

Boling Family Papers , 1833-1870 , 0.2 linear feet, 33 items
Correspondence, receipts, mortgages, wills, indentures, and other materials concerning the property and affairs of the Boling and Saffold families of Hayneville, Lowndes County, Alabama.

Clarence and Lena Bolton Papers , 1916-1924 , 0.1 linear feet, 3 receipts, 5 letters, 6 envelope
Receipts for purchases and letters about bills and money. Two letters were sent to Lena Bolton from a friend discussing their daily life, the health of family members, and a request for money.

Bond for Constable, Wilcox County, Alabama , 1864 MAy 28 , 0.1 linear feet
The document by which W. N. Smith was guaranteed as a bonded constable for the Snow Hill Precinct of Wilcox County, Alabama, as well as Smith's signed oath of allegiance to the Confederate States of America.

Bone Camp Methodist Church records , 1843-1935 , 2 ledgers ; photocopies ; 0.5 inches
This collection contains the constitution, membership lists, articles of faith, rules of decorum, records of church activities 1843-1904, and church register, 1862-1935, giving lists of members and of pastors of this Methodist church in Northport, Alabama.

Dr. Bonner letters , 1958 , 2 items
Thermo-fax copy of letter dated 19 October 1958 by Bonner to Professor James H. Newman, executive vice-president University of Alabama, summarizing Bonner's trip to England, also a brief letter dated 21 October by Newman to W.S. Hoole, to whom he forwarded Bonner's letter.

Bonney and Bush and Bush and Lobdell collection, 1836-1843, 5 items, 5 pieces
Letters to the machinery manufactures Booney and Bush, and Bush and Lobdell, both of Wilmington, Delaware , concerning machinery, cotton gins, and business conditions in Alabama, 1836-43.

Book of Newspaper Clippings , circa 1845 , 1 linear foot
Scrapbook of poems and short stories clipped from unidentified newspapers, circa 1845.

Buford Boone papers , 1935-1968 , 3.5 linear feet and 14 volumes
Correspondence, scrapbooks, litigation papers, speeches, editorials, etc., of this Pulitzer Prize winner and long-time Tuscaloosa News editor.

Booth Family Coorespondence , 1857-1886 , 0.2 linear feet
Letters to and from members of the Booth family. Family and friends write about their experiences farming and raising livestock in Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, and Iowa from 1857 to 1883.

Joseph Booth Letter , 1876 , 0.1 linear feet
Contains Joseph Booth of Carroll County, Ohio wrote to his brother Jeremiah Booth, of Arlington, Illinois, discussing the death of their mother and other personal issues.

Bootlegging Court records , 1871-1881 , 1 item
The collection consists of one ledger containing court records of cases relating to bootlegging and illegal distillery operations. Although one of the crimes took place in north Alabama, there is no indication of where other crimes took place or where these cases were prosecuted.

Border Springs Baptist Church of Christ records , 1900-1949 , 2 inches
This collection consists of photocopies of records, including board meeting minutes, the covenant, rules of decorum, lists of members, of members received, and resolutions by this Caldonia, Mississippi church.

Amelia Boswell letter , 1847 August 13 , 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 13 August 1847, from Eldorado, Arkansas to Boswell's cousin, Elizabeth A. Boswell of Pike County, Alabama. It discusses the health of family members, crops, and weather, and urges Elizabeth to persuade her father to move to Arkansas.

Jesse Boulton Letter , 1846 March 1 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written by Jesse Boulton in Boone County, Missouri, to his parents in Dover, Kentucky, telling them his wife, Mary died of bronchitis after being ill with typhoid fever, leaving him with two small children, Mary Alice and David Rice.

Georgia Bovell Correspondence , 1884-1889 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters to and from Georgia Bovell during the 1880s. Georgia, a young teacher in Illinois corresponds with family and friends as she tries to find a position and settle down. Her friends, also teachers, share their experiences in the school room.

Beulah Bowden Letters , 1904-1947 , 0.1 linear feet
Includes several letters written by Beulah of Brodhead, Wisconsin, to her mother, a letter with a job offer to Beulah, and a letter to her written in German. Also includes two Christmas cards received cards from friends during the 1947 Christmas season.

Jennie Sheldon Bowden Letters , 1872-1937 , (Thirty-three letters)
Letters written to and from Jennie Sheldon Bowden, who lived in Wisconsin. The letters discuss daily life, family, camp meetings, and teaching.

Franklin Welsh Bowdon letter, 1835 October 24, 1 item, 1 piece
A letter dated 24 October 1835, from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa to the editor of the Weekly Globe requesting a six-month subscription to the newspaper.

James Bowron Papers , 1877-1928 , 7.6 linear feet
A substantial collection of papers and materials relating to James Bowron, one of the 19th century iron and mining pioneers in the Deep South. It includes Bowron's 1632-page, unpublished autobiography, as well as his daily journals, letters, and pictures.

Boyd family papers, 1816-1943, 21 items
Photocopies of various documents and letters relating to Alfred Boyd (1814-82), who born in Newberry District, South Carolina and died in Troy, Alabama, and his descendants. The collection also contains a typescript history of the family of Joel Willis, Sr., and a typescript paper by Bruce L. Bennett of Ohio State University titled, "Sports and Physical Education in Colonial Times."

Charles Boyd genealogy, , 7 linear feet
A collection of genealogical records pertaining to Boyd's family.

Boyd Winchester Scrapbook , circa 1870 , 1 scrapbook
One scrapbook, "Mark Twain's Adhesive Scrapbook," patented in 1873 by Samuel Clemens. The scrapbook contains news clippings that are mainly speeches concerning education. The creator, Boyd Winchester, had created a table of contents.

James Boykin papers , 1833-1967 , .8 linear foot
Papers of an important Dallas County, Alabama, planter family, including correspondence, household and plantation records, domestic and business expenditures, records of cotton sales, sales receipts for slaves, foodstuffs, tools and other hardware, papers regarding James Boykin’s cavalry unit during the Civil War, and papers of Boykin's descendants down to the mid twentieth century.

Louisiana Boykin receipt, 1863 October 6, 1 receipt
A receipt by Louisiana Boykin confirming payment for a slave sold to Thomas Boykin, Columbus, Georgia, 6 October 1863.

C. L. Boynton maps, 1895-1902, 13 items, 13 pieces
Printed maps of Georgia with additions showing routes taken for "botanical tours." The earliest, 1895, has the note "collecting propagating material of indigenous, woody plants for Biltmore Estate. -- F. E. Boynton." Ten maps, 1896-1902, show C. L. Boynton's "botanical tours," while two, 1899 and 1902, show the routes taken by C. L. Boynton and C. D. Beadle.

J. S. Bozman letter, 1842 November 2, 1 letter
One letter from J.S. Bozman, Chapel Hill, NC, to his uncle Stephen S. Soresby of Eire, Alabama, 2 November 1842.

L.O. Brackeen paper , 1962 April 26 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 13 pages)
Paper titled "Enoch Hooper Cook, Sr., of Wilcox County, Alabama" presented to the Alabama Historical Association by Mrs. Ralph Draughon.

Bessie Davidson Bradfield Papers , 1875-1943 , 0.4 linear feet
Personal and family papers, including correspondence, invitations, and histories of the Davidson and Bradfield families, 1875-1943.

Joseph H. Bradford accounts , 1836-1841 , 2.5 inches ( 1 ledger)
Business accounts of Coosa County cotton factory owner. Many of the customers were from Talladega, Alabama.

Arthur F. Bradley Letter , 1944 May 18 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter from Private Arthur F. Bradley, written on 18 May 1944, while stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, to his parents in Dubuque, Iowa.

Ralph S. Bradley manuscript and letters, 1998, 4 items
Collection contains a photocopied manuscript of Ralph Bradley’s Above Mortal: Novel in Three Parts and three letters of condolences to R. S. Bradley, Jr. after the death of Ralph S. Bradley, Sr.

J. M. Bradshaw Farm Journals , 1912-1916 , 0.1 linear feet
The journals of this Luverne, Alabama, farmer.

John Bragg Letters, 1835 November 28-1857 December 22, 5 letters, 5 pages
Letters written by John Bragg of Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama to the editor of the “Daily Globe” from November 1853 to December 1857 requesting subscriptions to the “globe” during the sessions of Congress.

Walter Lawrence Bragg letters , 1881-1882 , 0.1 linear feet (14 items. 26 pieces; photocopies)
Copies of incoming letters dated 1881-1882, from the Alabama state archives.

Brandon Memorial United Methodist Church records , 1911-1991 , 0.4 linear feet
Lists of members, pastors, marriages, baptisms, and deceased members, as well as church directories of this Methodist church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Gerard C. Brandon letter , 1828 October 29 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 7 leaves; photocopy)
Letter from the Governor of Mississippi to Alabama Governor John Murphy regarding an unsettled financial transaction between the two states.

William Woodward Brandon papers , 1920-1935 , 0.4 linear feet
Documents concerning Alabama governor William Woodward Brandon, including letters, news clippings, postcards, and transcripts of speeches.

Branscomb family papers , after 1865 , 12 linear feet
Letters, land grants, diplomas, certificates, scrapbook, daguerreotype, and other miscellaneous documents, as well as quilts and other textiles (including a wedding dress from the early 20th century)

Richard Branscomb and Lewis Branscomb papers , 1922-1935 , 0.4 linear feet
Diary, travel journals, and account book of Richard Edwin Branscomb (1902-1980), Methodist Minister from Guin, Alabama, and Condensed Minute Book for Presiding Elders of the Southern Methodist Episcopal Church belonging to Branscomb’s father, Lewis Capers Branscomb (1865-1930).

Frank H. Bray Letters , 1959-1960 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters to Frank H. Bray, secretary of the Oceanic Exchange Club in Frankton, New Zealand with requests for stamps, pen pals, and applications for membership in the club.

Minnie and Lucy Brayton Letters , 1881 , 0.1 linear feet
This collection contains two handwritten letters from Minnie and Lucy Brayton in Blue Island, Illinois, to their cousin Mary. The concern of the letters is day-to-day life.

Breeden and Hardwicke Families Papers , 1893-1945 , 0.1 linear feet
Miscellaneous papers of several related families in Adair County, Kentucky, and Indiana and Iowa, including World War II photographs, newspapers and map.

Charity Sophia Rutland Brett commonplace book , 1851-1856 , 0.1 linear feet (1 item)
Mid nineteenth century cookbook and extracts from scrapbook of Mrs. Alexander (Charity Sophia) Brett. Includes a "Cure for Cancer," a "New broth for the sick," a "remedy for cholera," etc.

Bob Bretz Letters, 1944, 4 letters
Handwritten letters from Bob Bretz to his mother Mrs. H.J. Bretz

George E. Brewer letter, 1919 October 15, 2 items, 8 pieces
Typescript (2 copies) of a letter dated 15 October 1919 to Peter A. Brannon, state archivist, describing Bird H. Young, model for nineteenth century author Johnson J. Hooper's (1815-62) character Simon Suggs. Copied May 5, 1948, from the original in the possession of Peter A. Brannon.

Glenda Brewer research paper , 1975 , 0.1 linear feet (1 item)
Research paper titled "Integration at the University of Alabama," submitted for seminar in African American history at the University of Alabama in 1975.

W. W. Brickell letter, 1855 February 6, 1 letter
A letter from W. W. Brickell of Athens, Alabama, to his brother Robert in Huntsville, dated 6 February 1855, which discusses W. W.' .s difficulties in finding employment as a clerk.

1926 Bridal Shower Booklet , 1926 , 0.1 linear feet
A 1926 bridal shower booklet created for the bride, Bernice, by the women who attended the party.

Charles Edward Bridges letter , 1849 February 24 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 1 piece)
A letter dated 24 February 1849, written from the University of Alabama to Sam Houston, advising him that he has been elected an honorary member of the Erosophic Society.

George and Eleanor Bridges papers , 1932-1965 , 0.2 linear feet
Letters written to George and Eleanor Bridges, of Homewood, Jefferson County, Alabama, and others written by George. There are also newspaper clippings, miscellaneous items and four journals.

Jessie G. Bridgman Letter and Photographs , 1938 August , 1 letter and 3 photographs
The collection contains one letter from Jessie Bridgman of Woodstown, New Jersey, to Mrs. Emmett Cacle, of Scranton, Pennsylvania, in which Bridgman offers condolences for a recent death. The photos are of different residential scenes.

Brien Chapel A.M.E. Church records , 1924-1973 , 0.9 linear feet
Records of this African Methodist Episcopal church in Burnsville, Alabama, from 1924-1973.

Brierfield Ironworks Records , 1864-1897 , 1.5 linear feet
Contains the financial and legal documents of the Brierfield Ironworks along with some correspondence and printed materials, dating from 1866 to 1882. The materials are divided into two main series: (A) those materials generated during Josiah Gorgas' control of the ironworks (1866-1869), and (B) those materials generated during Thomas S. Alvis' control of the operations (1869-1873).

Letters to Brinkmann and Flack , 1876-1879 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters to Brinkmann and Flack of Comfort, Texas about notes due and other business.

British Nineteenth Century Naval Pay Documents (Power of Attorney, etc.) , 1809-1816 , 0.05 linear feet (3 items; 3 pieces)
Power of attorney, dated 4 December 1809, and drafts, dated 10 August 1816 and 28 October 1816, for prize money for sailors of the British navy.

Broadnax, Cleavland, and McKerrill account ledger , 1866 , 0.2 linear feet
Ledger recording purchases by customers at this general store in Eutaw, Green County, Alabama, 1866.

J. T. Broadnax and Company accounts journal, 1867-1868, 1 ledger
A journal recording individual accounts, although it does not detail specific purchases.

Charles Raven Brockmann diaries , 1906-1970 , 1.4 linear feet
The diaries of a librarian, traveling salesman, and committed diarist.

Frederick George Bromberg Letter, 1875 February 20, 1 letter, 1 page
Letter to the publsiher of the Congressional Directory, dated February 20, 1875 and written by Frederick George Bromberg on United States House of Representatives stationery correcting two addresses listed in the Directory.

Henry Thomas Brooks papers, 1936-1946, 59 items
Various items relating to Brooks of Inverness, Bullock County, Alabama. The bulk of them are letters to Brooks from Evelyn Hoffman of Frederick, Maryland, 1945-46.

Iverson L. Brooks papers, 1811-1911, 4.9 linerar feet
A large collection of letters to and from this Baptist clergyman, planter and southern sectionalist, including defenses of the South, Brooks's business transactions, and family matters.

Brookwood Silver Liners Records , 1985?-2009 , 0.8 linear feet
The minutes, agenda, newspaper clippings, membership directories, and miscellaneous papers of this Brookwood, Alabama senior citizens organization.

Letter from brother to Thomas Vangorden , 1875 August 11 , 1 letter
A brother in Pennsylvania writes to Thomas Vangorden in Wisconsin regarding property they jointly own, perhaps along with others. The writer discusses details of a conflict they are having regarding the management and disposition of the property.

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen letter , 1921 March 16 , 0.05 linear feet
Letter dated 15 March 1921 from Brotherhood of Trainmen Vice President, Val Fitzpatrick, to union members concerning a strike against the Atlanta, Birmingham, and Atlantic Railway Company.

Brown Hill School Trustees' minutes , 1916-1924 , 0.2 linear feet (1 ledger)
Trustees' minutes, covering 1916-1924 (including parents' rolls), of this school for African-American students in Loachapoka, Lee County, Alabama.

Alfred A. Brown letter , 1863 January 16 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 3 pieces; typescript cop
Letter dated 16 January 1863, from Canterbury, New Hampshire, to Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Burroughs, West Acton, Massachusetts, concerning friends and family

Joseph Emerson Brown letters , 1857-1867 , 25 items
Letters from Brown, most of them to his friend and business associate General Ira R. Foster, Quartermaster General of the State of Georgia during the Civil War. Also contains copies of letters between Brown and Georgia politician Howell Cobb, regarding appointing Foster as a special railway postal agent for north Georgia and north Alabama.

Joseph M. Brown paper , circa 1892 , 0.1 linear feet
A paper by Joseph M. Brown describing his experiences in the 1862 Kentucky campaign during the Civil War.

Louise H. Brown Letter , 1904 February 7 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Louise H. Brown of Los Angeles, California, to Carrie Herrington of Geneva, Illinois, about the warm weather of California.

Otero and Cora Brown Letters , 1913-1950 , 6 letters
This collection contains six letters written to Cora and Otero Brown of Illinois by various family members. Letters mostly contain farming and harvest news, and one letter from a nephew discussed the effects of New Deal policie

Robison Brown papers, circa 1890-circa 1940, 17.25 linear feet
A large collection of personal and professional papers and correspondence of Brown, a Tuscaloosa, Alabama, attorney and University of Alabama Land Commissioner, 1908-39.

Wilburt Scott Brown papers , 1960-1992 , 0.8 linear feet
Copies of this University of Alabama graduate and faculty member’s dissertation with other manuscripts and documents

William Brown letter, 1918 April 9, 1 letter and envelope
Letter from William "Bill" Brown of Canton Ohio to his brother Ray C. Brown, stationed at Camp Sheridan, Montgomery, Alabama, 9 April 1918.

William and Crawford L. Brown family papers , 1830-1860 , 0.2 linear feet
Documents relating to the Mississippi and Alabama plantations of the Brown family, including bills of sale for slaves; receipts for tool repair, clothing, dry goods; tax receipts listing the number of slaves; business letters; and various legal agreements and other court documents.

Ethel Browne Memory Book , Circa 1927 , 1 Memory Book
This collection consists of a high school memory book compiled by Ethel Browne, during one or more years at Russell High School in East Point, Georgia.

Sara Browne Mediterranean and North African tour photograph album , 1930-1931 , 0.04 linear feet
Photograph album of a woman's voyages to Mediterranean and Northern Africa ports of call.

O.E. Bruce Jr. Letters , 1943-1945 , 0.4 linear feet
This collection contains correspondence from O.E. Bruce, Jr. to his parents Mr. and Mrs. O.E. Bruce, Sr. in Louisville, Kentucky. He details his day to day activities and writes accounts of what is happening while he is serving during World War Two.

W. L. Bruce and Sons records , 1911-1936 , 2.5 linear feet (34 volumes)
Ledgers and daybooks of this Catherine, Wilcox County, Alabama, country store, reflecting the economic and social conditions of this rural community from 1911 to 1936

R.M. Brumby letters , 1892-1920 , 20 items
Includes letters written to R.M. Brumby, a University of Alabama graduate, from his mother and son from the late 19th-century through the early 20th-century. It also includes an appointment letter from the University of Alabama.

Richard Trapier Brumby letter , 1834 April 2 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 1 piece)
Letter from Brumby, dated 2 April 1834, from Tuscaloosa, to the firm of Wragg and Stewart in Montgomery, Alabama, concerning a debt owed to the firm

Beth Bryant Photographs, 1966-1967, 5 photographs
Black and white and color Polaroid snapshots of University of Alabama band director Carleton K. Butler.

Bryce Hospital Collection , 1849-1991 , 6 linear feet
Various materials on the establishment and history of the Alabama Insane Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, later known as Bryce Hospital. Included in the collection are annual reports and addresses given by two of the hospital's superintendants, Dr. William Dempsey Partlow and Dr. Peter Bryce, as well as minutes of the Board of Trustees. It also contains a number of monthly, weekly and/or daily forms and reports from the Farm Department's Dairy/Livestock collection, including Daily Milch Reports, Individual Cow Record, Weekly Hog report and the Monthly Payroll forms.

Peter Bryce collection , 1859-1888 , 5 items, 5 pieces; partially photocopies
A small miscellany of materials including Bryce's appointment as medical officer of ship "Yorkshire," clippings about Bryce, among them his obituary, and copy of his "Moral and Criminal Responsibility," 1888

John H. Bryson letter , 1891 March 12 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 1 piece)
Letter from Bryson, dated 12 March 1891, from Huntsville, Alabama, to the Rev. A. A. E. Taylor, St. Louis, Missouri, inviting him to visit Huntsville and discussing the inauguration of a Mr. Briggs

Buck's Diary , 1934 , 0.05 linear feet
The collection is made up of one bound diary containing entries relating to business matters, specifically manual labor.

Alfred Eliab Buck Letters, 1870, 2 letters, 2 pages
Two letters, dated in 1870, written by Alfred E. Buck of Mobile, Alabama while he was serving in the United States House of Representatives, to the editor of the Congressional Directory.

Edward Buck Letters , 1873-1874 , 0.1 linear feet
Letters from Edward Buck of Snowbridge, Michigan to Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Downing of East Dekalb, New York about the annual harvest.

Charles Waldron Buckley Letters, 1869 February 18 - 1870 February 10, 6 letters, 6 pages
Letters written by Charles Waldron Buckley, United States Congressman for the Montgomery, Alabama area, to the editors of the Congressional Globe requesting copies be sent to various people and Alabama newspapers and to be charged to his account.

George Buckner Deposition , 1851 December 20 , 0.1 linear feet
The deposition of George Buckner to the Trigg County Circuit Court (Kentucky) as certified by Isaac H. Caldwell, Examiner for Christian County, Kentucky.

Doris and Cliff Buechel Letters , 1931-1940 , 9 letters
Nine letters written to and from Doris and Cliff Buechel over the course of their courtship, marriage, and early parenthood. Most letters are written from Cliff to Doris while he was away on various trips throughout the 1930s.

Francis Bugbee papers , 1818-1879 , 0.3 linear feet
Consists principally of personal correspondence from Francis Bugbee's family and close friends concerning family and personal news. The genealogical papers are extremely complete for the Bugbee family and many other Massachusetts and Connecticut families who married into the Bugbee family There is very little business correspondence or any information concerning his years as trustee, judge, or legislator.

Letter from Bugg to Holcomb , circa 1880 , 0.1 linear feet
A fragment of a note written by Bugg to Holcomb about coming to visit.

Bullock County Historical Society Papers , 1977-1987 , 0.2 linear feet
Papers, correspondence and research relating to the establishment of the Bullock County Historical Society, as well as some transcriptions of oral histories, cemetery records, and "genealogical" correspondence about the town of Midway and Bullock County.

Maude Buntin collection , 1913-1976 , 0.05 linear feet (8 items)
Miscellaneous papers related to Aliceville, Pickens County, Alabama, including the Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Centennial program, 1937, the 50th anniversary booklet of the Tuesday Study Club, 1964, a Bible Study schedule for 1913, and clippings and photos related to Pickens County landmarks.

Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands labor contract , 1865 June 16 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item , 4 leaves; photocopy)
Labor contract dated 16 June 1865 with estate of Greene Underwood of Dallas Co., Alabama, binding former slaves to plantation in return for food, clothing and medical care

Charles Mitchell Burford letter , 1847 October 20 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 1 piece)
Letter written by Burford, dated 20 October 1847, from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to his brother in Summerfield [Alabama?]

Sarah Burham Letter , 1855 October 3 , 1 letter
This letter from Sarah Burham of Warrensburg, New York, to her old school friend Annie shares news about friends and former classmates.

Sarah Burham Letter , 1855 October 3 , 0.05 linear feet
This letter from Sarah Burham of Warrensburg, New York, to her old school friend Annie shares news about friends and former classmates.

G.W. Burke paper , 1895 , 0.1 linear feet
A paper by Civil War veteran G. W. Burke describing Sherman's "March to the Sea," September-December 1864.

G. W. Burke Paper , 1895 April 27 , 0.1 linear feet
A paper by Civil War veteran G. W. Burke describing Sherman's "March to the Sea," September-December 1864.

Leonard Burkins, Jr. Letter , 1946 January 3 , 0.1 linear feet
V-mail letter from Private Leonard Burkins, Jr. to Mrs. Ellen Stahl on January 3, 1945, which he begins with "Dear #2".

Joe W. Burleson deposition , 1977 February 3 , 0.3 Linear feet (1 item, 135 pieces; photocopy)
Tuscaloosa, Alabama Circuit Court deposition, dated 3 February 1977, of the plaintiff in civil action no. 7984, Joe W. Burleson vs. National Broadcasting Co., et al.

J. E. Burnham Letters , 1889 , 0.1 linear feet
Two letters from J.E. Burnham, writing from New York City, New York, to his wife in Saco, Maine, in October and November 1889.

John Burnham Papers , 1792-1832 , 0.2 linear feet
Correspondence and other material relating to the captivity of Captain John Burnham in Algiers, 1793-94, his attempts to buy his freedom, and subsequent efforts to secure reimbursement from Congress.

Mrs. Burnham Letter , 1902 August 16 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written in 1902 by Mrs. Burnham of Chicopee, Massachusetts, to her son, John H. Burnham of Maine.

Mrs. Burnham Letter , 1902 August 16 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter written in 1902 by Mrs. Burnham of Chicopee, Massachusetts, to her son, John H. Burnham of Maine.

Gladys King Burns papers , 1948-1965 , 0.05 linear feet (6 items)
Letters and other documents created and gathered for research of her thesis, "The Alabama Dixiecrat Revolt of 1948," at Auburn University

Robert Burns papers , unknown , 0.05 linear feet
Manuscript copy of Burns' song "The Five Carlins" contained in a letter to "Ane John Edgar, Accomptant Excise Office, Edinbh"

John F. Burnum papers , after 1930 , 5 linear feet
Collection of published articles, including correspondence relating to, drafts of, and research for the articles, as well as newspaper and journal articles that interested Dr. Burnum, photographs of colleagues and groups, certificates of achievement, and tax information. Some restrictions may apply.

Frank Burrell Opening Address Poem , after 1890 , 0.05 linear feet
Poem written by Frank Burrell on 24 December (probably in the early 1890s), inviting old and young to some sort of show on Christmas Eve.

Frank Burrell Opening Address Poem , after 1890 , 0.05 linear feet
Poem written by Frank Burrell on 24 December (probably in the early 1890s), inviting old and young to some sort of show on Christmas Eve.

Sallie Burt letter , 1850 February 12 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 1 piece)
Letter written by Burt on 12 February 1850, from Columbus [Georgia?], to friend her Lizzie, with news of family and friends

Lucille Burton Photographs, 1917-1926, 400 photographs
Black and white various-size snapshots of Lucille Dorroh Burton, her friends, family, classmates and later students in Fayette, Florence, Sulligent, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and Mentone, Alabama. Also, camping scenes in Howard, Florida and Camp Winnataska. Includes shots of buildings, homes, schools and churches in these various locales. Many images of people engaged in recreational activities, including swimming, boating, and fishing. Also, includes picture postcards of Sheffield, Alabama, Tennessee River Bridge, Nitrate Plant, Wilson Dam, and birthplace of Helen Keller in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Rosa Lee Busby papers , unknown , 8 linear feet
Genealogical research and papers compiled by Busby

Bush and Lobdell Correspondence , 1860 , 0.05 linear feet
Five letters and a telegram to a foundry in Delaware from various Alabama railroads concerning purchase of wheels, trucks, pinions, and other items.

Squire Helm Bush collection, 1862-1925, 3 items
A Civil War diary (photocopy of typescript) and accompanying information by and about Squire Helm Bush, Confederate soldier.

Business and Professional Women's Club scrapbooks, 1935-1967, 4 linear feet
A set of scrapbooks prepared by this Tuscaloosa, Alabama, chapter that contain newspaper clippings, articles, photographs, programs, club yearbooks, and invitations .

Letters to Celestia Bussell , 1891-1902 , (Four letters)
Letters written to Celestia Bussell who lived in Ballston, Saratoga county, New York, and Cambridgeport, Massachesetts. Letters discuss friends and family.

O. T. Buswell letter , 1870 February 22 , 0.05 linear feet (1 item, 2 pieces ; photocopy)
Copy of a letter written by O.T. Buswell on 22 February 1870 from Rockville, Alabama, to George P. Buswell

Letter from "Butch" to Chickie , 1942 October 12 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Corporal "Butch" to Chickie of Louisville, Kentucky about his time with the United States Army.

Letter from "Butch" to Chickie , 1942 October 12 , 0.1 linear feet
A letter from Corporal "Butch" to Chickie of Louisville, Kentucky about his time with the United States Army.

"The Butcher-boy's Fly!", circa 1900, 1 page
This collection contains one poem by an unknown author about a fly in a butchershop and what becomes of him.

Letters to Carleton K. Butler , 1978 , 0.1 linear feet
Bound correspondence written in 1978 to Col. Carleton K. Butler, director of the University of Alabama's Million Dollar Band.

Helen N. Butler Scrapbook , 1857 - 1888 , 0.5 linear feet
A scrapbook by Helen N. "Nellie" Butler of Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama, consisting of clippings of newspaper articles, obituaries, poetry, marriage announcements, invitations, visiting cards, letters, prints and engravings.

William Edmund Butterworth manuscript , 1966 , 0.3 linear feet (1 item, 166 pieces)
Manuscript of Butterworth's book "Stock Car Racer," which was published by W.W. Norton and Company, 1966

Mike Bynum papers , 1978 , 0.4 linear feet
Manuscript (photocopy) of Bynum's book "High Tide" (published by Cross Roads Books, 1978) and research notes

G.L. Byram Photographs, 1879-1880, 1 album (26 photographs)
Carte de visite album of George Logan Byram, University of Alabama student (1879-1881), containing photographs of members of the Alabama Corps of Cadets. Most images are identified with name and hometown of individual, and occasionally with degree and year of matriculation.

Letter from Byrdena to Glenn Daft , 1919 December 23 , 1 letter
One letter from Byrdena of Marion, Iowa, to Glenn Daft (probably her brother) of Griswold, Iowa, regarding the family's excitement over plans for his upcoming visit.

Letter from Byrdena to Glenn Daft , 1919 December 23 , 0.05 linear feet
One letter from Byrdena of Marion, Iowa, to Glenn Daft (probably her brother) of Griswold, Iowa, regarding the family's excitement over plans for his upcoming visit.

J.E. B_____, Jr., Letter , 1870 , 0.1 linear feet
Letter written by J.E. B____, Jr., a student at Lake Forest Academy in Illinois, to an unidentified friend. He writes about preparing for a class that will assure his entrance into Kenyon College, explaining that he will be required to read Homer and Xenophon's Anabasis in Greek.

J.E. Burnham Letters , 1889 , 0.1 linear feet
Two letters from J.E. Burnham, writing from New York City, New York, to his wife in Saco, Maine, in October and November 1889.

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