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LibQUAL+ 2005 Analysis and Action Report
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Study Areas (quiet and comfortable)

  1. Added comfortable seating in Bruno Library and McLure Library.
  2. Incorporated a mix of types of seating in study areas in all libraries.
  3. Identified silent study areas and posted relevant signage in Gorgas Library and McLure Library.
  4. Established policy restricting cell phone use in McLure Library.  Posted signs encouraging users to minimize noise related to cell phone use in all libraries.


Accurate Cataloging and Shelving

  1. Made significant progress with inventories in Gorgas, Bruno, and McLure Libraries.  (Target completion dates:  August 23, 2006 for physical inspection;  December 21, 2006 for problem resolution) 
  2. Completed major shifting in Gorgas Library.
  3. Developed mechanism to handle titles identified as lost or missing in a timely manner.  Fine-tuning process.
  4. Established procedure to suppress records in the public catalog for titles that have not been replaced.


Ease of E-access

  1. Added Article Linker, continuing to refine and enhance functionality.
  2. Implemented ability to search across multiple databases. To increase functionality, decided to change vendors during fall 2006.
  3. Made holdings available through Google Scholar.
  4. Identified page owners (content providers) for subject and department/unit pages.
  5. Trained content providers to use Contribute software, enabling them to update pages directly.
  6. Held focus group to evaluate web site and made suggested changes.
  7. Conducted web site usability study with Shelton State and UA undergrads.  Making “quick fix” changes.  Exploring options for new infrastructure.
  8. Customized searchable databases to facilitate identification and selection.


Services & Public Relations/Staff Training

  1. Held Code of Conduct training.
  2. Developed student training module for Gorgas Information Services Department.
  3. Raised awareness and educated library faculty and staff about customer service in department and unit meetings.



Collections (particularly electronic)

  • Leased access to Nature and Science.
  • Added new databases and full-text current e-journals in response to  faculty needs.
  • Assigned 0.5 FTE library faculty member to conduct collection assessment.  Developed model for ongoing collection evaluation projects.  
  • Working with selectors, fine-tuned print and e-journals according to faculty needs.
  • Allocated funds to add materials for new faculty.


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