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2002 LibQUAL+ Survey –
Summary of Comments by Survey Respondents

[Note: User group and subject area/discipline are indicated beneath each comment.]

Access to Information

In order to improve collections, library needs more funding. (10 comments)
Faculty [3 science/math; 2 other; 1 environmental sciences; 1 education; 
1 engineering/computer sciences; 1 humanities]
Graduate student [environmental sciences]

More books are needed in specific disciplines; there are gaps in the print collections. 
Faculty [4 humanities; 2 social sciences/psychology; 1 performing arts/fine arts;]
Graduate student [engineering/computer science; performing arts/fine arts]

Need broader selection of journals in specific fields. (9 comments)
Faculty [2 humanities;1 engineering/computer science; 1 education; 1 performing
arts/fine arts]
Graduate students [2 social sciences/psychology; 2 engineering/computer science] 

Need faster turnaround time in ILL. (3 comments) 
Faculty [engineering/computer science]
Graduate student [engineering/computer science; communication]

Need more journal titles online in full text. (3 comments)
Faculty [science/math; social sciences/psychology]
Graduate student [business]

A research library needs larger, better holdings. (2 comments)
Faculty [ education; other]

Periodicals collection was adversely affected by journal cancellations made in 1990s. 
Faculty [humanities]

Gaps in periodical runs.
Faculty [humanities]

Library should poll users about the desirability of subscribing to new journals. 
Faculty [science/math]

Allocate wisely for electronic resources—JSTOR good, Project Muse would be even better.
Faculty [social sciences/psychology]

Please provide Journal of Applied Physiology online again.
Graduate student [education]

Have you considered collaboration with UAB on medical resources?
Faculty [social sciences/psychology]

Need more newspapers on microfilm.
Faculty [social sciences/psychology]

Need at least one 24-hour library. (2 comments)
Graduate student [engineering/computer science]
Undergraduate [science/math]

Discontent with having certain materials available only in Hoole Library where they do not circulate. 
Faculty [science/math]

Concerned about library’s sending lesser-used materials to a storage facility; want to be able to browse entire collections.
Faculty [humanities]

Do not need remote access to library resources. 
Faculty [library]

Extended hours would be nice, including weekend and holidays.
Faculty [science/math; social sciences/psychology]

Need to be open during breaks
Faculty [business]

Libraries should be open on Sunday mornings. 
Faculty [humanities]

Hours of operation for Hoole are inconvenient for students 
Undergraduate (communication)

Problems receiving correct/complete materials through ILL. 
Graduate student [science/math]

Interlibrary loan service is no excuse for substandard collections.
Faculty [science/math]


Great (improved) ILL service! Thanks. (5 comments) 
Faculty[2 social sciences/psychology] 
Staff [humanities] 
Graduate student [humanities; other]

ILL service is of vital importance in my research. (3 comments)
Faculty [humanities]
Graduate [science/math; other]

Appreciate acquisitions librarians’ and dean’s responding to collection needs in my field.
Faculty [humanities]

Shift from print journals to full text articles online is appreciated. 
Faculty [education]

Excellent improvement in Internet access to full text databases.
Faculty [science/math]

Affect of Service

Knowledge and expertise lacking in some employees, especially student assistants. (7 comments) 
Faculty [3 science/math; 1 humanities; 1 education] 
Graduate student [environmental sciences]
Undergraduate [science/math]

Some librarians and other library staff are not approachable. (7 comments) 
Faculty [performing arts/fine arts; social sciences/psychology]
Graduate student (communication; engineering/computer sciences; Gorgas Library, education]
Undergraduate [other]

Students need more help accessing electronic resources. (3 comments)
Graduate student [humanities; social sciences/psychology]
Undergraduate [other]

A method for distinguishing librarians from student assistants is needed.
Other (status)

No help is available on upper floors in Gorgas Library.
Undergraduate [social sciences/humanities]

Need help understanding call numbers and with locating materials. 
Graduate student [engineering/computer science]

Need for improved follow-up with users regarding problems with service.
Graduate student [other]

Timeliness is needed in responding to professor’s request for a carrel.
Faculty [social sciences/psychology]


Service is very good; library staff are friendly and willing to help. (22 comments) 
Faculty [5 education; 1 engineering/computer science; 1 environmental studies;1 humanities; 2 other; 1 science/math; 2 social sciences/psychology] 
Research staff [education]
Graduate student [communication; engineering/computer science; environmental studies; science/math]
Undergraduate [1 business; 1 communication; 2 performing arts/fine arts] 

Good job! Keep up the good work! I love the library! (5 comments)
Graduate student [communication]
Other [humanities; other]
Undergraduates (performing arts/fine arts; education)

Have seen many positive changes in the library.
Graduate student [other]

Glad to have assistance from person designated to help me use library resources.
Undergraduate [other]

Library as Place

Renovation/improvements needed in facility (furniture, lighting, etc.). (4 comments)
3 Gorgas [faculty, graduate, undergraduate]
1 McLure [graduate student]

Library is too noisy. (3 comments)
Graduate student [engineering/computer science; environmental sciences]
Undergraduate [education]

Parking is a problem. (2 comments)
Undergraduate [social sciences/psychology; education]

Prefer single, central library.
Faculty [other]

I hope I can return with money to renovate space in Gorgas.
Undergraduate [humanities]

Not enough tables in microforms area.
Faculty [social sciences/psychology]

Need more microfilm readers.
Faculty [social sciences/psychology]


Facility is excellent. 
Undergraduate [business]

Personal Control

Frustrated by materials not being where they are supposed to be (missing/shelved incorrectly). (4 comments)
Faculty [education]
Graduate [communication; science/math]
Other (status)

Not easy to find resources with our library system; differing search strategies and changes in the way databases are accessed can be frustrating. (3 comments)
Faculty [humanities; communication]
Graduate student [engineering/computer science]

Navigating the Libraries’ Web site can be a hassle.
Undergraduate [social sciences/psychology]

Need a more elaborate database for online journals.
Graduate student (engineering/computer science)

Need clear floor diagrams in all stairwells and elevators. 
Faculty [social sciences/psychology]

Procedures hard to understand in Hoole Library. 
Undergraduate [communication]

Current system for printing is a hassle. 
Graduate [business]

Hard to remember to add money to copy cards and community user cards. 
Undergraduate [social sciences/psychology]


Service easier to use with online ILL request form.
Faculty [social sciences/psychology]

Remote access is helpful for users with disabilities. 
Faculty [education]

The Survey

Survey too long and questions redundant; questions need to be clarified. (2 comments)
Faculty [science/math]

Would like to view online the aggregate results from this survey. 
Graduate [engineering/computer science]


Should not have had rally against Judge Moore on library steps or even on the campus.
Undergraduate [other]

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