The University of Alabama
Self Service Check Out
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Gorgas, McLure and Rodgers Libraries offer self-service checkout. In Gorgas Library there are two service points. The first is located on the first floor, across from the Information Desk and the second is located in the third floor lobby area. In McLure Library it is located near the main entrance, next to the new book shelf. The service point in Rodgers Library is located across from the reference desk.

The 3M Self-Check System allows you the option of checking-out materials on your own when the Circulation Desk is busy, or when you may just want the added convenience and/or privacy.

It is a quick and convenient way to enhance your library borrowing experience. There is also a color monitor there to guide you through the process with ease. You can check-out library books by the following simple steps.

  • Place your action card in the slot and remove it.
  • Once the barcode on your card has been recorded, the monitor screen will prompt you to scan the item to be borrowed.
  • Lay a single book on the flat surface with its spine or binding pressed firmly against the blue horizontal strip. Then slide the book underneath the scanner/laser to read the libraries barcode. Do not move book until you hear a “thunk”. This means the book has been desensitized. The title of the book should appear on the monitor screen with a message saying that the book was successfully checked out.
  • Repeat this process for each book you wish to check out.
  • Press the pound ( # ) button to complete your transaction. A receipt will print automatically which will indicate the due dates for your materials.

Note: You will not be able to use the 3M Self-Check System if:

  • You do not have an Action card because you are not a University faculty or staff member or a University student
  • Your Action card has expired
  • Your Action card is scratched ,bent, or damaged in anyway
  • You are currently in 2 patron categories (example: a staff member taking a graduate class would be in both the patron category staff and graduate)
  • The barcode on the book is not active or damaged

If you need to renew your materials you will have to go to the Circulation Desk. Only books can be checked out using the 3M Self-Check System. No laptops, DVDs, periodicals, reserve material or government documents that are not barcoded – these must be checked out at the Circulation Desk.